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Unit8When is your birthday课件刘冰 2

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January ['d??nju?ri]

February ['febru?ri]

March [mɑ:t?]

April ['eipr?l]

May [mei]

June [d?u:n]

July [d?u(:)'lai]

August ['?:g?st]

September [sep'temb?]

October [?k't?ub?]

November [n?u'vemb?]

December [di'semb?]

一月January Jan.
二月February Feb.



三月 March


九月September Sep.
十月October Oct.



十一月November Nov.
十二月December Dec.

基数词 one two three

序数词 first second third

一、二、三, 要全变

four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve

fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth

其余th跟后边,八去t,九去e,十二f替 ve

基数词 thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen

序数词 thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth

基数词 twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety

序数词 twentieth thirtieth fortieth fiftieth sixtieth seventieth eightieth ninetieth


基数词 twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four thirty-one forty-five sixty-nine eighty-nine

序数词 twenty-first twenty-second twenty-third twenty-fourth thirty-first forty-fifth sixty-ninth eighty-ninth


Say together一起说

rd stth nd st th th 14th 17th 3 22nd 12th 21 1 29 2 19 31 30 9 6

first second third

fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth
tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth

fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth
seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth

twentieth thirtieth
twenty-third thirty-seventh

基变序,有规律,词尾加上th. 1 2 3 特殊记, 8 去t, 9 去 e, 12f 替 v e 。 整十变化需注意,去掉y后加ieth。


first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th

thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth twenty-first twenty-second twenty-third thirtieth

13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 30th


写作:November 22nd 读作:November twenty-second





写:October 19th 写:January 31st 读:October nineteenth 读:January thirty-first





写:August 2nd 读:August second

写:June 12th 读:June twelfth





写:April 9th 写:September 20th 读:September twentieth 读:April ninth

Can you say the dates(说说日期): 1.2月14日 February



14th March 8th April 21st January 29th August 12th September 10th


October 1st
December 25th June 15th


?January is the_____ (one)month of a year. first
third ?March is the ______(three)month of a year. fourth ?Apr

il is the ______(four)month of a year. sixth ?June is the _______(six)month of a year.

seventh ?July is the ________(seven)month of a year.

?September is the ______ (nine) month of the ninth year.
twelfth ?December is the_________ (twelve)month of the year. ___________ is the 1st month of the year. January ___________ is the 2nd month of the year. February May ___________is the 5th month of the year.

Today is my birthday!

Happy birthda y!
A:When is your birthday? B:My birthday is October 16th.

A:How old are you?
B:I'm twelve.



A: When is his birthday?
B: His birthday is on May 4th.

A:How old is he?
B:He is thirteen.


A: When is her birthday?

B: Her birthday is on December 30th.
A:How old is she? B:She is eight.

A:When is your /his/her birthday?
B:My/His/Her birthday is on… A:How old are you/is he/is she ? B:I am/He is/She is …

A:When were you born? B:I was born on…

A:Hi,Alan.Happy birthday! B:Thank you,Bill. A:So,how old are you,Alan? B:I'm twelve.How old are you? A:I''m thirteen. B:When is your birthday? A:My birthday is in August. B:Well,do you want to come to my birthday party? A:Oh,yes.When is it? B:At three this afternoon. A:OK,great.See you.

1.old 形容词 旧的 反义词:new; 老的 反义词 young He has an old T-shirt. The man is old,the boy is young. 2.busy 形容词 忙的 ?be busy My father is busy. ?be busy doing 忙于做某事 Jack is busy cheaning(打扫)his room. ? be busy with sth 忙于某事

3.time 名词 时间 ?have a good/great time ?-What's the time? =What time is it? -It's...clock. 4.when 疑问词 “什么时候” 对时间提问 When is your birthday? /When is Teachers' Day? 5.序数词前一般加定冠词the,但是当序数词前有物主代 词、指示代词(this,these,that,those)时,不加the. March is_______(three) month of a year. My mother is my first teacher. 6.序数词:表示顺序的词。 基数词+序数词 →分数 四分之一 one fourth 五分之一 one fifth 注意:当分子大于1时,分母变复数 三分之二 two thirds

7.in,on ,at 表时间的用法 ?表示在某年,某月,在上午、下午、晚上 ,用 in. in 2013, in May, in the morning/afternoon/evening ?表示在某天,星期几,具体某天的上午、下午、 晚上,具体节日前用on. on January 1st, on Monday, on the morning of January 1st , on Teachers' Day ?表示在几点钟用at Let's meet at five o'clock.

