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新目标 九年级 Unit 4

Unit 4 What would you do? Self check

1。捐给慈善组织 2.医学研究 3.如果…会怎样? 4.参加大考 5.与…相处 6.未经许可 7.在…许可下


一. 从下列方框中选择恰当的单词填空
helpful, correct, cover, hurt, nearby, aid 1.Put that thing down you might _____ hurt someone with it. 2.If predictions are _______, the sea level correct may increase more than four inches. 3.Lucy was staying in the _______town nearby of Hamilton.

helpful, correct, cover, hurt, nearby, aid

4. He should be able to read this without the ____of a dictionary. aid 5. It is _______ to discuss your problems helpful with your friends. 6. His photo is on the ______of Newsweek cover again.

Reading (2: P31)
For e-mail writing, we must pay attention to the following: 1. Keep your message short. 2. Keep your message simple. 3. Give your main idea using a few sentences so people can understand you immediately. 4. Don’t type all in capital letters.

What do you think I should tell the rest of the students? 你认为我应该对其余的同学说些什么呢? 1)the rest of the students 指“其余的学 生”。其中rest作名词,表示“剩余部 分”, 前面常加定冠词the。 the rest既可以指人,也可以指物。 常见结构为“the rest of the + 名词”, 其中的名词可以是可数名词的复数形式, 也可以是不可数名词。

The rest of the students are waiting for us. 其余的学生在等我们。 How shall we kill the rest of the time? 我们怎么打发剩余的时间?

2) 当the rest或“the rest of the + 名 词”做主语时,谓语动词的数要与the rest所代表的名词的数保持一致。 例如: Those books are mine; the rest are yours. 那些书是我的,剩余的是你的。 Some food has been eaten up, and the rest of the food in the ice-box has gone bad. 一些食物吃光了, 剩余在冰箱里的都坏 了。

One sample version:
Subject: Reply From: Knowledgeable Dear Fran, Shyness is extremely common, especially among teens. As shy people, most of us are worrying about ourselves—about how we look, what we say and whether other people will like us—to stop to think about what we can do for other people.

But really, that’s what being social is about—the other person, not us. So you can tell her two ways to overcome shyness. First, tell her that she should let people know that she is shy in case she is misunderstood.

Second, tell her that it is better to make things easy for the other person. Tell her to remember that she is the best person for the job; she can practise in various ways. And tell the rest of the students that you should all help and encourage her to overcome shyness. Knowledgeable

A:短语大盘点: 1.与…相处 2.偶然地 3捐给慈善组织 4.如果…会怎样? 5.医学研究 6.变得紧张 7.比起…更喜欢

8.未经许可 9.在…许可下 10.一点也 11.在…的陪

伴下 12.事实上 13.大量的 14.使…沮丧

B:用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1. If I _____ (know) his number, I would knew phone him. 2. I_____________ (not buy )that coat if I wouldn’t buy were you . would help 3. I __________(help )you if I could, but I’m afraid I can’t. 4. If we had the choice ,we _________ would live (live) in the country.

5. You’re always tired. If you_________( not go) to bed so late didn’t go every night ,you wouldn’t be tired all the time. 6. If I were you, I ____________ (not wouldn’t wait would go wait). I _________ (go) now.

What would do if…?

Reading Tasks What would you do if...? 请根据课本第32-33页的短文完成下列表 格, 每空词数不限。

Accidents Cut yourself by accident.

What to do Cover the cut with (1) a clean cloth ___________ and press it deep hard. If it’s a (2)_____ cut, you should see a doctor.

Someone falls downstairs and doesn’t move.

(3)_______________first Call the hospital and then make him or her comfortable and stay with him or her.

Burn yourself First find out how bad it is. by accident. Then put the burned area under (4) cold running water _______________.
Injure your knee while running. If you feel some pain, you stop exercising should (5)______________ .

(Ⅱ) Problems What to do A friend offers You should (6)______ refuse you cigarettes at and talk to your a party. friend about the (7) _______ of smoking. dangers Children often (8)_____ medicine Hide think medicine is from children. candy and eat it.

An “internet Tell your parents friend” wants to about it, agree to meet meet you. (9)_______________ in a public place and you shouldn’t go alone. You get pimples when you are nervous. You should drink (10) ___________ and ask lots of water your doctor for advice.

II. 根据短文内容, 选择最佳答案。 1. Martin Robinson is a famous ___ . A. writer B. teacher C. doctor D. scientist C 2. When did the book, What Would You Do If ...? come out? A. Last week. B. B Last month. C. Last year. D. Last spring.

3. If Tom had a deep cut, he should __ . A A. see a doctor B. take some medicine C. press it hard with a clean cloth D. put the cut under cold running water6 4. How many accidents does Martin Robinson mention on page 19 in his new book? A. One. B. Two. D Four. C. Three. D.

5. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Martin Robinson has lots of experience dealing with teenagers. B. Stop exercising if your knee hurts. C. Hiding medicine from children is very necessary. D. Teenagers don’t need to know D anything about first-aid.

Write more “accident” Question and Doctor’s answer, and more “Problem and Advice” using the same language style as in the reading.

Thank you for listening!

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