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( ) 1. A. You’re welcome. B. That’s OK.

C. The same to you.

( ) 2. A. By bus. B. He likes it very much.

C. Every day.

( ) 3. A. Once a week. B. One week.

C. Sometimes.

( ) 4. A. I am reading a book. B. The book is very interesting.

C. There is a book on it.

( ) 5. A. I live in an apartment. B. Sorry, I don’t know. I am new here.

C. Thank you all the same.



( )6: What does Helen have?

A: A new car B: A new bag C: A new bike

( ) 7: How does Sally always go to school?

A: By bike B: By subway C: By bus

( ) 8: Where is Michael from?

A: America B: Japan C:China

( ) 9: What is Jane doing?

A: Playing games B: Watching TV C: Doing homework

( ) 10: How long can he keep the book?

A: Two weeks B: Two months C: Two days

( ) 11: What color is Maria’s purse?

A: Green B: Red C: Blue

( ) 12: What day is it tomorrow?

A:Monday B: Tuesday C: Wendesday

( )13: What is in the study?

A: A TV B: A computer C: A radio

( ) 14: Is it a bus in front of the house?

A: No, it isn’t B: Yes, it is C: No, it doesn’t 1

( ) 15: Do they know the way to the post office?

A: Yes,they do. B: No, they don’t. C: I don’t know. 三:听力篇章理解:(1*10=10)



( )16: How is the school library?

A: It’s not big. B: It’s very good. C: It’s terrible.

( )17: Are there many books in the school library?

A: Yes, there are. B: Yes, it has. C: No, there isn’t.

( ) 18: How many books can a student borrow once?

A: Three books B: Two weeks C: Two books. B

( ) 19: What is the photo about?

A: A book B: A park C: About Sam’s family ( )20:Where is Sam in the photo?

A: At the school B: In the park C: In the shop

( ) 21: What is Ann doing?

A: Drawing a picture B: Sing a song C: Reading a book


( )22: When does Peter get up?

A: At 7:00 B: At 6:30 C: At 7:30

( )23: How does he go to school?

A: By bus B: By bike C: On foot

( )24: Where does he have lunch、

A:At school B: At home C: In a restaurant

( )25: What does Peter often do after school?

A: Play basketball B: Play the piano C: Go to the library 四: 听力完成任务:(此题在第六页非选择题答题处答题)


( )26:My brother usually _______ to school every day.

A: by bus B: take bus C: by the subway D: takes a bus

( ): 27:I’m looking for my book, but I can’t _____ it.

A: look for B: finding C: find D: looking for

( ) 28:We can learn a lot ______ news program on TV.

A: from B: to C: in D: of

( )29: --Where do you sit?

--- I sit ________ Maria.

A: under B: in the front of C: next to D:on

( )30: --______ are you talking about?

---We are talking about his new apartment.

A: Who B: What C: How many D:Where


( )31: The cost of living in the city is _____ than that in the countryside. A: higher B: taller C: more expensive D: bigger

( )32:Look, a few students ______ around the playground.

A: are runing B: are running C: run D: ran

( ) 33: --- _____ Jane and her brother?

--- They are having dinner in the school dining hall.

A: Where B: What are C: Are they D: How are

( )34:There are many clothes on your bed, please _______.

A: put away them B: get away them

C: put them away C: make them away

( )35: I don’t think the boy is ______ to go to school.

A: very old B:too old C: old enough D: enough old 六: 完形填空:(1*10=10)


Liu Ming lives in Beijing. He (36) ____in No. 6 Middle School. He (37) ____a big family. There are eight (38) ____in his family. His grandfather and his grandmother are workers. His uncle and his aunt work in (39) ____hotel. His father is a teacher and his mother is a nurse.

Liu Ming eats lots of healthy food. He eats eggs and milk for breakfast. For lunch, he eats hamburgers, meat (40) ____apples. What (41) ____dinner? He eats fish, noodles and oranges.

He likes sports very much. His favorite is football. (42) ____school, he often plays it with his friends. He is (43) ____ the school football team now.

He is twelve. Today is December 12th. Tomorrow is (44) ____birthday. Would you like to come to his birthday (45) ____?

( )36. A. study B. studies C. studying D. to study

( )37. A. have B. having C. has D. to have

( )38. A. students B. people C. member D. player

( )39. A. different B. the different C. same D. the same

( )40. A. but B. or C. and D. so

( )41. A. in B. about C. at D. for

( )42. A. For B. When C. Before D. After

( )43. A. on B. under C. at D. between

( )44. A. my B. I C. his D. her

( )45. A. party B. club C. house D. card 七:阅读理解 (2*15=30)



Helen and Jane are sisters. They are studying in a primary school.(小学). One afternoon, when classes are over, they help their teacher in the school. After an hour(小时), their teacher says “ The work is over, Thank you for your help. You can go home now.”.

Helen and Jane take a bus to home . When they get home at seven o’clock, they 3

find the door is open and they can see a man in their house.

“Who is the man?” Helen thinks. “Father and Mother go shopping . They will come back at eight o’clock.”

When the man sees helen,he says,“Come in. You don’t know me. I am your father’s friend. He ask me to get some money.” The man doesn’t see Jane. Jane runs off to bring a policeman(警察)here. When the man see the policeman, he wants to run away. But he can’t.

