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1 She will be ________ better after taking a few day’s rest. A more B very C great D a lot

2 There will be ______ pollution . The water will be cleaner. A much B less C many D fewer 3 Please pass me two ________.

A pieces of paper B pieces of papers C pieces paper D piece papers 4 Her bike is different ________ mine, but the same _______ the boy’s A with; to B from ; to C from; as D with; as

5 Listen! I hear someone _______ the guitar in the room. A playing B to play C play D plays

6 --- How many birds can you see in the tree?--- I can see _______ birds in them. A hundreds of B five hundreds C hundred of D five hundreds of 7 He seems _____

A happily B happy C happiness D to happy 8 The teacher told me ______ last week.

A call him up B to call him up C called him up D to ring uo him 9 There’re many trees on ______ side of the street. A both B every C either D two

10 Everybody can leave now except _______.

A you or I B you and I C me and you D you and me 11 Please _____who broke the window. A look for B find C find out D look 12 I have ______ homework to do than you. A much less B much C very little D fewer. 13 Do you think ______ a football match tomorrow?

A there will be B will there be C there will have D there are going to be 14 It’s hard to keep the room _______ with three kids. A cleaning B cleaned C clean D to clean 15 Your father is sleeping .You’d better _______

A not to wake him up B not wake him up C not wake up him D not to wake up him 16 Old Henry has no family and no friends . He lives ______,but he doesn’t feel lonely. A lonely ; lonely B happily; lonely C alone; lonely D alone; alone 17 I ______ to bring my homework .I ______ it at home.

A forgot ; forgot B left; left C forgot; left D left; forgot

18 He was ______ to see an old friend of _____ in the street.

A surprising ; me B surprised ; mine C surprising; mine D surprised ;me 19 I don’t know ______.

A where he lives B where does he live C where does he lives D where he live 20 Must I finish the work today? No, you______. A needn’t B may C mustn’t D must

21 --- May I _____ this book? ---- Yes,you can _____ it for a week. A keep ; borrow B borrow ;keep C borrow; borrow D keep; keep 22 The two books are almost the same. I don’t know ____ to choose. A which B what C who D where

23 The boy is shy .He has _____ friends to play with him. A a few B few C little D a little

24 ---_____ will she come back from France? ---- In three days A How soon B How long C How often D How far

25 We’ll try our best to do the work with ______ money and _____ people. A few; little B a few ; a little C less; fewer D fewer;less 26 My mother was cooking while I _______ the radio.

A listened to B have listened to C was listening to D is listening to 27 She _______ her homework at five yesterday. A did B is doing C was doing D does

28 They ______ the child everywhere ,but they couldn’t ______ him.

A found; look for B looked for ; find C found out ; find D looked for; find out 29 You _______ so early .

A needn’t to come B don’t need to come C don’t need come D needn’t come 30 ______ do you live in?

A Where B Where city C Which city D Which.

二、阅读理解(20分) A

Mr Jackson is having a meeting. He looks at the clock on the wall. It is 7:45. “The last bus left fifteen minutes ago,” he thinks. “I’ll have to stay in a hotel tonight.”

Mr Jackson always drives home after work. He lives outside the city. There is something wrong with his car, so today he has to take a bus to his office.

The meeting is over. When he goes out of the warm office, it begins to snow. He wants to have some warm food and soup first. Most restaurants are full of people and he has to go into a small one. The waiter shows(出示) him the menu(菜单).

“Some hot soup, please,” says Mr Jackson.


Later, the waiter brings the soup to him. When Mr Jackson is drinking, he finds something in it. “Come here, boy,” he says. “Look, there is a hair in my soup!”

The waiter says, “it’s usually a fly(苍蝇) in the soup, I remember.” 31. Mr Jackson usually goes home ____________.

A. by bus B.by car C.by bike D. on foot 32. __________, so Mr Jackson has to stay in the office. A. There is no bus

B.There is a very important meeting D.It is very cold outside

C.Something is wrong with his car 33. The last bus leaves at ___________.

