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1.—______No,I am Kate.A.What’s your name?B.Are you Lucy?C.Are you a student?2.Betty’s father is______actor at a theatre.A.a B.an C.the

3.—______are you?—I am thirteen..A.Where B.What C. How old4.—Are these your brothers?—Yes,_______..A.those are B.they are C.they’re.

5.My father is a____at the hospital..A.policeman B.teacher C.doctor6.The girl_____me is my best friend.A.in front B.in the front of C.in front of

7.In the photo,Jane is____the left.A.on B.in C./ 8.I am______.A.China B.America C.Chinese

9.----What’s your favourite________?-----Red.A.colour B.sport C.

13.—__is the boy?—My brother,Tom..A.Who B.How C.Who

14.These are my_,my grandparents.A.mothers’parent B.mother’s parents C.mother’s parent

15.How many students are there in Class 3?—_______,thirty boys and twenty girls A.Fifty B.Sixty C.Seventy

1 My mother’s favorite is Monday.A、week B、subject C、color D、day

2 We have English Thursday.It’s funny interesting.A、on;and B、on;or C、in;and D、in;or

3 -Are there apples in the fridge?-No,there aren’t.A、some;some B、any;some C、some;any D、any;any

4 -Bob,go and your clothes to my room,please.–OK,Mom.Do I need to my shoes here,too.A take;take B bring;bring C take;bring D bring;take 5 Red is favorite color.A、Mary’s and Alan’s B、Mary and Alan’s C、Mary’s and Alan D、Mary and Alan

6 -What color is your bag?-It’s yellow bag.A、a B、an C、the D、/

7 Peter’s dog is very today,because Peter is busy and can’t play with it.A、sad B、fun C、busy D、difficult

8 Carson can play tennis but can’t play violin.A、the;the B、/;/C、the;/D、/;the

9 Li Hai is from.A、French B、China C、Japan D、England 10 Thank you for me with my math.A、help B、to help C、helping D、helps 11 It is.A、book B、my a book C、my book D、a my book 12 -Is this the Water Cube?-Yes,.A、this isn’t B、it is C、it isn’t D、this is 13 The last name is the name,too.A、first B、family C、last D、full 14 Let have a look at your sweater.A、my B、me C、I D、mine 15 The boy is Alice Brown.What’s her family name?A、Alice B、Brown Alice C、Brown D、Alice Brown


Hi,everyone.This is my family__1__.This man__2__my father.My father is a policeman__3__the police station.The woman__4__his right is my mother.__5__is thirty-two years old.Who__6__the boy and the girl?The boy is my__7__,Wang Hai.He is a student in a middle school.This is__8__.I’m 12 years old.I am a__9__,too.I am in__10__.What a happy family!

1.A.room B.photo C.book 2.A.am B.is C.are 3.A.at B.of C.for 4.A.in B.on C.at 5.A.He B.Her C.She 6.A.is B.am C.are

7.A.uncle B.brother C.sister 8.A.me B.us C.her 9.A.student B.child C.police 10.A.two class B.Two Class C.Class Two



My name is Lisa Gibson.I am from America.I am 12 years old.And I am a student at No.2 Middle School in Beijing.Mrs Wang is our Chinese teacher.My friend is also(也)a student here.Her name is Maria Smith.She is from England.She is 13 years old.Maria and I are new students in No.2 Middle School.We like our Chinese class.

1.Who(谁)is the writer(作者)of this passage(短文)?A.A teacher in China B.A student from England C.A student from America

2.What is the writer’s family name?A.Lisa B.Gibson C.Smith

3.Who is Mrs Wang?A.The writer’s math teacher.B.The writer’s English teacher.C.The writer’s Chinese teacher.

4.Maria Smith’s first name is______.A.Gibson B.Maria C.Smith 5.How old is Maria?A.Eleven B.Twelve C.Thirteen


Hi,my name is Jack Green.Jack is my first name.And Green is my last name.I’m 12 years old.I come from America.Now I go to a new school.I’m in Class 2 Grade 7.I make friends(交朋友)with my new classmates(同学).They are from different(不相同的)countries.Linda Brown comes from America.Wang Ming comes from China.Mike Black is from England.And Bill Smith is from England too,but they are from different cities.Mike is from Cambridge—a small city.Bill is from England—a big city.Everyone is kind in my class.Ms White is my new teacher.I like her very much.


6.The writer’s(作者)family name is Green. 7.Jack is 13 years old. 8.Linda Brown is from America.

9.Mike and Bill are from different countries. 10.Ms White is Jack’s new teacher.


1.Your mother’s sister is your a_______.2.The________(妇女)is Jack’s English teacher,Miss Wang.3.The Chinese__________(人们,人)are great.

4.My_____________(祖父母)are old.5.Our teacher is in f_______of the blackboard. food10.—.This is a photo____Tony’s family.A.in B.for C. of 11.---Please sit down.---___.A.Yes B.That’s OK C.Thank you12.—_—She’s a nurse.A.What’s her name?B.What’s her job?C.Where is she from?


This is a__1__of my family.What a__2__family!These are my grandparents.The woman is my mother__3__this

is my father.The man__4__the right is my uncle,my aunt’s husband.The little girl in front of__5__is my cousin.The baby is me.


Tony:Good morning.I’m new here.My name is Tony.____1____? Daming:My name is Daming.____2____?

Tony:I’m in Class One Grade two.___3___? Daming:I’m in Class two Grade two.

Tony:Oh,we’re in the same grade.___4___? Daming:I’m fourteen.

Tony:I’m thirteen.I’m younger than you.Nice to meet you. Daming:___5___.Let’s be friends.

Tony:That’s great.Shall we go the playground together? Daming:OK.Let’s go.


1.I come from Shandong.(改为同义句)I____________Shandong.2.I’m in Class Four.(改为一般疑问句)__________in Class Four?.

3.He is Li Lei.(改为同义句(对划线部分提问)______________his first name?

5.Wang Han is from Beijing.(改为否定句)Wang Han______________Beijing.

(画线部分提问)7.He often gets home at 6:00.(变为一般疑问句) he 8.That is my watch.(改为复数句)9.They are Lucy and Lily.(改为否定句) Lucy Lily.


11.not,June,any,does,pens,have(连词成句)12.He eats an apple and an egg for breakfast.(画线部分提问)


15.We (画线部分提问)




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