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M10U2 The weather is fine all year round

mile 围绕地 round n.西北 adj. 西北的 northwest n. 东南 adj. 东南的 southeast from time to time有时;间或


China Town

Hollywood California New York


Washington D.C

Fast-reading: 1、How many cities are mentioned(提及) in the passage?


2、Read the passage fast and complete the table.
Place New York Weather

Best time to visit
In may and October. In September. All year round

There is a lot of snow. The weather gets cooler It’s fine all year round.
Summer:The days are long

New England



and warm, but may be cool in the evening.

In summer.

Very cold

Careful-reading: Read paragraph 1, and answer questions 1.How far is the US from the east coast to the west coast? It is about 3000 miles. 2.Why should we bring a map? Because we may want to travel around. Read paragraph 2, 3 and4, tell T or F. 1. In New York and Washington D.C. there is a lot snow of rain in winter. ( F ) 2. In New England when the weather gets cooler, the gold brown green leaves start to turn brown, then gold. ( F ) 3. Because the weather in California is fine so you can go there at any time of the year, even in December. (T )

Read paragraph 5 and 6, choose the best answer. 1. What’s the weather like in summer in Alaska? (A ) A. The days are long and warm. B. The days are short and warm. 2. When should we go to visit Alaska? (A ) A. In summer B. In winter 3. There are always storms in summer and autumn in Texas. Is that right? ( B ) A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t.

情景: 假设你的家乡来了两位游客,你作为导 游向他们介绍你的家乡,并就旅游的最佳 时间给出你的建议。 要求: 三人一组,时间为8分钟,可以采用对 话或情景剧表演等形式。

1. Don’t forget _______ the rubbish outside. It smells too terrible. A. to take B. to bring C. bring D. taking 2. When is the best time _________ the US? A. to visit B. visit C. visiting D. visiting 3. Bring you camera so you can take photos ______ the autumn trees. A. at B. in C. of D. on 4. The library is _________ the cinema and the supermarket. A. among B. at C. in D. between

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