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1. My name __ Wang Fang. I ___ in Class 7. 2. --what ___ it? --It is a bird. 3. He ___ my brother. His name ___ David. 4. --What __ these?--They ___ pens. 5. --Who __ you? --I __ Lily. 6. She __ my English teacher. Her

1. My aunt ___ (live) in Beijing now. 2. Lily ___ (not like) the juice. 3. --___ kitty ___ (speak) Chinese? Yes, she does. 4. Mr. White often ___ (have) a cup of coffee. 5. Where ___ your sister ___ (do) her homework every day?

4.The boy ___ (go) to the park on Saturdays? 5.___ Lucy and Lily ___ (do) homework every day?

1. Kate does the homework at weekends. (改为一般疑问句和否 定句) 2. This orange is orange. (改为一 般疑问句和否定句) 3. Is this black pencil Tom’s? (改 为陈述句) 4. She often helps me.(改为一般 疑问句)

1. Millie is in _____ 选择题 A. class 1; grade 7 B. grade 7; class 1 C. Class 1; Grade 7 D. Grade 7; Class 1 2. Welcome _____ my class. A. in B. at C. for D. to 3. I _____. A. very like he B. like he very C. like him very much D. very like him

4. --When _____you born? --I _____ born in 1990. A. was; was B. was; were C. were; were D. were; was 5. Simon loves _____. A. play football B. play a football C. playing football D. playing a football 6. _____ Sandy _____ Beijing? A. Is; come from B. Does; come from C. Is; from D. B&C

7. Let jack _____that. A. does B. doing C. do D. to do 8. Beibei is good at ____ and she is a good _____. A. swim; swimer B. swimming; swimmier C. swimming; swimer D. swim; swim 9. You should ______ Maths. A. work hard B. word hard at C. work hardly at D. work hardly

10. Does the girl _____? A. has long hair B. has a long hair C. have long hair D. have a long hair

1. 2. 3. 4. The girl is very ____(fun). Mr. Wu _____(enjoy) ____ (sing) Is Amy good at ____(dance)? Beibei’s sister was ____(bear) in Nantong. 5. -- Are they in the _____(swim) Club? 6. Mrs. White ____(love) _____(get) up late.

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