1.When + is + 主语? when 疑问词,对时间提问 - When is his birthday? -It’s (on) June 5th,1992. 2.-How old are you? -I'm ten(years old). -How old is he/she/Jack? -He/she is 12. - How old is your mother? -She is 34. 3.See you!=Goodbye=Bye-bye 4.祝愿的句型: ?-Have a good time -Thank you.You,too. -Happy new year. -Thanks.The same to you. ?-Happy Teachers'Day. -Thank you. ?-Happy birthday. -Thank you.

5.祝福语: Happy New Year! 新年快乐! Merry Christmas!圣诞快乐! Happy Mother's D

ay!母亲节快乐! Happy Thanksgiving Day!感恩节快乐! 注意:对公共节日的应答语: Thanks.You,too! /Thanks!The same to you! 6.What's the date? 今天几号? -It's +日期。

New Year’s Day

April Fool's Day

January 1st

April 1st The Spring Festival

in January or February

Mother’s day

May Day

the second Sunday in May

May 1st

Children’s Day

June 1st

Father’s Day

Mid-Autumn Day

the third Sunday in June

in September or October

September 10th

National Day

Thanksgiving Day

October 1st

the fourth Thursday in November

Christmas Day

December 25th

1.Thank you for_______ (help) me with English. 2.My brother wants______ (have) salad for lunch. 3.My father likes______ (tomato), but he doesn’t like_____ (play) soccer. 4.Jack has three______ (dictionary) and four family_____ (photo). 5.January is ________(one) month of a year. 6.September is______ (nine) month of a year. 7.Tom____(like) chicken, but he____ (not like) apples. 8.What about_____ (watch) TV? –That_____ (sound) good. 9.______Miss Liu______ (play) sports? 10.It’s easy for me______ (play) ping-pong. 11.This pair of shoes ______(be) nice.I’ll take______ (they). 12.There are twenty______ (boy) and thirty_____ (girl) in our class.

Can you read these numbers? 44th 2nd 5th 18th
63rd 11th 31st 87th 15th 13th



56th 12th




1. 多在岁数 _______ how old 2. 生日聚会 ___________________ birthday party 3. 祝生日快乐! ____________________ Happy birthday! 4. 在一月份 ___________ in January 5. 在二月三日 ___________________ on February third 6. 在今天下午三点钟 ____________________ at three this afternoon

March third 7. 三月二日 _________________ 8. 四月五日 _________________ April fifth 9. 五月八日 __________________ May eighth 10. 六月一日 __________ June first

Role-play A: How old are you, Grace? B: I’m twelve. A: When is your birthday? B: My birthday is on March 12th. How about you and Tom? A: Well, my birthday is on July 5th, and Tom’s birthday is in December.

party 晚会,聚会
birthday party 生日晚会 Christmas party 圣诞晚会

English test英语考试

a school trip


a Music Festival

an Art Festival

volleyball game 排球比赛

basketball game 篮球比赛

1c Listen again. Fill in
John’s calendar.
SEPTEMBER 24 25 26 the school trip OCTOBER 1 2 3 the
basketball game

27 28 the school trip 4 5

29 30 the English trip 6 7

Sally’s birthday party

When is John’s school trip? When is the basketball game?


Ask and answer questions about John’s calendar.

It’s on September 25th.
It’s on October 2nd. It’s on October 5th.

When is Sally’s birthday party?

Dear students, We have some interesting and fun things for you this term. On September 21st, we have a school trip in the afternoon. October is a great month.