A.7:30 B.7:45 C.7:55 D.8:05

34. Mr Jackson wants to have some hot soup first because ___________. A.the restaurant is very warm office

35. The waiter’s words mean that __________. A.the soup in the restaurant is nice C.there are usually flies in the soup


Most children like watching TV. It’s very interesting. By watching TV, they can learn a lot and know many things about their country and the world. Of course, they can also learn over the radio(收音机). But they can learn better and more easily over the TV. Why? Because they can hear and see at the same time, while they can’t see anything over the radio.

Watching TV helps to open children’s eyes. Watching TV helps to open their minds(智力), too. They learn new and good ways of doing things. Many children watch TV only on Saturday and Sunday evenings. They are very busy with their lessons on weekdays. But a few children watch TV every night. They go to bed very late, so they can’t have a good rest. How about you, my young friend? 36. Children can study better over the TV because they ___________.


A. can hear something B. can see more things than on the radio

C.can hear and see at the same time D. can see the pictures on TV 37. Children can see nothing ____________.

A.over the radio B. in the TV C. on the TV D. when they watch TV 38. TV helps children __________. A. open their eyes

B. open their minds D. both A and B

C.make their lives busier

39. ___________ children watch TV only on Saturday and Sunday evenings. A.A few B. A lot of C. A lot D. A little

40. According to the passage, a few children go to bed late every night because they _________.

A. do their homework C

An old lady in a plane had a blanket(毯子)over her head and she did not want to

B. watch too much TV

C.are busy with their lessons D. listen to the radio

B. he is hungry

C.there are few people in the restaurant D.he feels cold after he leaves his

B.the hair is Mr Jackson’s D.he has to say sorry to Mr Jackson

take it off . The air hostess spoke to her, but the old lady said, “I have never been in a plane before , and I am frightened. I am going to keep this blanket over my head until we are back on the ground again !”

Then the captain came. He said, “Madam, I am the captain of this plane. The weather is fine, there are no clouds in the sky, and everything is going very well. ”But she continued to hide.

So the captain turned and started to go back. Then the old lady looked out from under the blanket with one eye and said, “I am sorry, young man, but I don’t like planes and I am never going to fly again. But I’ll say one thing, ”She continued kindly, “You and your wife keep your plane very clean!” 41. An old lady had _________ .

A. glasses B. a blanket over her head C. a coat D. a basket 42. A. She didn’t want to ________ .

A. take it off B. turn it off C. get on D. talk about it 43. _________ spoke to her .

A. The air hostess B. The man next to her C. her husband D. one of her friends 44. The old lady had never been _________ before . A. abroad B. home C. in a plane D. in hospital

45. The woman didn’t like planes and she was never going ________ . A. to fly again B. to travel C. to go abroad D. to go home (D)阅读短文,在空白处填入适当的单词.

Mr and Mrs Brown lives in a short and wet room last year. Now their daughter was born,the room was too narrow for them to live in. Last Friday ,after the factroy paid out wages(工资),Mr Brown had to borrow some money from his friends and bought an old house.It’s a little bigger and drier .But the walls are very dirty. Mrs Brown told her husband to paint them.

It’s Saturday today. Mrs Brown doesn’t go to work.He came in a paint shop and bought two cans(罐)of paint. It was made in Japan. He looked at the directions (说明书)for a long time,but he could’t understand at all. Before leaving the shop,he had to ask the shop keeper,“Can I put this paint on myself,sir?”

It seemed the shopkeeper misunderstand(误解) him. He looked at Mr Brown up and down and then said ,”You’d better put it n the wall,sir.It would look better, think.” 46 Mr Brown ia a _______.

47 Mr Brown is too _____ ,so he had to buy an old house. 48 Mr Brown ______ with his wife, so he went to the paint shop. 49 Mr Brown knows little_____ ,so he couldn’t understand the directions. 50 The shopkeeper didn’t _______ Mr Brown. 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空。(15) 1 This is the _____(twin) bedroom.

