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(满分120分 时间120分钟) 姓名: 学号: 得分:


( ) 1. Look, there __a book and two pens on the teacher‘s desk. A. has B. have C. is D. are ( )2. I ____ some milk and eggs every morning. A. drink B. have C. eat D. has ( )3. My little sister _____ broccoli or onions.

A. doesn‘t like B. like C. likes D. don‘t like ( ) 4. Don‘t read _____ the sun, it‘s bad _____ your eyes. A. under, for B. under, to C. in; to D. in; for ( )5. ----______ do you like to eat? -----Apples.

A. Where B. What C. How D. Which ( )6. Here ____ his set of keys, but where ____ my keys? A. is, is B. is, are C. are, are D. are, are ( )7. Are_____ your favorite(最喜欢的) vegetable? A. bananas B. apples C. hamburgers D. carrots ( )8. ----Where is my ball? -----It‘s ____ the bed.

A. in B. at C. under D. for ( )9. They likes _____have these tomatoes.

A. to have B. have C. has D. doesn‘t have ( )10. ----_____ on the desk? ----It‘s a hat.

A. Where is B. Where are C. What are D. What is ( ) 11. She has some _____in her room.

A. chairs B. carrot C. desk D. ice cream ( )12. ----Can you _____ this book to Mr. Wu? ----OK.

A. bring B. take C. have D. has ( )13. She likes ice cream, _____ she doesn‘t like water. A. and B. or C. so D. but ( ) 14. ---What do you have _____ lunch? ---A hamburger.

A. at B. in C. for D. on ( ) 15. ----Do you like volleyball? ---Yes, _____. It‘s interesting.

A. I do. B. I don‘t C. it is D. it isn‘t ( )16.---- Let‘s play soccer. ---- OK. That _______

A. sounds fun B. sound boring C. sound interesting D. sounds boring. ( ) 17.---- What is in your bag? ---Oh,it‘s an ______book.

A. boring B. interesting C. relaxing D. difficult ( )18. I can see _____ chairs. ____ chairs are under the tree. A. the , The B. some; Some C. Some; The D. the‘ / ( )19. I am hungry, I want to have an_____.




( ) 20. What sports (运动)do you like ?





二. 完形填空(10分)

Tommy and his little brother Jack share(共用) one bedroom. There are two beds their room. The big is Tommy‘s and Jack has a small one. There is a desk, there is a the desk, there are some books, a lamp(台灯 often do their homework on the desk. A is under the desk. It‘s Jack‘s football. Jack football very much. On the wall, you can see two of his favorite(最喜欢的) football player—Beckham(贝克汉姆 Tommy doesn‘t like football. He likes basketball. He thinks basketball is more .

( )1. A. in B. on C. at D. to ( )2. A. one B. beds C. a D. room ( )3. A. At B. Under C. On D. To ( )4. A. but B. only C. and D. / ( )5. A. He B. Tommy C. Jack D. They ( )6. A. basketball B. volleyball C. football D. tennis ( )7. A. eats B. plays C. has D. likes ( )8. A. photo B. photos C. photoes D. picture ( )9. A. And B. But C. For D. Also ( )10. A. healthy B. boring C. difficult D. interesting 三 阅读理解(40 分)


Today is my first school day in the middle school. I‘m very happy but a little nervous.

Now, I am a middle school student. I‘m not a child any longer. I‘m happy But I am a little nervous(紧张的) in my heart at the beginning.

I meet a lot of new people. How can I make friends with them? Do they like me? At first, I feel a little lonely for a while. I sit silently( 安静的) on my seat, thinking of how to greet the other students: ―Hello!‖, ―‖How are you?‖, ―How do you do? I‘m Jack, can we be friends?‖ Just then, a foreign(外国的) student comes to me and says, ―Hello, I‘m Lucy, may I have your name?‖ ―Sure, I‘m Jack.‖ I answer quickly(很快地).

―Jack, nice to meet you.‖ ―Nice to meet you, too.‖

During the day, I make many friends with the short sentences: ―Hello, I‘m Jack. What‘s your name?‖ 根据短文内容, 判断正(T)误(F)

( )1. The writer(作者)‘s name is Jack. ( )2. The writer is a middle school student.

( )3. The writer is angry(生气的) on his first school day in the middle school.

( )4. The foreign student who comes to the writer is Lucy. ( )5. The short sentences in the last paragraph refer to(指) ?How

do you do?‘ and ?Nice to meet you!‘.


This is picture of our classroom. A blackboard is on the wall. A map of China(中国) and a map of the world(世界) are on the wall, too. The map of China is old. But the map of the world is new.

There are two doors(门) in the wall. Some brooms(扫帚) and a football are behind the door. Forty-five desks and chairs are in our classroom. They are our desks and chairs.

Some flowers(花) are on the window. They are red. We like our classroom. We like our class, too. ( ) 6. This is our picture of _______.

