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7A UNIT 3 intergrated skills

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?To learn to talk about how you and your classmates get to school every day ?To learn to talk about your school

My home is not far from our school. So, I often go to school by bike, it means I ride a bike to school. It takes me about 5 minutes to get to school. Sometimes I go to school on foot. This means I walk to school. It takes me about 15 minutes.

But on rainy days, I often take a bus to school . And it takes about 10 minutes from my home to our school by bus. .

walk to school go to school on foot

ride to school
go to school by bike

take a bus to school = go to school by bus

drive to school

= go to school by car

fly to … = go to … by plane

Ask and answer (with partners)
A: How do you go to school? B: I go to school… / I …to school.

A: How long does it take you to get to school …? B: It takes me … minutes to get to school.



Mille and her friends are talking about how they get to school every day. Listen and match!

A2 Listen to the conversation again and complete the table below. Name How does she How long get to school? does it take? Millie by bus/ half an hour take the bus Amy walk/ ten minutes on foot Sandy ride a bike/ twenty minutes by bike

A3 Complete Millie’s notes below.

It is a long way from my home to the take the bus school. I(1) ___________ to school every day. It takes me about (2) _____________. half an hour I often get up at (3) __________. My six thirty friend Amy lives near our school. She (4) walks _________ to school every morning.

It takes her (5) _____________. ten minutes She always gets to school (6) ________. Sandy goes to school early (7) __________. It takes her by bike twenty minutes about (8) _____________ to get to school.

Would you like to know how your classmates get to school every day? Please complete the table Name How How long

Work in groups

★ ★

…get to school by… It takes him….minutes/hour to get to school.

A report

Is your school big?

Free talk

Do you have a classroom building? How many floors does the classroom building have? Which floor is your classroom on? Do you have a library? What can you do in the library? Is it open every day?
from Monday to Friday

Are there many books in your library? all kinds of Do you often borrow books from it?

Speak up:
Amy is talking with her cousin Shirley about her school. Listen to their conversation and answer the question: What place are they talking about? They are talking about the library.

Listen and tell me the “T” or “F”:

1. The library in Amy’s school is big.
2. It is open from 9a.m to 5p.m

8a.m. to 5:30p.m


3. The reading room is only open in the afternoon.

4. There are many books in the library.
5. Amy often borrows CDs


from the library.F

make a dialogue:★ S1: Do you have a …..at your school,…?

S2: Yes, we have a big…
S1: Really? When is it open? S2: It is open from…to…

S1: What do you often do there?
S2: We often… S1: …

A small test!

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