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Unit6 I like music that I can dance to

Section A 1a -1c

Good morning, everyone! It?s my great honor to be here sharing my lesson with you. I?m going to talk about Unit6 I like the music that I can dance to, Section A 1a-1c .I prepare to say my lesson from eight parts.

They are: Ⅰ. Analysis of the teaching material.

Ⅱ. Analysis of the students

Ⅲ. Teaching methods

Ⅳ. Teaching aids

Ⅴ. Guide of studying ways

Ⅵ. Teaching procedures

Ⅶ. Blackboard design

Ⅷ. Teaching reflections

I. Analysis of the teaching material

ⅰ)status and function

In this unit, Ss learn to express preferences with relative clause. The topic is about music, which is popular among Ss. It will arouse Ss? great interest. The first period mainly provides target language with relative clauses to express preferences on music. It gives Ss much practice in speaking and listening on the target language.

ii )Teaching aims and demands

① Knowledge Objects

In this lesson, Ss should master the new words “prefer and lyric”. At the same time, they should know how to use the target language:

What kind of music do you like?

I like music that I can sing along with.

What about you?

I prefer music that has great lyrics.

② Ability Objects

In this lesson, I?ll mainly train the Ss? listening and speaking abilities and develop the Ss? abilities of communication by expressing their preferences on music.

③ Moral Objects

Let?s enjoy music. It always brings us happiness.

ⅲ )Teaching keys and difficulties

Teaching Key Points

1). Key Vocabulary :prefer, lyric

2). Target Language

Teaching Difficult Points

1). Relative clauses with that

2). The listening practice

II. Analysis of the students

The Ss have learned English for two years and a half, so they can express their thought and communicate with each other in English well. And all the Ss will be interested in this topic, because it is related to their real life. It?s helpful for their study in the future.

III. Teaching methods

In this lesson, I?ll mainly use the following three teaching methods:

1. Chain drill

2. Pairwork

3. Task-based teaching method

Ⅳ.Teaching aids

A tape recorder and some tapes of different kinds of music

Ⅴ.Guide of studying ways

In order to guide the Ss better, develop the Ss? abilities, in this lesson, Ss will learn how to use the target language to communicate with others. I think they can learn be good language learners by listening and talking to each other, and good studying ways can help the Ss to be good language learners.

Ⅵ.Teaching procedures

Step1. Revision

(1) Greet to the students and cheer them up , then invite some students to dictate words from unit1-5 on Bb.

(Purpose of my designing: As the old Chinese saying goes: Good beginning is half well done. I think it?s necessary to cheer them up at the beginning of the class. And it is also important to review the knowledge they have learned.)

Step 2 Presentation

Write“that are pink”on the Bb.

Point to it and say a sentence with it, I like flowers that are pink.Ask :who can make another sentence with it. They may say, I like sweaters that are pink.Or I like gloves that are pink. Write another phrase on the Bb, …that is clean. Help the students to make sentences with it.I like the street that is clean, I like the classroom that is clean, and so on..

Play the tapes of different kinds of music for Ss, only a short piece of each tape. Say, I like music that makes me relaxed. Write these four groups of words on the Bb,…that isn?t too loud, …that I can dance to…that has great lyrics,…that I can sing along with. Tell the students ?lyrics? means the contents of the songs. Ask the students, What kind of music do you like? Say, You can answer with I like music…, I love music…, I prefer music… Explain ?prefer?:like …better.Get one of the children to answer the question, then let this child ask the one next to him/her the same question. Set off a chain drill.

(Purpose of my designing: This activity introduces the key vocabulary and trains the students to express preferences with relative clause.)

Step 3 Practice: Looking and circling

Ask the students to open their books now. First have them look at the pictures ,read and circle the sentences they agree with.then get them to complete the sentence to tell what kind of music they enjoy. Ask some of the students to share their sentences.Write any new words or phrases on the Bb to help them. Help them make their own sentences like this: I prefer music that is gentle or I love music that is classical, and so on.

(Purpose of my designing: This step is employed to make the Ss get the general idea of the target language. At the same time let the Ss have a chance to practice their spoken ability. )

Step 4 Listening

Say, we will hear Tony and Betty are talking about the kinds of music each one likes.Tell them to listen carefully and tick (√) the right statements while they are listening.Play the tape the first time and the students only listen.Then repeat the tape again .The students tick in the right answer boxes.Check the answers.

(Purpose of my designing: It gives Ss practice in understanding the target language in spoken conversations.)

Step 5. Pairwork 1c

First ask a pair of the students to read the example in the box,

Sa: What kind of music do you like?

Sb: I like music that I can sing along with. What about you?

Sa:I prefer music that has great lyrics.

Then get them to work in pairs..As the students do the practice, The teacher will move around the classroom and give them help. Ask several pairs to perform their conversations before the class.

(Purpose of my designing: Task-based teaching method is used here to develop Ss? ability of communication and also their ability of co-operation will be well trained.)

Step6. Summary

Before the end of the class ,I will help the Ss to summarize the language points :the usage of new words and target language.

(Purpose of my designing: I think teachers can guide the Ss to summarize what we have learned in this lesson.)


1. Ask the students to write three sentences with I like music that…,I love music that …,I

prefer music that…

2. Ask Ss to think about: if we want to use relative clause to talk about people, how can we

say? Please preview the next lesson we will learn, find the answer yourself.

(Purpose of my designing: It is necessary for the Ss to do some extensive writing exercises after class to consolidate the knowledge they learned. At the same time ,let Ss learn to get ready for the next lesson ,and it?s necessary for them to fall into a good habit to get knowledge on their own.) Ⅶ。Blackboard design

Unit 6 I like music I can dance to.

Section A The First Period

1. …that are pink.

2. …that is clean.


… that isn?t too loud. prefer: like…better

…that I can sing along with.

…that isn?t too loud prefer to do sth.\perfer...to ...

prefer to do...rather than do...

Ⅷ. Teaching reflection

There are only two new words in this lesson “prefer and lyric”.During my lesson, I asked students to write words to check their memory, and played music for them to enjoy . I found that they were quite attractive when I play music for them. In my organization of the class, there were seven steps in detail. They were revision, presentation, practice, listening, pairwork ,summary. and homework.. Revision occupied about 5 minutes; presentation occupied 8 minutes; practice and pairwork occupied about 25minutes.listening lasted about 6 minutes. summary and homework lasted about 1 minute, I was quite satisfied with the part of oral practice, because every student participated in listening and talking. They could give correct answers when they stood up. And I give them some writing practice after class and help them to have a good habit of learning. Meanwhile, I was not satisfied with the listening part. If I had five more minutes, I would play the tape recorder for another time and let them repeat what they heard. Because of the limited time, I just let them listen and check the answers, so I think it?s not enough if I want to develop their listening and speaking abilities.

That?s all about my class. Thank you for listening.



School Age: 14

Grade: 9

Professional title: 中一

Feelings of speaking lesson:This is the first time for me to take part in this kind of activity, so it offers me a good chance to learn from other teachers and train myself. My speaking lesson is Unit6 SecionA of Grade Nine. As for my teaching, I pay more attention to the whole class and learning method guidance, and I?ll be very thankful if others give me some suggestions. Thanks!

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