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celebrate Halloween

have a special party

knock on the door

play a game called Tiaopijin

give the flower to him

give him the flower

It’s a candy.

give me some candies

give them a treat treat them

play tricks

play a trick on her

wear special costumes

a mask

paint her face

a tiger

Tigers have sharp teeth.

a tiger costume

a red lantern

a pumpkin lantern

cut out the eyes

cut out the nose

hot drink

1 tell sb about sth 2 celebrate Halloween in the USA 3 have a special party 4 play a game called ‘trick or treat’

5 knock on / at the door 6 shout ‘trick or treat’ 7 give sb sth. = give sth. to sb. 8 give us a treat = give a treat to us

9 play a trick on sb. 10 dress up 11 wear special costumes 12 paint the face

13 a costume with a mask 14 a tiger with sharp teeth 15 a pumpkin lantern 16 cut out…

17 on the morning / evening of… 18 have hot drinks 19 a lot of candies

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