Just then Mr. and Mrs. Green, the boys’ parents come back.

“Is the man your friend?” the policeman asks.

“No, I don’t know him. He must be a thief.” Says Mr.Green.

( )46: How old are Helen and Jane?

A: Ten B: Nine C: Eleven D: I don’t know.

( )47: How long do Helen and Jane help their teacher?

A: At 6 o’clock. B: At 7 o’clock. C: One hour. D: Two hours

( )48: Who opens the door of their house?

A: The man B: Helen C: Their father D: Their mother

( )49: Where are their parents when Helen and Jane in the school?

A: At home. B: Go shopping C: Watch TV D: In the school

( )50:What is the meaning of the word “thief” ?

A: 工人 B: 亲戚 C: 小偷 D: 推销员


Gina is a good student. On weekdays, he gets up at six in the morning. He has breakfast at home. Then he reads English from 6:30 to 7:00. He goes to school at seven. He has four classes in the morning. He has lunch at school, but on Sundays he has lunch at home with his family. He has 3 classes in the afternoon, he leaves school at 5:00. He often has supper at home. In the evening, he sometimes watches TV. Sometimes, he does his homework. He goes to bed at ten o’clock every day. ( )51. What time does Gina get up on Sunday?

A. At six B. Very early C. Very late D. I don’t know

( )52. What does Gina do at 6:45 on weekdays?

A. He has breakfast B. He reads English

C. He goes to school D. He plays games

( )53. How many classes does Gina have on weekdays?

A. Six B. Four C. Seven D. Eight

( )54. Does Gina have lunch at school every day?

A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn’t C. Yes, he is D. No, he isn’t ( )55. What does he do in the evening?

A. He plays games B. He listens to music

C. He watches TV or does his homework D. I don’t know C


I am a student in Grade One. There are forty-two students in my class. Twenty are boys, others are girls. We always help each other. We have five teachers.The teachers are all good. We like them very much. We have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. There is a music class on Friday afternoon. I like it very much because I like singing and dancing. Our classroom is beautiful. A blackboard is on the front wall. The teacher’s desk in in front of the blackboard. There is a flower and some books on it. On the walls are some nice maps.Our classroom is very nice and clean. There are two tall trees behind our classroom. We often play games under the tree after class.There is a small garden in front of our classroom. Not far from our school is a small river. We often swim in it in summer. I like our class and I like our school.

( )56: How many girls in the class?

A: 20 B: 22 C: 30 D: 25

( )57: Do they have music class on Monday?

A: Yes, they do. B: No, they don’t C: Yes, they are. D: I don’t know.

( ) 58: Why does the writer like music class?

A: Because he can relax(放松)in the class.

B: Because he didn’t like other lessons.

C: Because he likes singing and dancing.

D: Because he wants to be a singer.

( )59: What is on the wall?

A:A blackboard B: Some maps

C: A flower and some books. D: A and B

( )60: What does the writer think of his school?

A: He thinks it is nice and he likes it.

B: He thinks it is nice but he doesn’t like it.

C: He thinks it isn’t nice but he likes it.

D: He thinks it isn’t nice and he doesn’t like it.




四: 听力完成任务:(





I think my father ____ ______ now. 67: 课堂上我们必须保持安静。 We must _____ ______ in class. 68: 晚饭后她常常看会儿电视。

She often wacthes TV ____ a _____ after dinner. 69: 一班和二班今天下午有一场足球赛。


There is a soccer game _____ Class One ____ Class Two this afternoon. 70: 我看见他在书房里看书。

I see _____ ______ a book in the study.

九:短文填空: (1*5=5)


to catch a bird, so he wants to go up the tree. His mother comes out and says, “ Your grandmother is coming this afternoon. I am cooking some fish. I have to wash(洗”

Peter thinks his grandmother will bring some toys to him and give him some money. He likes his grandmother very much. He has to go back home to help his mother. Soon he comes back again, but he can’t birds there. He is not happy. But when he thinks these little away and look for their mother, Peter looks happy again.

71_____ 72____ 73______ 74_____ 75______



I am Lin Mei. I live in a town. There are two streets and a/’r?v?/ in the area. When you walk on the first street, you can see a/mjU:’z??m/ , a post office, a bookshop and a school. The bookshop is next to the museum. There is a building on the street corner. It’s our school. My home is not far from our school. It is a big house with a /’gɑ:dn/. There is a park in our town. It’s behind my home. We often play games there train station. There is a farm not far from the hospital. We often go there to help the farmers.


76:The______ is on the street corner.

77: Our school is ____ my home.

78: My home is in _____ of the park.

79: Lin Mei often play games in the ______ after school.

80: The train station is not on the ______first street.

B: 按要求填空。

81:Write out the word /’r?v?/____________.

82: Write out the word/mjU:’z??m/________.

83: Write out the word/’gɑ:dn/___________.

84: 在划线句子中找出两个可连读的词:_____ ______


85: 在划线句子中找出词尾要失去爆破的一个词_________.

十一: 书面表达。(15)

假如你的英文名叫Steve, 是一名中学生,请你以“My School Day”为题,写一篇60词左右的短文。

My School Day


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