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九unit7 Where would you like to visit课件

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Unit 7
Section A (2a-GrammarFocus)
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Period 2
Jiao An Middle School : Lin Jie

Where did he go last weekend? He went to the museum.

Backkom What do you think of the museum? I think it is educational.

What do you think of the place?

ascinating f_________ 迷人的, 有吸引力的

eaceful P________

iring t_________


r___________ elaxing 放松的

ducational e___________ 有教育意义的

Niagara Falls

is t_______. hrilling

Florida beach

Florida Beach is relaxing.



Amazon Jungle is very exciting.


Hawaii is fascinating, relaxing, and peaceful.

Winter vacation is coming! Where would you like to visit? I’d like to visit... Because...

fascinating, relaxing, and peaceful.

Amazon Jungle


Where would you like to visit? I’d like to visit... Because...

Niagara Falls

Florida Beach


2a Listen and number these statements in the order that you hear them.

____ I love places where the people are 3 really friendly. ____ I hope to see Niagara Falls some 4 Hope to do sth day. 希望做某事 ____ I like places where the weather is 2 one day=some day always warm. 后接名词单数形式 ____ I hope to visit Hawaii one day. 1

2b Listen again. Why do the people decide not to visit these places? Match each place with a reason.
Place Reason not to visit the place

b 1. Hawaii a 2. Mexico c 3. Niagara Falls

a. We don’t know the language. b. It’s too touristy(游客众多). c. There’s not much to do there.

Can you guess my friends’ dream vacations?

Garfield loves to visit the beach some day. _______ Because it’s _______. relaxing
Garfield loves places where it is ________. relaxing

Ferris wheel 摩天轮

Backkom hopes to visit places where it is ___________. thrilling

Ba Jie prefers to visit ________. the moon Because ___________________. Chang Er lives there.
Ba Jie prefers places where ____________. Chang Er lives

DoreiAmeng hopes to visit places where there is __________________. lots of delicious food

Your dream vacation
Sentence patterns: A:I hope to visit ... some day. B:I do, too/So do I. I like places where ...

So do I. I like
I hope to visit Hawaii some day. places where the

weather is always

My dream vacation
I hope to visit Hawaii some day.

I like places where the weather is always warm, and we can meet many foreigners, though we don’t know their language.

Grammar Focus
一.意愿的表达方式 (1)Would like to do sth.想要做某事 Would like to do sth?表示征求意见,语气委婉。 肯定回答:Yes, I'd love /like to . 否定回答:I'd love/like to ,but+原因 Would like to do sth?你想要......? 肯定回答:Yes, please . 否定回答:No, thanks.

(2) hope常见用法:
hope to do sth.希望做某事;hope+从句 e.g. I hope to see you at t

he party. 我希望在聚会上见到你 I hope (that) you can come , because you are important to me .我希望你能来, 因为你对我来说很重要。 注意:不能说hope sb. to do sth.

关系副词when,where引导的定语从句。 关系副词在定语从句中充当状语,一般不可省略。 (1)when指时间,在从句中作时间状语,它的先行词 常为time,day,morning,night,year等。 例:I'll never forget the day when I won the prize. 我永远不会忘记我获奖的那天。 (2)where指地点,在从句中作地点状语,它的先行词 通常是:place,village,house,room,town,country等。 例:Keep the books in a place where you can find them easily.请把书放到容易找到的地方。

Have a try ! 做一做
一、用适当的关系代词或关系副词填空: where 1.This is the school _______ I used to study. when 2.I still remember the day ______ my best friend came to visit me. where 3.I like places ______ the weather is always warm. where 4.The house _______ windows are broken faces south. that 5.He did everything_____ he could to help us.

Have a try ! 练一练
二、用所给词的正确形式填空。 1.Volunteering is both interesting and relaxing ________ (relex). 2.I hope _______ (go ) to France one day . to go 3. I don't want to go to Hawaii because it's too _________ (tour). touristy to play 4.I'd like ________ (play) computer games after school. 5.I prefer ________ (trek) through the trekking jungle to going hiking.


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