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unit 7 words导学案

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七年级英语导学案Unit 7 The Hist1ory of Tea

Lesson1 words and phrases

Read the new words loudly



1.Food:___________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ___________ ____________ ____________ ____________

2.主人:__________ ------ 客人:__________

3.传统:____________--adj. ___________ 礼仪,风俗 :___________

4.文化:____________-- adj. ___________ 比赛,竞赛: ___________

5.信息,消息__________ 捎个口信____________________



6.点菜,定购__________ 你要点菜吗__________________________

7.发现__________ -- n. _________


9.留下_________( 过去时)___________

(单数第三人称)______________ 同音异义词: ______________________

10.提到,提及____________ 不用谢,没关系____________________ 分类:形容词

11. 干的_________ :比较级____________最高级___________ (反义词) __________ :比较级___________最高级__________

12.野生的___________ 野生动物_____________________

13.自豪的___________ 以……为自豪______________=__________________ 其他:

num.千_________ 成千上万的______________

百__________ 成百的_________________

conj.自….. 以来__________ 从那时起______________________ Task2. Read and try to remember the key words.

Task3. Feedback


( )1.He lived over five ______ years ago.

A thousands B thousands of C thousand

( )2.He’s not here now. Would you like ______ a message?

A leave B leaving C to leave

( )3. I _______ proud of the history of Chinese tea.

A is B am C are

( )4.--- Why did you do like that?

--- Different countries have different ______. As the saying goes,

“When in Rome, do as Romans do.”

A. cultural B. manners C. traditional

( )5.--- _________ is better than _________.

__ You’re right. Roses in other’s hand, the flavor in mine.

A. Give, receive B. Giving, receiving C. Receiving, giving


1. Would you like something to drink?

_________ you ________ something to drink?

2. Chinese people are proud of their tradition of drinking tea.

Chinese people ________ pride _________ their tradition of drinking tea. 词语辨析

find out find look for discover

1. Please try to ________ who stole the computer.

2. Please help me _________ my mobile phone, I can’t _________ it.

3. He is _________ his lost pen.

4. Scientists ____________ dinosaurs died out because of a comet.


1、 卷子纸张大小设置为B5,上下左右边距为2CM。

2、 卷子要设定为双数页,比如:卷面共8页,共6页。

3、 要标清页数,比如:第1页(共8页)

4、 正文用小四号宋体

5、 每道大题要标清题干字体加粗,每道大题的分值以及每道小


6、 每逢单数页都要在卷面左上角写上班级、姓名、考号

7、 根据学科的特点,建议各学科设计答题卡,方便老师进行阅


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