A. our room B. Our classroom C. my bedroom D. our school ( ) 7. ________ are on the wall.

A. A blackboard B. A blackboard and a map C. A map of China D. A blackboard and two maps ( ) 8. ________ is new, and ________ is old. A. The map of the world; the picture B. The map of China; the picture

C. The map of China; the map of the world D. The map of world China; the map of the China ( ) 9. What‘s behind the door?

A. Some brooms and footballs. B. A broom. C. A football. D. A football and some brooms. ( ) 10. We like(喜欢) ________.

A. our class and our classroom B. the maps C. the flowers D. our teacher


Mr. Zhu lives in the city with his wife and three children. There is a park near Mr. Zhu‘s house. But not many children go there to play. Mr. Zhu buys a slide(滑梯,滑板), four swings and a sandbox. He puts them all in the park.

Soon there are more and more children coming to the park. People say that Mr. Zhu has done such a nice thing that they name the park ―Mr. Zhu‘s Park‖. Mr. Zhu is very happy to have a park named after him. His three children are also glad. They play with other children together.

( ) 11. The best title(标题) is ________. A. A poor man B. Teaching children

C. Mr. Zhu‘s park D. An old playground ( ) 12. The story says Mr. Zhu buys________. A. a car B. a slide

C. books D. balloons

( ) 13. Mr. Zhu put the things he buys in ________. A. a bus B. a school

C. his car D. the park ( ) 14. You can know that Mr. Zhu ________. A.likes to cook B. has a pet

C. is kind-hearted (好心的) D. likes buying things ( ) 15. There are________ people in Mr. Zhu‘s family. A. five B. three

C. two D. only one D

I have a happy family. My father is forty. He is a driver(司机). He likes to play football and basketball, and he plays soccer well. My mother is a Chinese teacher. She is thirty –eight. She works in a middle school. She likes her students very much. and she also likes reading (读) and cooking(烹饪). But she can‘t cook well. I am Jim and I am a student. I am thirteen years old, I study in No. 2 Midddle School. my favorite foods are ice cream and hamburgers. I like drinking Cokevery much. My grandma is sixty. She is a good cook(厨师). She likes some fruit and vegetables, she is very healthy.


四补全对话 (10分) A: Look. 1.________________? B: Where?

A: 2.______________. Let‘s go and see. B: Oh, it‘s a hat. 3.________________? A: No, it‘s not my hat. My hat is red. B: Lucy has a hat, it‘s hers.

A: 4:.___________________ I think it‘s Jenny‘s hat. B: 5. ___________________. 五用所给词的适当形式填空(10分)

I have a happy family. There are four people in my (1)______. (2)_____ are my father, my mother and I . My father is a teacher, he has(3) _____ things to do every day. He works very late(), but as soon as ()he has time, he always go shopping (4)_____ my mother and me. My mother is a good woman. She works hard, (5)_____. She keeps()our home cleam. Every day (6) _____I get home from school, she has delicious () (7)______ for me to eat. I am the only child in my family. (8)_____ my parents love me very much. They always ask (9)____ to work hard and they also support() me. I like English, so they (10)____ a good teacher for me. I love my parents. 六、词汇直通车(10分)

根据句意及汉语提示、用单词的适当形式补全单词。 1.I like_________ (香蕉).

2.Does your sister like_________ (汉堡包)? 3.He eats eggs for_________ (早饭). 4.Girls like_________ (蔬菜)and fruit. 5.Liu Xiang is a running_________ (明星).

6. My mother eats_________ (strawberry) and bread for


7.Tom_________ (like) chicken and oranges. 8.Do you like_________ (tomato)? 9.We like_________ (health) food. 10. Mary has good_________ (eat) habits. 七、句型训练场(10分) 句型练习

1.He like.s oranges.(改为否定句) He_________ _________ oranges.

2.Tom and Mark like chicken.(改为一般疑问句) ________ Tom and Mark______ chicken?

3. Does your father eat carrots for dinner?(作否定回答) __________________________. 4.She doesn't like apples.(改为肯定句) She_________ _________ .

They______ ______ for breakfast. 6.让我们吃冰激凌吧!

Let's have_________ . 7.他喜欢沙拉吗?

_________ he_________ salad? 8.他不喜欢米饭。

He_________ _________ rice. 9.早饭我喜欢吃汉堡包。

I like hamburgers_________ _________ . 10. 那位运动明星吃很多健康食品。

That sports star eats_______ _______ healthy food. 八、面表达(10分)

根据以下资料写一篇自我介绍。(40 词)


5.He eats an egg for breakfast.(用they代替he改写句子)



1. C2.B3. A 4. D5. B6. C7. D8. C9. A10. D11. A12.B13. D14. C15. A16 .A17. B18. C19. A20 . C二. 完形填空

1. A2. A3 C4. C5. D6 C7. D8. B9. B10. D

三 阅读理解




D——16. a student 17. fourty 18. playing soccer and basketball 19. a Chinese teacher 20. fruit and vegetables 四补全对话

1---5 CDABE


1. family 2. They 3. many 4. with 5. too 6. when 7. food 8. so

9. me 10find


My name is Wang Li Jin. I am a girl, I am eleven years old. I am in No. 1 Middle school. I‘m in Grade Seven. I like bananas, apples and ice cream. I also like tomatoes and broccoli. I like playing volleyball and soccer with my friends. But I don‘t like Ping-Pang. Because I think it‘s too difficult and boring. Do you want to know me ?

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