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2013外研版英语七年级上册 Module 9 Unit 2

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They’re waiting for buses or trains.

What are they

They are playing basketball.

They are playing football.

What’s she doing?

She is singing.

She is dancing.



She is drinking juice.

He is eating.



He is waiting for a bus.

They are talking.



He’s calling.

He is driving a car.

They are getting off the bus.

They are having afternoon tea.

They are having dinner in a restaurant.

They are going to

They are watching a film.

the theatre.

They are watching television.

They are playing games.

He is eating hamburgers.

He is eating hot dogs. He is drinking coffee.

Match the words and expressions from the box with the pictures and say what the people are doing. bus coffee drive get off hot dog leave restaurant sleep train

Read the news report and match the paragraphs with the picture in Activity 1.
Los Angeles



New York


Choose the correct answer.
1. In London,
a) people aren’t leaving work.

b) people are going home.
2. In Moscow,

a) people aren’t going to the theatre.
b) people are having dinner.

3. In Beijing,
a) people are watching a film.

b ) people are sleeping.
4. In Los Angeles, a) people are working. b) people are getting up. 5. In New York, a) people are getting up. b ) people are having lunch.

Complete the passage with the correct form
of the words from the box.

moment most restaurant still thing
All over the world, people are doing different (1) ____________. At the (2) things ___________, it’s five o’clock in London moment and people are going home from work.

People in Moscow are having dinner at

home or in (3) _____________. In Beijing, restaurants
(4) ____________ people are sleeping, but most some are (5 ) ____________ working. still

What time is it in different places of the world?

Places Time

Beijing London Moscow 01:00 17:00

Los Angeles

New York 12:00



Greenwich mean time 格林威治平时 Greenwich meridian格林威治子午线 全世界共分24个时区,每15度为一个时区, 英国的格林威治为零时区,北京为东8区。 推算方法:东加西减。

At the moment, in different places of the
world people are doing different things.

Find out what time it is now in London, Moscow, New York and Los Angeles. Write sentences about what people are doing or aren’t doing. Join sentences with and or so.

In London, it’s… and people are leaving …
In Beijing, it’s… so people aren’t …

Join sentences with and or so.
1. In London, it’s five o’clock and people

are leaving work and are going home.
2. In Beijing, it’s one o’clock at night so

people aren’t having dinner.
3. In Moscow, it’s eight o’clock in the evening so people aren’t having afternoon tea.

4. In Los Angeles, it’s nine o’clock in the morning so people aren’t sleeping. 5. In New York , it’s twelve o’clock so people are having l


Read the postcard and check (√ ) the true

√ 1. This is a postcard from Betty’s mum. √ 2. Betty’s mum is visiting her friends in Hollywood.
× 3. Betty is enjoying the movie. √ 4. Betty’s mum is taking a lot of photos.

Write Betty’s postcard to her grandma from the Great Wall. ?Start like this: Dear Grandma, ?Say what she’s enjoying ?Say what she’s doing now ?Finish like this: Love, Betty

Dear Betty,
He is from Los Angeles !

Thank you for your
postcard from the Great Wall. … … See you next week ! Betty King No.19 Xisanhuan Beilu Beijing ( 100089 ) P.R. China


For example:
Dear Mom and Dad, Greetings from the Great Wall! I’m standing on the Great Wall of China and writing this postcard to you. We’re on a school trip and we’re having a good time. At this moment, Wang Hui is taking lots of pictures and Lingling is buying some presents and postcards. We’re enjoying the school trip a lot. See you soon! Love, Lingling

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