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Unit 5 Section A

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?
Section A

Lead in
A: What’s this? B: It’s….

an eraser

a math book

a hat

A: What’s that? B: It’s….

a ping-pong ball

a soccer ball

a ping-pong bat

a basketball

a baseball bat

a volleyball

1a Match the words with the things in the picture. a 1.tennis ball__ f 2.ping-pong bat__ 3.soccer ball__ c e 4.volleyball__ 5.basketball__ d 6.baseball bat__ b

1b Listen and circle the words you hear.

ping-pong bat

soccer ball


ping-pong ball

1c Practice the conversation with your partner. Then ask and answer questions about the things in the picture above. A: Do you have a ping-pong bat?

B: Yes, I do.
A: Do you have a ping-pong ball? B: No, I don’t.

2a Listen to the conversations and number the pictures [1-4].

3 4

1 1 2

2b Listen again. Match the pictures in 2a with the balls.

2 3



Let’s do it together. —Do you have a soccer ball? √

—Yes , I do.
I have a soccer ball. — Do you have a volleyball?


— No , I don’t. I don’t have a volleyball.

—Do they have a basketball? —Yes, they do. —Do they have a soccer ball? —No, they don’t.

2d Role-play the conversation. Cindy: Hey, Helen, let’s go! We’re late! Helen: OK. Cindy: Do you have the baseball? Helen: Yes, I do. It’s in my bag. Cindy: And where’s our baseball bat? Helen: Bill has it. Cindy: Oh, yeah. And do you have your jacket? Helen: Oh, no, I don’t. It’s on the chair. Let me get it. Cindy: And your hat, too! Helen: OK, I have my jacket and hat. Let’s go!

Does he have a baseball bat?

Baseball bat

No , he doesn’t.

He doesn’t have a
baseball bat.

Pair work

A: Do you have a …? B: Yes , I do. I have a….

A: Let’s play….
B: That sounds good. 1 3 2

Does he have a … ? Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t .

3b Fill in the blanks with do or does. Then practice the conversations with your partner. Do A: ___you have a baseball?

do B: Yes, I ___.
A: Great! I have a bat. Let’s play.

Does A: _____John have a soccer ball?
B: No, he doesn’t _______. Does A: _____he have a ping-pong bat? B: Yes, he ____. I think he has a ping-pong ball, too. does A: Hmm …let’s ask.

A: ___your friends have a basketball? Do

B: Yes, they ___. They have two basketballs. do
A: Well, let’s play basketball. B: That sounds good.

1. A: Let’s play ... B: That sounds good. 2. A : Let’s play ...

注意:let 后接动词原形表 示邀请。sound “听起来”, 其后接形容词。

B: Well, I don’t have a ... 3. A:Does he have a … ? B: Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t. 4. A: Does she have a … ? B: Yes, she does. / No, she

1. Complete the conversation.

have A: Do you ______ a soccer ball?
don’t B: No, I ______. Does have A: ______ Jim _____ a soccer ball? does B: Yes, he ______ . What color A: ______ ______ is it? B: It’s blue.

2. 根据图片完成句子

They are Tom and his father. have They ______ a baseball

bat. Do ____ they have a baseball? _____ No, they ______. don’t

1) Review the new words (复习新单词) 2) Look through Grammar Focus (仔细查看语法重 点) 3) Practice the conversations(练习会话)

Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets

his mind to it.

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