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Simple present tense

1 Things that are true now.
2 Things that we do regularly.

3 Things that are always true.

I have long hair.

My hair is long.

Simon plays football after school.

我们经常所做 的事情。

Cats eat fish.

客观的事实或真 理。

Practice: be动词有三种形式:am, is, are. 当主语是I时用am, 当主语是we, you, they时,用are,当主语是 he, she, it时,用is. 否定形式在be动词后直接加not。

Ask students questions: Are you…..? Is he …….?

1 完成书本上13页的练习。 2 This computer ___ new. is 3 The students ____ on the are playground. 4 The red bag is mine. ___ 5 I am a student in class 6. ___ Are 6 --____ you a student in class 6? -- Yes, __ am __. I 7 ___ your name Lily? Is 8 Tom and Lily are my new friends. ___

1.She ___ our English teacher. 2.Tom and Nike ___ my classmates. 3.There ___ a pen in my pencil-box. 4.Where___ Jack? 5.I ___ a students. 6.You ___ a lovely girl. 7.There ___ so many stars in the sky. 8.He ___ a clever boy. 9.They ___ my parents. 10.___ you a beautiful teacher?

1. He ______(live) in England. 2. _______you often ______(play) football after school. 3. When _____ Simon often ______ (have) his lunch? 4. I ______(not play) tennis after school. 5. ______she always _____(take) the bus to work?

1. “_____(be) you good at sports?” “No, I _____not.” 2. “Who _____(wear) glasses?” “My father _____.” 3. The boy _____(look) after the cat these days. 4. Millie _____(not do) her homework on Sunday. 5. We often _____(watch) TV in the evening.

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