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1. There’s________in the newspaper. You should read it.

A. important something B. something boring

C. boring something D. something important

2. Children seemed _______eating something in the room.

A. that B. to C. to be D. /

3. My watch doesn’t work, so I decide_____a new one.

A. buy B. buying C. not to buy D. to buy

4. The man became very famous______the new song.

A. because B. because of C. if D. when

5. Simon makes_______friends in his class because he is very selfish(自私的).

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

6. When ____your father usually _____to work very morning?

A. do; go B. does; go C. do; goes D. does; goes

7. —____do you play football?

—Twice a week.

A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How often

8. I know good food and exercise can help____better.

A. studying B. to studying C. me to study D. to my study

9. His mother wants him____good food.

A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. eats

10. As we know dancing is _____health.

A. good at B. good for C. good to D. good of

11. She is richer than 90_______her neighbors.

A. percent B. percents C. percents of D. percent of

12. I got up very early today, _______I didn’t catch the early bus.

A. and B. but C. so D. although

13.——______did the meeting last?

——About half an hour.

A. How soon B. How long C. How far D. How much

14.——_______ will Hero Bridge be finished? —In a few months.

A. How soon B. How long C. How often D. How far

15. I can’t help______ housework because I have to do my homework.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. to doing

16. ——Have you ever read the book Harry Potter?

——Yes, and I think it’s very_____. I want to read it again.

A. boring B. exciting C. bored D. excited

17. I always enjoy visiting London, ______I wouldn’t like to live there.

A. because B. so C. but D. and

18. _____hamburgers are junk food, many children like them.

A. If B. Unless C. Because D. Although

19. Eating too much junk food is an _____habit.

A. healthy B. unhealthy C. interesting D. important

20. She has written a lot of books, but_____good ones.

A. any B. some C. few D. many

Jack lost(丢失)his job last week. It was difficult for him to find another told him that it was possible to get a new one in a town two hundred kilometers . He decided to get there . So he went to the railway station and got a train. He was the only one in the car(车厢). The train started. Suddenly a man came in a gun and said to him, “Your money your life!” Jack sat there without up.

“I 9 any money,” Jack answered.

“Then why are you so afraid of me?” the man asked angrily.

“Because I 10 you were the conductor, and I didn’t buy a ticket,” answered Jack.

1、A.work B.jobs

2、A.Nobody B.Somebody

3、A.from B.farther

4、A.by bike B.on foot

5、A.off B.on

6、A.with B.has

7、A.but B.and

8、A.stands B.standing

9、A.don’t have B.have no

10、A.know B.didn’t know

C.ones C.Anybody C.away C.by train C.up C.have C.so C.stood C.didn’t have C.think D.one D.No one D.off D.by bus D.to D.there was D.or D.stand D.had D.thought

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