On the 12th and the 15th, we have two ball games, soccer and volleyball. School Day is on October 22nd. Your parents can come to our school. Next month, we have an art festival. It’s on November 3rd.

We have an English party on November 30th. And on December 3rd, we have a book sale in the school library. This is a really busy term! Have a good time!
Is this a busy term?

Yes, it is.

September 21st
October 12th October 15th October 22nd November 3rd November 30th December 3rd

Activities school trip soccer game volleyball game school day Art festival English party book sale

1. Sally’s birthday party意为“萨莉的生日聚 会”, ―名词+’s‖ 是名词的所有格形式,表示人 与物的所有或所属关系,意为“??的”。如: Linda’s room 琳达的房间 the girl’s birthday 那个女孩的生日 [归纳]名词所有格的构成规则: ?单数名词和不以-s结尾的复数名词,在词尾加 “’s‖。如: Alice’s eraser 爱丽丝的橡皮 Children’s Day 儿童节 Men’s room 男士洗手间

?以s或es结尾的复数名词,在词尾加“ ’ ” the teachers’ room 教师办公室室 ?表示几者共同拥有时,只须在最后一个 名词后加“’s‖;若表示各自所有,则 必 须在各个名词后加“’s‖。 This is Tom and Lucy’s room. 这是汤姆和露西共有的房间。 These are Tom’s and Lucy’s rooms. 这些是汤姆和露西各自的房间。

(4) 表示无生命事物的名词所有格需要借助 介词of来表示。 a photo of my family 我家的全家福 a map of China 一副中国地图

2.have 表示“举行;举办”,后面跟表示 活动的名词,指举办某种活动。如: have a class meeting 开班会 have a music festival 举办音乐节 have tennis games 举办网球赛 have a book sale 举行减价售书活动

[归纳] have的其他用法: (1) have有“有;拥有”之意。如: I have three soccer balls, but my brother doesn’t. 我有三个足球,而我弟弟没有。 (2) have有“吃;喝”之意。如: I usually have an apple and a hamburger for breakfast. 早饭我通常吃一个苹果和一个汉堡。 (3) have用于某些短语中,如: have a look 看一看。

3. Have a good time! 在课文中一个表示祝福 的句子,意为“祝你玩得高兴!”。 have a good time “玩得高兴;过得愉快”, -=have fun Eric has a good time there every day. =Eric has fun there every day. 埃里克在那里每天过得都很愉快。

二、根据句意及汉语提示写单词 1. Today is Linda’s birthday. She wants to have a birthday party (聚会) at home. _______ 2. They have two ________ (节日) this month. festivals trip 3. —Let’s go on a ____ (旅行) to the park. —That sounds great! busy 4. Alice is very ______ (忙碌) now, so she can’t go with us. test 5. —When do we have an English ____ (测试), Bob? —This afternoon.


钱?______ _____is the _____jacket? 2.我们有价格非常合理的衣服。 We have clothes____ _____ ____ ____. 3.这条红色的裙子看上去很好看。The red skirt_____ _____. 4.我们有红色、绿色的短裤,仅仅只要15元。 We have shorts______red and green ______only 15 yuan. 5.这条裤子很漂亮。我买下了。 The trousers are nice.I’ll____ ____. 6.这双鞋子多少钱?______the_____ _____the shoes? 7.这是我的第十二个生日。This is my______birthday. 8.你妈妈的生日是什么时候? ______ is your birthday? 9.早餐,他吃面包和牛奶。它们是健康食品。 ______ _____,he_____bread and milk.They’re_____ ______. 10.九月是一年中的第九个月。 ______is the______month of a year.

三、 根据汉语提示完成句子 1. 这些是简和琳达的T恤衫。 Jane’s Linda’s These are ______ and ______ T-shirts. 2. 艺术节在九月九日举行。 art festival The ___ _______ is on September 9th. 3. 你们学校举行足球比赛吗? soccer game Do you have a ______ ______ at your school? 4. 祝你们愉快! ______ a good ______! Have time 5. 今天是我的第十二个生日。 Today is my ______ ________. twelfth birthday

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