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( )31.---Is that a ruler? .

A.it is B.it isn’t C.that is D.that isn’t

( .

A.brother B.mother C.uncle D.father

( friend? is

A.your;you B.my;his C.your;he D.she;he

( English car? ---No. It’s Chinese car.

A.a;a B.an;an C.an;a D.a;an

( A.Excuse me B.Sorry C.I’m sorry D.Hello

( )36. --- Your pen is very nice. --- __________.

A.Thanks you B.Thank C.Thank you D.That’s OK

( )37.I know her name.

A.am not B.don’t C.isn’t D.doesn’t

( A.key B.keys C.keies D.keyes

( my baseball? ---It’s under the chair.

A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are

( )40.Let’ computer games.

A.playing B.to play C.plays D.play

( Tom a computer?

A.Do;has B.Does;have C.Do;have D.Does;has

( basketball every day.

A.the B.a C.an D./

( she doesn’t like playing it.

A.but B.and C.so D./

( )44.Playing volleyball is . I don’t like it.

A.interesting B.boring C.relaxing D.good

( )45. Peter and his brother a great sports collection.

A.has B. have C.to have D. to has



Mary is a sports collection. She has , she doesn’ TV. ( )46.A.classmates B.class mate C.classmate’s D.classmate

( )47.A.has B.have C.haves D.don’t have

( )48.A.basebll B.baseball bat C.baseballs bat D.baseball bats

( )49.A.soccer ball B.soccers ball C.soccer balls D.soccers

( )50.A.volley ball B.volleyball C.volleyballs D.volley balls

( )51.A.And B.But C.Or D.For

( )52.A.watch B.watching C.watches D.to watch

( )53.A.on B.in C.at D.to

( )54.A.She B.Her C.She’s D.Hers

( )55.A.interest B.interested C.interesting D.interests


Tom is my cousin. He is five years old. He is an He He like Owen.

books. You can books in her room. She says books are her because she can learn much from them.

( )56.A.brother B.boy C.girl D.sister

( )57.A.sports B.ruler C.dogs D.colors

( )58.A.the B a C an D /

( )59.A.books B.home C.computer D cards

( )60.A.teacher B.player C.student D.classmate

( )61.A.have B.is C.has D.does

( )62.A Your B My C.His D. Her

( )63.A interesting B.boring C difficult D well

( )64.A .a B.some C.the D. an

( )65.A.grandparents B. parents C.friends D.aunts


Paul: Is this your father? Jane: Paul: Oh, your uncle. Is the girl your sister? Jane: Yes.

Paul: What’s her name? Jane: Linda.

Paul: Jane: L-I-N-D-A.

Paul: Jane: Yes. They are my brothers. 四:阅读理解(40分)


I am Jane. This is my room. The TV and video tapes are on the table. Where is my backpack?It isn’t on the table. Oh!It’s on the bed. My pencils aren’t on the table. They are in my pencil case and the pencil case is in my backpack. My computer games are under the chair. My alarm clock, my ID card and my keys are on the dresser.(梳妆台)


( )71.Her video tapes are on the TV.

( )72.Her backpack isn’t on the bed.

( )73.Her pencils are in the pencil case.

( )74.Her pencil case isn’t in her backpack.

( )75.Her ID card is on the dresser.


This is a small nice room. There’s a bed,a desk and some chairs in it. The desk is near the window. On the desk, there is a book, a glass and some cakes. The bed is near the desk. There are trousers(裤子) and a coat on the bed. The trousers are green. They are new. The coat is yellow. It is new, too. Under the bed, there are some shoes and two balls. This is Susan’s room. She is a good student.

( A.near the window;on the bed;on the desk

B.near the window;on the desk;under the bed

C.near the desk;on the bed;under the bed

D.near the window;near the bed;on the desk

( A. yellow;green B.green;green C.green;yellow D.green;yellowand green

( )78. are new.

A. The desk and the trousers B.The trousers and the shoes

B. the trousers and the coat D.The room and the bed

( .

A.a teacher B.a man C.a boy D.a girl

( A.nice B.big C.small D.good


This is Cara and Ben. They are twins(双胞胎). They are twelve. This is their bedroom. It’s a nice room. There are two beds in the room. The yellow bed is Cara’s and that green one is Ben’s. The twins have one desk and two chairs. The chairs look the same. Cara’s sweater is on his bed. Ben’s coat is on his chair. Their clock, books and pencil-cases are on the desk. Their school bags are behind the chairs.

( ) 81. Cara and Ben are ________.

A.brother and sister B.brothers C.sisters D. friends

( ) 82 Cara and Ben have ________.

A. two chairs and one desk B. two desks and one chair

C. two chairs and two desks D. one desk and one chair

( ) 83. Cara’s ________ is yellow and Ben’s ________ is green.

A. chair; bed B. sweater; sweater

C. bed; chair D. bed; bed

( ) 84. Cara’s sweater is ________.

A. on his bed B. on Ben’s bed

C. on the chair D. on the desk

( ) 85. Which is right?

A. Their class is very nice.

B. Their two beds look the same.

C. Their school bags are under the chairs.

D. They live in the same room.


I am a Chinese boy. My name is Li Ming. I am a student. In my class, some of

the boys like playing football very much. Wu Jun and I are on the school football

team(学校足球队).And some of them like playing basketball. But the girls like

playing tennis and volleyball. Han Mei and Zhang Hong are on the school volleyball

team(学校排球队). Each(每个)of them has a tennis racket. In a word(总之),

everyone in our class likes sports very much.

( A.China B.America C.Canada D.Japan

( A.basketball B.football C.volleyball D.tennis

( .

A.tennis and basketball B.football and basketball

C.tennis and volleyball D.volleyball and basketball

( and Li Ming are on the school football team.

A.Wu Jun B.Han Mei C.Zhang Hong D.Some of the boys

( .

A.tennis racket B.baseball bat C.volleyball D.basketball



91.This is my friend. name is Tom.(he)

watch TV at home.(we)

93.I have two .(parent)

a son and two daughters.(have)




上看足球赛。请以上述题材写一篇短文。(体育收藏:sports collection)

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