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Class___________ Name____________ Score___________

听力部分 20%


( )1.A back B bank C bad D black

( ) 2.A from B form C five D word

( )3.A face B from C fan D for

( )4.A would B world C want D word

( )5.A on B above C over D all


( )6. A. He’s from Australia. B. She’s from Africa. C. She’s from China.

( )7. A. He’s eleven. B. He’s twelve. C. He’s thirteen.

( )8. A. Before six B. At six. C. After six.

( )9. A. She is cleaning the house. B. She is watching TV.

C. She’s playing volleyball.

( )10. A. 300-519 B. 330-5198. C. 330-5189


( )11.Is the cat beautiful or ugly?

A. She’s beautiful. B. She’s lazy. C. Yes, she is.

( )12. How old is the cat?

A. She is three. B. She is four. C. She is five.

( )13. Does the cat like sleeping?

A. Yes, she is. B. She likes sleeping. C. Yes, she does.

( )14. When does she wake up every day?

A. At two. B. After I get home from school. C. In the evening

( )15. Why do I like Mimi?

A. Because she is lazy. B. Because she eats much. C. Because she is cute.

笔试部分 80% 一、 单词拼写(8%)

1.There is a ______________(超市) in the neighborhood.

2. My brother wants to be a ____________(警察).

He thinks it’s an 令人激动的) job.

__ (其他的)animals do you like?

4.In the third photo, she’s swimming at the ___________(游泳池).

5.Look! Dave _________ (read) the newspaper..

6. Listen! Some students ___________(sing) in the classroom.

7.Welcome to the ____________ (花园)District.

二、 单项选择(12%)

( ) 1.____ is my sister. Do you like to play with ____?

A. He, him B. She, her C. You, you D. I, me

( ) 2. Call Jack ___ 557,9638.He has a job for you ___ an actor.

A. for, for B. at, with C. at, as D. in, as

( ) 3. My father likes _______ books in the evening. He doesn’t often ______ TV.

A. reading, watch B. watches, see C. to read, watches D. looking at, see

( ) 4. Pandas like eating _____ and elephants like eating ____.

A. leafs, grasses B. leaves, grass C. leaf, grass D. leaves, grasses

( ) 5.The CD shop is about ______ the right______ the fruit shop.

A. on; in B. on; of C. by; at D. at; in

( ) 6.Look! The monkeys _______ the tree.

A climb B are climbing C is climbing D were climbing

( ) 7.She ______ bananas.

A. like eat B. is like eating C. likes eating D. like to eat

( ) 8.The supermarket is _________ Avenue.

A on Fifth B on the Five C in fives D in the Fifth

( ) 9.The koala sleeps _______,but gets up _________.

A during the day; at the evening B at day ;during night

C in the day ;during the evening D. during the day ; at night

( ) 10.__________ ? She is a nurse.

A Where does your mother do B. What does your mother do

C What is your mother doing D Who is your mother

( ) 11.Where do you work ? _________.

A I work in a school B I am a teacher

C I want to be a teacher D I go to school every day

( ) 12.Did you go shopping yesterday? _________.

A Yes, I do B Yes, I did C Yes, I am D No, I couldn’t

三、 改错:选出有错的选项并改正。(10分)

( _________


( ___________


( __________


( __________ A B C D

( __________



( )1.How old is John? a. Yes, please.

( )2.Where is the school? b. Yes, I’m sorry.

( )3.What is the last day of the week? c. He is from America.

( )4.How do you go to school? d. Break and milk.

( )5.What do you want to be? e. It’s on Park street.

( )6.Is your mother a teacher? f. Saturday.

( )7.What do you want to for lunch? g. By bus.

( )8.Where is Mr. brown from? h. Yes, she is.

( )9.Can I help you? i. A doctor.

( )10.Are you late for school today? j. He is ten years old.

五、 完形填空(10%)

Bill is an Australian __1___. He is twelve. He lives ___2___ his family in China. There are __3___ people in his family. His father John Smith, his mother Catherine and his little sister Abbey. He has a yellow dog. ___4___ name is Barbi. Look! Abbey is ___5__with Barbi. His father is mending his car. His mother is cleaning the house. What is Bill doing? Ah, he is doing __6__ homework in Chinese. He can’t __7___ Chinese well, but he loves Chinese very much. Bill’s ___8___ works in a middle school as an __9____ teacher. His mother works at a TV factory. Bill and his __10____ go to the same school.

