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Unit 3 Section A

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Unit 3 Is this your pencil?
Section A

Lead in
Free talk A: Hello! My name’s… / I’m… What’s your name? B: My name’s / I’m …

A: Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you, too. A: Is this a photo of your family? B: Yes, it is. A: Is this your brother?

B: Yes, he is.

Things in the


a pencil

a pencil box

a book

an eraser

a schoolbag

a dictionary

Is this a pencil box?
Yes, it is.

Is that an eraser? No, it isn’t. It’s a book.

Is this your schoolbag?

Yes, it is. It’s mine.

No, it isn’t. It’s hers.

Are these your pencils? Yes, they are. They are mine. No, they aren’t.

They are hers.

1b Listen and number the conversations[1-3].


A: Is this your pencil? B: Yes, it is . It’s mine. A: Is that your schoolbag? B: No, it isn’t. It’s his. A: Are these your books?



B: No, they aren’t. They’re hers.

2b Listen again. Complete the conversation with the words in the box. erasers pencil ruler pencil box books
pencil Tom: Excuse me, Grace. Is this your ________? (1) erasers Grace: Yes, thank you.And those are my _______. (2) ruler Tom: And Jane ,is this your _____? (3) Jane: No, it isn’t. It’s hers. books Tom: OK, and these are my _______. This is your (4) pencil box ___________, Jane. (5)

Find the owner(找主人) Put some things into the teacher’s box. Then take something out of the box and find the owner. You only have two guesses! 把东西放进老师的箱子里,然后从箱子里取出物品


1. 单词短语:___________ (在小组内口头汇报)


2. 确认物主关系时: Is this/ that …?

Are these...?
3. mine/yours/his/hers与my/your/his/her 有何区别?

用所给词的适当形式填空 your Bob: Hi, Gina. Is this ______(you) ruler? Gina: No, it’s ________(Mike). Mike’s his Bob: And is this ______(he) black pen? Gina: No, it isn’t. The red pen is his. Bob: What about the pencil box? hers Gina: It’s Cindy’s. And the eraser is _____(she), too. yours Bob: And the schoolbag? Is that _______(you)? Gina: Yes, it is.

1. 写出有关学习用品的单词 2. 编写两个确认物主关系的对话 3. 探讨形容词性物主代词与名词性物主代词的用法

Genius is nothing but labor and diligence. 天才不过是勤奋而已。

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