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(62)2014届初三英语词组-Unit3 Topic2

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C 062 2014届初三英语词组——Unit3 Topic2

Section A

1.I can’t follow you. 1. 我听不懂你的话 2.say hello to sb 3.be the same as

4.in different English-speaking countries 5.by the way 6.depend on 7.succeed in doing sth. 8.make oneself understood 9.be different from 10.need to do Section B 1.see sb off 2.on one’s way to sw

3.put out his hand with his thumb raised 4.ask for a ride 5.give sb. a ride 6.reach the airport

=get to/ arrive at the airport 7.twenty minutes later

8.worry about=be worried about 9.have much difficulty doing sth 10.send sb sth= send sth to sb 11.pick sb up 12.leave for sw 13.have a victory 14.calm down 15.travel to Canada

2向某人问好 3.与......相同

4.在不同的讲英语的国家中 5.顺便说一下 6.依靠、取决 7.成功地做某事 8.使自己被理解 9.与......不用 10.需要做某事

1.为某人送行 2.在某人去......的路上 3.拇指向上伸出手 4.请求搭车 5.给某人搭车 6.达到机场

7.20分钟后 8.担心 9.做某事有困难 10.送某人某物 11.接某人 12.动身到某地 13.胜利 14.冷静 15.去加拿大旅行

16.I’m puzzled. Section C

1.written/ oral English

2.generally speaking=generally=in general 3.get/ be used to doing sth used to do sth be used to do sth 4.as for

5.the spelling check 6.be fond of doing sth 7.be closed to 8.be spelled as 9.fill in/ out a form 10.action rides Section D 1.come out 2.take place 3.long ago 4.be foeced to 5.force sb to do sth 6.take in 7.in short

8.write (a letter) to sb.


1.书面/口头英语 2.一般来说,大致上说 3.现在习惯做某事 过去常常做某事 被用来做某事 4.至于

5.拼写的检测方式 6.喜欢做某事 7.靠近.... 8.被拼做...... 9.填表格 10.活动设施

1.产生、发生(不受控制)2.发生(按计划) 3.很久以前 4.被迫做某事 5.迫使某人做某事 6.吸收 7.总之 8.给某人写信

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