2 They had an ______(argue)about the school rules. 3 Tom was ______(surprise) to hear the news. 4 He says he doesn’t like ______(color)clothes. 5 Children need time and ______(free)to relax. 6 Why was she _____(angrily)with you? 7 We enjoyed _______(we )in the zoo last Sunday. 8 I think you should be _____(friend) than before. 9 Don’t be afraid of _______(fail).

10 I want to buy the new bike ,but my father _______(agree) 11 There are many kids _____(fly)kites。

12 Some ______(scientist)believe there will be more robots. 13 There ______(be )two football matches in our school next week. 14 These clothes are nice and cheap.It means they are ______(expensive) 15There were many famous_____(predict)in the world. 四,(一)用方框内词语的适当形式填空(7)

1 My father is ___________ for Hongkong sometime next week. 2 I __________ that Tibet is a good place to go sightseeing. 3 Tom and Peter enjoy _______ books very much. 4 The plane will _______ in ten minutes.


5 Don’t forget to ________ the book to the library.

6 We _______ a good time at Lucy’s birthday party yesterday. 7 -----The windows are broken.

-----I think so. They can hardly ________ the cold now。 (二)选择正确的词或词组填空(8)

In china , more and more middle school students have shorter sleeping time than before.Most students sleep (1)________ nine hours every night,because they have (2)________ homework to do. Some homework is given by their teachers , and some by their parents. Also,some students (3)_________ how to save time. They (4)_______ while they do their homework, so takes them a lot of time .Some students spend too much time on watching TV or playing computer games .They stay up very late. Some students (5)_______ get up early every morning on weekdays (6)_______ in time by bus or by bike.It can be a long way from home to school.

School and parents should cut down some of the homework so that our children (7)_______ than nine hours of sleep every night for their heath. For children , we should make best use of our time.When we have enough time for sleeping ,we will find it (8)_______for both our study and health. 五, 句型转换(5)

1 It seems that she is angry with me.(改为同义句) She _______ ________ _______ angry with me.

2 What other things can you see on the wall? (改为同义句) ______ ______ can you see on the wall?

3 She has enough money for the books ,too.(变否定句) She _______ _______ enough money for the books ,_________. 4 He’______ _______ will he go on a picnic?

六 根据汉语完成句子。(5)


1 对人类来说,要活到200岁是不可能的。

It’s __________ for people to _____ _____ ______ 200 years old. 2 她总是和同学相处得很好。

She always ______ ______ _______ _______ her classmates. 3 抱怨别人是没有用的。

_______ _______ others isn’t useful. 七, 书面表达(10)



(二) 1___________ 2____________ 3___________ 4___________ 5___________ 6____________ 7___________ 8___________ 五 1 ______ _______ _______ 2 _______ _______

3 _______ ________ ______ 4 ______ _______ 六 1______ _______ ________ ________ 2 _______ ________ ________ _________ 3_______ _______ 七,书面表达 三 1_________ 2 ________ 3 _________ 4 __________ 5__________ 6_________ 7_________ 8 _________ 9 __________10_________ 11________ 12________ 13_________14__________15_________ 四 (一) 1_________ 2 ___________ 3 ___________ 4 __________ 5_________ 6__________ 7___________



1-5 DBBCA 6-10 ABBCD 11-15 CAACB 16-20 CCBAA 21-25 BABAC 26-30 CCBBC 31-35 BBADC 36-40 CADBB 41-45 BAACA

46 worker 47 poor 48 agreed 49 Japanese 50 understand

三 1 twins’ 2 argument 3 surprised 4 colorful 5 freedom 6 angry 7 ourselves 8 more friendly 9 failure 10 disgrees 11 flying

12 scientists 13 will be 14 inexpensive 15 prediction

四 (一)1 leaving 2 hear 3 reading 4 take off 5 return

6 had 7 keep out

(二) 1 less than 2 much 3 don’t know 4 are not careful enough 5 have to 6 to get to school 7 can enjoy more 8 much better

五 1 seems to be 2 What else 3 doesn’t have,either 4 How soon 六1 live to be 2 gets on well with 3 Complaining about 6

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