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七年级英语中考试题 I听力技能(20分)

第一节:听下面的对话回答1至5小题 1 .How’s the weather in Shanghai?

A. Sunny and cool B. Hot and humid C. Hot and sunny

2. Where is Mary’s mother?

A. In the car B. In the garden C. In the room

3. What is Lucy doing?

A. Doing homework B. Watching TV C. Reading

4. Where does Julie’s father work?

A. In the school B. In a shop C. In a hospital

5. What does the girl want to be?

A. A teacher B. A doctor C. A singer 听下面的对话回答6至7小题

6. Who is Mike’s brother?

A. Steve B. Jack C. Peter

7. What does Mike’s brother do?

A. He is a teacher B. He is a policeman C. He is a waiter 听下面的对话回答8至10小题

8. How’s the weather in Beijing?

A. It’s windy B. It’s sunny C. It’s cloudy

9. What’s Ed doing?

A. He is doing his homework B. He is reading C. He is shopping

10. Where is Ed’s mother?

A. At home B. At the mall C. At school


11. A. He is a policeman B. He is 18 C. He is friendly

12. A. It’s hers B. Yes, she is C.I like her

13. A. I have no time B. I don’t like it C. I am watching TV

14. A. In the hospital B. A shop assistant C. He is shopping

15. A. It’s yellow B. It’s cloudy C. I like the weather



21.”How are you going to Guilin?”“ bus.”

A. By B. To C. On D. Take

22. There is______ supermarket on Chengbei Road.

A. an B. a C. the D. \

23. I have a pen pal. ______name is Lucy.

A. His B. He C. Her D. She

24. My house is ______ the post office and the bank.

A. on B. in C.above D. between

25.--Why do you like pandas?

-- ______they are very cute.

A. Because B .And C. So D. Or

26. Do you want to ______English with me?

A. ask B. speak C. talk D. say 27.--Is there a bank over there? -- ______.

A. Yes, there’s B. No, there aren’t

C. Yes, there is D. No, it isn’t

28.--Where is Tokyo? --I know it’s in _______.

A. France B. Australia C. the UK D. Japan 29. Look! Jack is______ photos of the West Lake.

A. having B. making C. watching D. taking

30.--Where’s the hospital, Maria?

Just go straight and ______ left, then you can see it.

A. go B. come C. take D. turn II. 完型填空:

Today is March 7th, and tomorrow is 31 . Dally wants 32 her mother something .Dally 33 10

dollars. She is thinking about 34 . She thinks and thinks. Then she has an 35 . “I can buy a card 36 my dear mother.”

Dally goes to a supermarket and buys a beautiful card. She 37 some words on it.

She shows it to her mother and says, “Here is a card

for you, Mum.” Her mother is 38 happy. “ 3 9 , Dally.” She says. Dally is 40 , too.

31. A. Teachers’ Day B. Christmas’ Day

C. Woman’s Day D. Women’ Day

32. A. give B. give C. to giving D. to have

33. A. have B. has C. is D. buys

34. A .what to buy B. what to buying

C. how buy it D. what buy

35. A. card B. ideas C. hour D. idea

36. A. with B. at C. for D. of

37. A. reads B. writes C. hears D. says

38. A. very B. much C. real D. certain

39. A. Thank you B. It’s March 7th today

C. I buy a card for you D. come on

40. A. happy B. sad C. tall D. angry


( A )

Cindy is my good friend. She has a sister and a brother. Jennifer is her sister and Victor is her brother. They are in a school. Cindy and Jennifer can sing and dance. Cindy can also play the guitar, but Jennifer can’t. Victor, Cindy and Jennifer can play chess, but Cindy doesn’t play with Victor. She likes playing with Jennifer because Jennifer play worst (最糟糕) of the three. Victor plays sports every day. He can play basketball very well. But Victor’s favorite sport is soccer, not basketball. He is in the school sports club. And he often plays in soccer games.


41. Cindy’s parents have two daughters and a son.

42. Jennifer can sing, dance, play chess and play the guitar.

43. Cindy doesn’t like playing chess with Vic-tor because

he can’t play it well.

44. Victor likes playing sports.

45. Victor is short, so he can’t play basket-ball well.

( B )

Today, more and more people drive cars. Cars make our lives easier, but they also make problems. One of the biggest problems is air pollution because most cars use petrol (汽油). So the "green" cars will become popular. It means that there will be a few new kinds of cars that don’t use petrol. Here are some of them:

Battery (电池) cars: These cars use batteries to run. Some battery cars are 97 percent cleaner than petrol cars. But car factories still can’t make a battery that can be used for more than a few hours.

Fuel cell(燃料电池)cars: Car-makers are now studying how fuel cells can be used to run cars. The only useless thing they will give out is clean water. Fuel cells, however, are still much too ex-pensive to make. Fuel cell cars can be ten times as expensive as petrol cars.

