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Unit 6 Section B

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Unit 6 Do you like bananas?
Section B

Lead in
Name these things in English!

an apple


an egg


a carrot











Fruit :
apples, pears, oranges, bananas, strawberries… __________________________________________

hamburgers, French fries, salad, chicken, ice-cream… ________________________________________________

tomatoes, broccoli… ___________________

1a Write the number of each word next to the correct food. 1. orange 3. eggs 5. ice-cream 7. banana 9. rice 2. salad 4. apple 6. hamburger 8.chicken 10. carrots
3 4 7 10 6 1 2 9 8 5

1b How many other words can you add to the lists?

fruit: pear, __________________

vegetables: carrot, _____________


1c Listen and circle the food you hear in 1a.
apple salad ice-cream chicken eggs

hamburger rice

banana carrots

1d Listen again. Fill in the chart. Likes carrots, Doesn’t like



1e Ask and answer questions about what Sally and
Tom like and don’t like. A: Does Tom like carrots? B: Yes, he does.

2b Read the magazine article and circle the food words. Sports Star Eats Well! David asks the volleyball star, Cindy Smith, about her eating habits.

David: Hello, Cindy. What do you like for breakfast?
Cindy:I love fruit. I think it’s healthy.

David: OK. So what fruit do you like? Do you like
bananas ?

Cindy:Well, I don’t like bananas . But I like
oranges and apples .

David: What about lunch? Do you like salad ? Cindy: Yes, I really like it. David: Hmm…and do you like hamburgers for dinner? Cindy: Oh, no , they’re not healthy. I like chicken for dinner.

David: OK, well, one last question—do you eat icecream after dinner?

Cindy: Err… I like ice-cream …but I don’t eat it.
I don’t want to be fat.

2c Write five sentences about Cindy’s eating habits.

Cindy likes healthy food.
1. Cindy__________________________________ 2. She____________________________________ 3. She ____________________________________ 4. Cindy doesn’t ___________________________

5. She doesn’t ______________________________

Language Points
1. Sports Star Eats Well! 体育明星吃得好!

(1)well在此作副词“好; 满意地”修饰动词eat。例如:
He plays sports very well. 他体育非常好。 (2)well作形容词,意为“健康的”。例如: You looks very well. 你看起来很健康。 (3)well作名词,意为“井”。例如: There is a well near our school. 在我们学校附近有一口井。

2. I don’t want to be fat. 我不想变胖。

(1)want sth. 想要某物。例如:
I want some oranges. 我想要一些橘子。

(2)want to do sth. 想要做某事。例如:
She wants to buy a house. 她想买套房子。

(3)want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事。例如:
Bob wants me to help him. 鲍勃想让我帮助他

Ⅰ.按要求写出下列单词 watches ________ carrots ________ oranges ________ me ____ _____ it’s

1. watch(复数)
2. carrot(复数) 4. orange(复数) 5. I(宾格) 6. it is(缩写)

sounds 3. sound(第三人称单数) _______

vegetables 7.We have __________(蔬菜) for dinner every day.

many 8.We have ______(许多) clubs.
tomatoes 9.Edle doesn’t like _________(西红杮).

10. —Let’s eat ice-cream. sounds —That _______(听起来)good.
strawberries 11.I like ____________(草莓)very much.

Ⅱ. 句型转换
1. Emma and Paul like salad.(改为一般疑问句) Do like ___ Emma and Paul _____ salad?

2. My grandparents have many nice pictures.(改为否
定句) don’t have My grandparents _____ _____ any nice pictures.

3. My uncle has hamburgers for lunch. (改为一般疑 问句) Does have _____ your uncle _____ hamburgers for lunch? 4. My good friend likes apples and oranges. (对画线

______ _____ your good friend like? What does 5. His family like vegetables very much. (对画线部分 提问) _____ _____ vegetables very much? Who like

Make a survey of healthy food and unhealthy food.

All things are difficult before they are easy.


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