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1 主语不是第三人称单数
(1)肯定句 (2)否定句 (3)一般疑问句 (4)特殊疑问句

1 主语是第三人称单数
(1)肯定句 (2)否定句 (3)一般疑问句 (4)特殊疑问句(注:否定句,疑问句→动词原形)

当主语是第三人称单数时,动词要用第三人称单数形式 动词变第三人称单数形式的规则与名词变复数的规则基 本一致。 1 He speaks English(变一般疑问句和否定句) 2 Maria wants to visit Beijing.(同上) 3 Maria thinks the cat is cute(变否定句) 4 I want a pen pal.(变一般疑问句) 5 I teach them English.(用Maria代替I)

主格(主语) 人称代词(我,我,他·· ·) 代词 宾格(宾语) 介词后用宾格 形容词性物主代词 物主代词(我的,你的·· 后接名词 ·) 名词性物主代词

1 Jack and __ are in the same class.He often helps __ to study English.(I) 2 __ don’t speak English well. Could you help __ with it? (they) 3 –Is Mr.Zhang your Chinese teacher? --Yes, __ is.We like __ very much.(he) 4 –Who is the woman in red? --Sorry. I don’t know __. She is a new teacher.(she) 5 --__ are your new classmates.Could you tell __ your name? –Sure.(we) 6 -- Who is the woman in red? -- Sorry,I don’t know __.I think __ is new.(she) 7 I think it’s __ (he) bike. __(I) is blue. 8 This is __(she) ruler. That is __(he).

9 --Are these clothes __(you)? --Yes, they are 10 -- __(she) hair is long -- You’re right. __(she) has long hair.

Topic1 Does he speak Chinese
1---Could you please tell me your name?请您告诉我你的名 字好吗?

Could you please+动词原形
2 tell sb sth 告诉某人某事 (注:如果sb是人称代词,用宾格) Tom tells me your name. 3 Sure(当然可以) = No problem(没问题) = Of course (当然可以) 4 be from =come from

5 情态动词(can)的用法:(1)没有人称与数的变化(2) 后接动词原型 (3)含有情态动词的肯定句变一般疑问句 时,将情态动词提前(4)变否定句时在情态动词后加not 6 speak+某种语言(English/Chinese) say+说话的内容 tell+笑话,故事 7 very much = a lot 很,非常 8 some修饰可数名词复数和不可数名词 9 some→肯定句 any→否定句,疑问句 (注:在表示建议的句型中,如What/How about ·· ·?Would you like·· ·?Why not/don’t you···?等,some不变any) 10 help sb with sth=help sb (to) do sth

11 good与well 相同点:”好“ 不同点:good是形容词,放在be动词之后或名次前,修 饰名次。well是副词,放在句末,修饰动词。 12 know a lot about ·· · 知道很多关于·· ·的事情 13 live in+地名 居住在某地 live with+人 和某人住在一起 14 want sth 想要某物 want to do sth 想做某事 15 visit+地名 参观某地 visit+人 拜访某人

16 表示的程度的短语 He likes Ch

inese very much/ a lot.他非常喜欢汉语 He likes Chinese.他喜欢汉语 He likes Chinese a little.他有点喜欢汉语 He does not like Chinese.他不喜欢汉语 He does not like Chinese at all.他一点也不喜欢汉语 17 each other 相互 18 people 是集合名词,没有复数形式,在句中做主语时, 视作复数 five __




修饰可数名 many 词复数 ~ students 修饰不可数 much 名词 ~ water
修饰可数名 a lot of 词复数+不 可数名词 some ~ students ~ water

a little

1 --What does he __ in the letter? --He wants to visit my school. A spell B say C speak D tell 2 –What does he __ in the letter? --He can __ English. A say say B say speak C say speak 3 He __ a lot in the letter . A spells B says C speaks D tells 4 -- __ you please tell me your name? -- Sure.I‘m Linda A Do B Are C Could D Is 5 –Could you give the letter to Maria? -- __ A Yes, I do B No, I don’t C No problem

6 His English is very __ and he speaks English very __ A good good B well well C good well D well good 7 My sister likes Chinese __ and her Chinese is very good A very much B very well C very good D at all 8 I don’t like bananas __ . I like apples a lot. A very B any C at all 9 She has a dog. She likes it __. A a lot B at all C many D much 10 My mother likes apples __.Apples are her favorite. A at all B a lot of C a little D a lot 11 –Do you like Chinese __? --No.I don’t like it __. A a lot;at all B a lot;a little C at all;a little D a little;a lot

12 -- __ is the letter from? -- It’s from my friend ,wang qiang A What B Where C Who D Why 13 I don’t like English, __ my English is poor(差的). A but B so C and D too 14 –I like cartoons(动画) a lot .___, Sam -- I don’t like them at all. A.How are you B.What about you C.And you D.B and C 15 Can you help me __ my English? A with B in C of D about 16 Fang Fang and Liu Mei have __books A some B a C the D an

17 He is from Japan. Can he __ English? A speaks B speak C say D say 18 --__ is the letter __? -- It’s from my pen pal. A Where from B Who from C What about D How of 19 – Who’s __ friend? -- I don’t know. A it’s B he’s C her D she 20 – Where are the boys and girls? -- __ are in __ classroom. A Their they B They their C They they D They theirs

1 He can speak English very well.(改为一般疑问句) __ he __ English very well? 2 Can he speak English?(作肯定回答) __ ,he __ 3 I come from Henan(改为一般疑问句) __ you __ from Henan? 4 He lives in England.(对划线部分提问) __ does he __? 5 Li Lei has a friend in Canada(改为一般疑问句,并作否 定回答) __ Li Lei __ a friend in Canada? __, he __ 6 Jane helps me study English.(同义句转换) Jane helps __ __ my English. 7 我们经常相互帮助。 We often help __ __

8 这位老人一点也不喜欢红色 The old man __ like red __ __. 9 我和他们住在一起,他们很友好。 We live __ __, __ are very kind.

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