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Talk about places in our city.
eat have fun learn

Some tourists want to visit Yongfeng, where would you like to show them? Why?

dress up


dress up as clowns

New words
slide 滑道

water slide
clown staff organized dress up market

小丑 工作人员;全体职员 有组织的;安排有序的 穿上盛装;装扮 市场;集市广场


water slide

3a Read the article and fill in the chart
kids teenagers parents


Clown City Cafe

Uncle Bob’s Water slides

organized Have fun games, clowns learn

Farm’s market take dance lessons

Science museum

Sports museum

History Museum

1. A different rock band plays at Uncle Bob’s every night. Uncle Bob’s中’s属格后的名词省略掉了。因为’s属格后的 名词如指商店、家宅等地点时,该名词常省略。 e.g. at the doctor’s 在诊所 to my uncle’s 到我叔叔家 Johnson’s = Johnson’s Shop 约翰逊商店

2. They have organized games and the staff dress up as clowns. 他们组织了游戏, 并且员工化装为小丑。 (1) staff 意为职员; 一个机构的全体工作人员。 e.g. The school’s teaching staff is / are excellent.
(2) dress up 通常指小孩穿别人衣服闹着玩,装扮 e.g. to dress up as an astronaut 另外, 还有穿上礼服, 穿上盛装之意。 e.g. Don’t bother to dress up for the party.

(1) dress in和be dressed in用来形容某人的外表。 e.g. She always dresses in black. I’ll be dressed in a red coat. (2) wear“穿着(衣服)”亦表示一种状态。 She always wears black. (3) put on则指穿衣这个动作。 e.g. She put on a woolly scarf before she went out.
3. Is that a good place to hang out? 那是一个闲逛的好地方吗? to hang out是不定式作后置定语修饰a good place这个名词 短语。 e.g. She has nothing to say. (to say是不定式作后置定语修饰nothing.) They have little food to eat. (to eat是不定式作后置定语修饰little food.)

4. While the children have fun, parents can take dance lessons on the beach. (1) while连词, 当……的时候, 和……同时。 e.g. They arrived while we were having dinner. while后面所引导的动词, 往往是可持续的。 (2) take 从事, 进行。 e.g. I’m going to take a walk / a bath/ a break.
相关链接 when:当……时, 持续或非持续性动词都可跟在when 后面。 e.g. I jumped up when she called. as:正当……的时候, 随着, 强调同时发生。 e.g. He saw her as he was getting off the bus.

1.You aren’t right .I think.

(请将两句合成一句) I don’t think you are right ______________________________. 2.shampoo, where, can, buy, you, do, know, I.
(连词成句) Do you know where I can buy shampoo ____________________________________? 3.You should eat more vegetables and less meat. (改为否定句)

shouldn’t eat or You _________ _______more vegetables _____less meat. 4.Do you know wher

e the bookstore is? (同义句替换) Can tell get _____you ____ me how _____to ____to the bookstore? 5.The bank is next to the library. (对画线部分提问) ______________________. Where is the bank?

Now listen to 3a again then complete the following passage.
are looking for If you ____________ a great place for your next where family vacation, Watertown is _______ you Uncle Bob’s should go .Teenagers love to go to___________, because the food there is both delicious ________and play inexpensive. Some great bands______ there every that night. You will love the music _____you can dance along with. Kids enjoy the Clown City Café ______________where they can play __________ games and the staff interesting dress up as_______. Parents can learn how clowns to dance ________while the kids have fun. Everyone _________something fun in watertown. will find

there’s a computer museum in Sunville. There are lots of good restaurants in Sunville. Green Land has delicious salads. There are very clean public restrooms at the corner of market and Main Streets.

3c Write a guide to your city or town.
Welcome to our city
Our city is very beautiful and convenient. It has something for everyone. If you’re looking for bookstores. There is a very big one in our city. It is called Yongfeng Book Center. There are lots of big malls. Guoguang Mall has various beautiful and inexpensive goods. If you love good snacks, you can find them on Walking Street where the food is both delicious and cheap. Welcome to our city.

4. Groupwork
One student is an information booth worker, and the other students are tourists. The tourists ask questions about your city. A: Could you please tell me if there are any good museums in Newtown? B: Yes. There’s a fascinating science one. There’s also a very interesting art museum next street.


See you next time!

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