( )1. A. child B. boy C. dog D. girl

( )2. A. in B. with C. on D. at

( )3. A. three B. four C. five D. two

( )4. A. It’s B. His C. Its D. Her

( )5. A. living B. talking C. playing D. eating

( )6. A. her B. its C. his D. a

( )7. A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk

( )8. A. mother B. father C. English D. Australian

( )9. A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English D. Australian

( )10. A. boy B. girl C. brother D. sister

六、 阅读理解(20%)


Luck and Kate are English girls. They are twins. They are studying Chinese in Beijing now. They are in Miss Gao’s class. In their class, there are fifty-two students. There are twenty-eight boys and twenty-four girls.

Where are the twins(双胞胎)? Look, they are sitting near the door of the classroom. Lucy is wearing a red coat. Kate is wearing a yellow sweater. They are having a Chinese class. They like Chinese.


( )1、The two girls are twins. They are in a school of China.

( )2、Lucy and Kate are in the same class.

( )3、Lucy is in a yellow sweater.

( )4、Now they are studying Chinese in the classnom.

( )5、There are twenty-eight girls in their class.


It’s nine o’clock in the evening. The family are at home. Jim’s father is sitting in a chair. He’s watching TV. His mother is standing near the window. She’s giving some food to Polly. Polly says, “Thanks! Thanks!” Where’s Jim? Oh, he’s behind the door. Kate is looking for him. They are playing games. There is no homework on Sunday evening.


( )1、There are people in the family.

A、three B、four C、five D、six

( )2、Who is watching TV in a chair? .

A、Jim is B、It’s Jim C、Jim’s father is D、It’s Jim’s father ( )3、Jim and Kate are .

A、good friends B、two girls C、two boys D、brothers and sisters ( )4、The children doing their homework.

A、aren’t B、isn’t C、don’t D、not

( )5、What’s Kate doing?

A、She’s doing her homework. B、She’s standing near the window.

C、She’s looking for a pen. D、She’s playing games.

七、 书面表达(10%)



I. 听句子,选择你所听到的单词。每个句子念一遍。5%

1. Tom’s father is a bank clerk.

2. Gina’s from Australia.

3. Lucy’s waiting for a bus.

4. Thank you for joining CCTV’s Around The World Show.

5. They’re all happy in the park.


6. Is Julia from Australia? NO, she’s from South Africa.

Q: Where’s Julia from?

7. John, how old are you? I’m 13.

Q: How old is Jim.

8. Maria, do you have dinner at 6 or after 6? After 6.

Q: When does Maria have dinner?

9. Jim. Is your mother watching TV? No, she’s cleaning the house.

Q: What’s Jim’s mother doing, Lily?

10. What’s your telephone number? 330-5198.

Q: What’s Lily’s telephone number?

三、 听短文,选择正确答案。

I have a cat. Its name is Mimi. It’s a beautiful cat. She’s 5. She likes sleeping. She wakes up in the evening. I like Mimi very much because she’s cute.






supermarket policeman exciting other pool

is reading are singing Garden



C kind of

C to be

C football

D China

A What

j e f g I H D C A B






When it is rainy in Longgang, Most people are staying at home, they are cooking or cleaning the house. Children are doing their homework or watching TV. If it’s sunny, people are going to the park and having dinner outside. When it’s snowy, children are playing with the snow happily. Some people are taking photos. How exciting it is!


Dear Gina,

How is it going?


Can you tell me about the…?

Best wishes





一、 单词

is raining/is rainy windy cloudy sunny Is snowing/snowy are

doing stays Does rain rainy cleaner is cleaning them

us wearing ninth clouds doesn’t go singers scarfs snows is riding is sitting telling riding Canadians windy joining sunny are French their riding walking photos cold musician go photos are putting windy are

having does







Where does

What does do

Why do


What animals

between and


What language






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