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Teaching Plan

By—Niu Yunqing Ⅰ.Teaching materials: Go for it! Grade 9

Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to (Section A 1a 1b 1C) Ⅱ.Teaching aims:

Topic: Talk about the music

Knowledge aims:

Target language: I like music that has great lyrics/ I like music I can dance to/ I like music I can sing along with/ I like music that isn’t too loud

Vocabulary: prefer lyrics

Target abilities:

1. Nurturing of the communicative ability of the students, by cooperation in groups.

2. Developing the students’ skills of listening, speaking and thinking in English.

Ⅲ.Teaching procedures:

Task 1: lead-in

Play a video about rock music.

Greet the students. Ask them:

Do you like music?

What kind of music do you know? Do you know rock music? (I played a piece of rock music.) How about pop music? Task 2 : Presentation

Show some videos about some kinds of music.

To learn the key words: lyrics, classical, pop, rock, jazz, country, dance.

Learn to describe the music.

(Phrases: sing along with, dance to ,quiet and gentle.) Task 3: talking

Help student say: A: what kind of music do you like?

B: I like .

A: why?

B: Because Task 4: new sentences:

Ask one student: T: what kind of music do you like?

S: I like pop music.

T: why ?

S: Because I can sing along with it. ok , I know you like music that you can sing along with.

Let the students follow the teacher to say like this.

Then show some pictures to make new sentences.

I like music. I can sing along with it.

I like music that I can sing along with.

(prefer =like …better)

Practice these sentences.

Grammar summary; The attributive clauses

结构:先行词 + 关系代词that + 从句

Can you say it in English?


I like music that is quiet and gentle.

Let the students give out the answer to understand the attributive clause better.

Task 5: writing

Please turn to page 44, read the sentences in 1a. Then write your own sentences.

What kind of music do you like?

I like /prefer music that ___________.

Give more phrases to help them .

is quiet and gentle

is cool/ quiet/ loud/ sweet…

makes me happy…

Task 6 : listening :

1b. Listen. Check (√) the kinds of music Tony and Betty like.

Play the tape for the students listen and then check the


Task 7: pair-work

Give two Sample dialogues to help the students make up mew conversations.

Task 8 game time

Do you want to be a reporter?

Show a conversation to help the students finish the task.

Task 9 : summary

What did we learn?

1. Important words:prefer,lyric

2. Talk about the music.

3. The attributive clauses

Task 10 homework

According to your survey , write a report about music


In our class, XXX likes music that is loud. But I …. …

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