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(68)2014届初三英语词组-Unit3 Topic3

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C 068 Unit3Topic3

1.give sb some advice on .. 2.places of interest 3.make oneself understood 4.get into trouble

5.have long conversation with sb 6.work hard at 7.dare not 8.in public 9.feel sleepy 10.be afraid of 11.the final exam 12.remember new words 13.the whole week 14.It seems that..... 15.what to do 16.at times 17.feel like 18.ask sb for help

19.take part in the English Corner 20.take sth with sb 21.keep a diary Section B

1.give sb some advice on .... 2.be weak in 3.stick sth on... 4.read......aloud

5.improve one’s reading ability 6.do more reading

7.the main idea of the article

1.给某人关于...的建议 2.名胜

3.让别人听懂自己的话 4.遇到麻烦 5.与某人长谈 6.努力学习 7.不敢..... 8.在公众场合 9.犯困 10.害怕..... 11.期末考试 12.记单词 13.一整个星期 14.似乎... 15.怎么办 16.有时 17.想要.... 18.求助某人 19.参加英语角 20.随身带着 21.记日记

1.给某人关于...的建议 2.在...(方面)很弱 3.把....贴在...上 4.大声朗读 5.提高阅读能力 6.做更多阅读练习 7.文章的中心大意

8.in class 9.make mistakes 10.think about 11.take a deep breath 12.have a try 13.have difficult in.... 14.get the pronunciation right 15.join an English club 16.do lots of listening practice 17.on the radio Section C

1.hold a class meeting 2.share sth with sb 3.preview the lesson 4.before class 5.take notes 6.review the lesson 7.after class 8.prefer doing sth 9.thank sb for ... 10.It’s an honor to do sth 11.agree with one’s opinions 12.as often as possible 13.good job 14.as long as 15.stick to

16.set a good example 17.at the age of 18.keep on doing sth 19.advice sb to do sth

8.课堂上 9.出差错 10.考虑... 11.深呼吸 12.尝试一下 13.在.....(方面)困难 14.发音正确 15.加入英语俱乐部 16.做许多听力练习 17.广播上 1.开班会 2.与某人分享... 3.预习功课 4.课前 5.记笔记 6.复习功课 7.课后 8.更喜欢做某事 9.谢谢... 10.很荣幸... 11.同意某人的意见 12.尽可能经常 13.干得好 14.只要;一旦 15.坚持... 16.树立榜样 17.在...岁时 18.继续坚持... 19.建议某人做某事

20.succeed in .... Section D 1.talk to the class 2.be afraid to do sth 3.laugh at sb 4.make sentences 5.come to realize 6.It doesn’t matter 7.a good language learner 8.on TV 9.last but not least 10.in the magazine


1.对全班同学说 2.怕得不敢... 3.嘲笑某人 4.造句 5.逐渐意识到 6.没关系 7.好的语言学习者8.电视上 9.最后也是最重要10.杂志上

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