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What kind of music do you like ?
has great lyrics/

I can sing along with/
I cDo you prefer to drink water when you are thirsty?an dance to

What kind of food do you like?

is delicious/

tastes good/
is healthy




fast food









Laura’s diet

Peter’s diet



I only eat food that tastes good.

How important is keeping healthy to you? A group of young people got together to discuss this question. Here’s part of their discussion.

Peter: I’d like to stay healthy, but to be honest, I only eat food that tastes good. And if food tastes good, it’s usually bad for you, isn’t it? Cola tastes better than water, for example.

TONY: Well, food that is bad for you can taste good! But I prefer not to eat too much food that is fried, like, er, French fries. Do you eat fast food, Laura?

Laura: Do I eat fast food? Never! I love to eat food that is healthy. I want to take care of my health, so I eat mainly fruit and vegetables. Oh! And I stay away from sugar, you do too, don’t you?

TONY: Hm, yes. And I think most people are in agreement that fruit and vegetables are good for health. But , um, I would say that fast food itself isn’t always bad for you, but too much of it is not good.

Laura: Actually, don’t you know that it’s been found in laboratory testing (that some types of oil are really bad for us?) So I don’t eat anything that’s been cooked in oil. Also, did you know that some foods might cause cancer? Like burnt barbecued meat. I’ve heard eating burnt food like this can increase the risk of cancer.

Peter: Really! But I love to eat meat that’s well cooked, even if it is a little burnt. It’s delicious, and meat isn’t really dangerous, is it?

Laura: Oh! Yes, it is! I never eat meat. It’s not at all good for our health. If I were you, I’d eat nuts instead.


Well, I agree it’s good to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, but I think it’s also fine to eat some meat or fish. People( who eat a balanced diet) should be healthier than those (who only eat biscuits and hamburgers,) shouldn’t they? I prefer to only eat food that I like, but isn’t it important to eat food that’s healthy, even if you don’t like it? The main thing is to have a good balance.

Are the following statements true or false?

F 1. Peter prefers too much fried

T 2. Tony doesn’t eat sugar. T 3. Some types of oil are bad for us. F 4. Laura eats meat. T5. Burnt barbecued meat might
cause cancer.

( F)1. Tony said that fast food itself is bad for people. (F )2. Laura likes eating burnt barbecued meat. (T )3. “Eating burnt food can increase the risk of cancer.” Laura said. (F )4. Peter is in agreement with Laura.

(T )5. Tony’s idea is that people need to eat a balanced diet.

3b Match the statement with the person.


1.This person spoke last. 2. This person says tasty food is bad for you .



.This person eats a balanced diet.
4. This person is a strict vegetarian. 5. This person doesn’t mind eating burnt food.

6. This person is shocked by what others eat.


to be honest
taste good

be cooked in oil

don’t eat

be fried
stay away from be in agreement actually

to tell the truth
put something in the mouth and it’s delicious kind

increase risk

in fact



Peter’s main opinion:
He doesn’t mind eating burnt food.

Laura’s main opinion:
She is a vegetarian. Tony’s main opinion:

Having a balanced diet is important.

An exclamation (表感叹的词/句子) A sound made to show you are thinking A tag question (反意疑问句) A contraction (缩略词)

Really! Never!, Yes, it is!

er, Well, Hm, um
isn’t it? Don’t you?, is it?, shouldn’t they?

don’t , Here’s, I’d, it’s, isn’t, that’s, I’ve, shouldn’t

Write down each type of food or drink from the reading in the correct column. THINGS THAT ARE THINGS THAT ARE GOOD FOR US BAD FOR US water, fruit, vegetable, nuts, some meat or fish, well cooked food cola, fried food, French fries, sugar, sweet dessert, burnt barbecued meat, biscuits, hamburgers. oil

YES Are you a vegetarian? Do you care how much fried food you eat? Do you prefer to drink water when you are thirsty? Do you only eat food that you like ?


根据课文内容写一篇报道,开头已经给出。 Today, our class had a meeting on diet. Everyone had their own idea, Peter said……

Thank you

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