Solar (太阳能的) cars: This kind of car gets power from the sun. The cars hold power in batteries. Solar cars may be the cleanest of all. But no one uses them, because people can’t get enough power from the sun to make a car run for a long time. Also, they are very slow. 根据短文内容选择最佳答案(10分)

( )46. How many new kinds of cars are mentioned (提到) in this passage?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

( )47. Petrol cars are less popular because _____.

A. they are more expensive than fuel cell cars

B. they bring about air pollution

C. they run slower than solar cars

D. they are out of style

( )48. The most expensive cars may be powered by ______.

A. batteries B. sunlight C. fuel cells D. petrol

( )49. According to the writer, these new kinds of cars ______.

A. have become popular now B. will make air pollution

C. don’t use petrol D. run very slowly

( )50. What does the passage mainly talk about?

A. We should drive more expensive cars.

B. Cars that run slowly have become popular.

C. The new kinds of cars bring about less pollution.

D. Petrol cars can’t be used now.

( C )

There is a family of ants living under the tree in front of my house. One day when I went home, I found that they were busy

carrying earth. It was about to rain. They did it to protect the gate of their home. Just then the rain came down. I ran into the house. As I watched out of the window I thought, “What a pity! The ants will all die in such heavy rain.”

When the rain stopped, I went out to see them. To my surprise, they were still alive and as happy as ever. The earth at the gate of their home kept the rain out and they were busy again moving the earth away. It was late, but they were still working hard. There was no one beside to watch the ants and tell them what to do. But they knew what they should do and they did it.

I think people should learn from the ants. When we see something that needs to be done, we should do it. Thank my neighbors, the ants. I learnt a lot from them.


( )51. What were the ants doing just before the heavy rain?

A. Running away. B. Staying at home.

C. Carrying earth. D. Waiting in line.

( )52. The Chinese meaning of the underlined word “protect” in the first paragraph is probably “_____”.

A. 保护 B. 修建 C. 装饰 D. 破坏

( )53. Why did the author run into the house?

A. He / She was not interested in ants. B. It started to rain.

C. He / She had something to do in a hurry. D. It was too late.

( )54. Why were the ants still alive after the heavy rain?

A. The earth kept the rain out . B. They moved the earth away.

C. The rain stopped. D. They were always strong.

( )55. We can learn from the ants that ______.

A. we need somebody to tell us what to do

B. we should do what we need to do

C. people should do everything

D. we should always be happy

( D )


My friend David likes sports, and he’s tall and strong. His father and mother work in Beijing. So he studies in a middle school there. He’s a member(成员)of the school soccer team(队). He likes soccer very much and plays it on Saturdays and Sundays.

David’s grandma lives in a village and one day she comes to see him. It is Saturday and she doesn’t see him at home. So she goes to look for(寻找) him in the school. She sees a group of boys chasing (追赶) only one ball. The old woman asks David to go home with her.

“But, Grandma, I?.”

“Don’t play with them, my dear!” says the old woman. “I’m going to buy a ball for you! You can play it at home by yourself.(你自己)”

56.Does David like sports?


57.Where do David’s parents work?


58.When does David play soccer?


59.What does David’s grandma see in the school? ________________________________________

60.What does David’s grandma buy for him? _________________________________________ IV写作技能(40分)

第一节:阅读下面短文,写出所缺的英语单词的正确形式。 Johnny Dean’s New Lool! Do you remember Johnny Dean, the pop s 61 with funny g 62 and curly hair? Well,now has a new look .

He doesn’t have long curly hair. He has short 63 (直的)hair. And he doesn’t w 64 cap any more. But some 65 (人)don’t like his new look.


A:Hello, 66 you? What are you looking for? B: 67 a sweater. Do you have any new ones? A: Yes. 68 Some sweaters on the shelf. Please have a look.

B: The green one looks nice. What is it made of? A: Wool. It’s very comfortable.

B: Really? Can I try it on?

A: of course. It matches your trousers very well. B: 69 ?

A: It’s only 120 yuan .

B: OK. I’ll take it. Here is the money. A: 70 .


71.There’s a zoo in our city. My parents often take me there on Sundays. I like animals. I have a lot of toy animals in my room. In the zoo I can see tigers, elephants, pandas and many other animals. Some animals are friendly, but some are not. Tigers, bears and lions are dangerous. That’s why they have to stay in cages. But I think it’s bad for animals to stay in cages.72. The animal in cages can’t be happy

73.I think the most interesting animals in the zoo are the dolphins. I like watching them swim. They can play with a ball.74. (他们非常友好)75. If you fall into water and can’t swim, they can come to help you.


Class: Name:

I. 听力(20分)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 II. 选择填空(10分)

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 III.完型填空(10分)

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 IV. 阅读理解(40分)

41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

56 57 58 59 60 V写作技能(40分)

61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 英语作文:(15分)

My friend

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