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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Birdwatcher Check out》当堂检测

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《Unit 5 Birdwatcher Check out》当堂检测

一、词汇 1. Please complete the following appication . (表格) 2. The room is much (潮湿的) than that one . 3. The boys are playing (noise ) outside while the girls are reading books in the

classroom . 4. She shouted (生气) at me just now .

5. If you don’t show good manners to others , you’re (polite).

6. “Fly” is an (regular) verb , Its past form is “flew” . 7. I am able to work out the problem ,but he is (不能) to .

8. A right angle (直角) has 90 (度) . 9. How (excite ) they are talking ! 10. He is (friendly ) to his classmates , so nobody in his class likes him . 11. The Chinese (政府) is protecting more and more endangered birds . 12. Please ask them to leave their (地址) and telephone numbers . 13. What he said is (correct ) . You can’t believe him .

14. He’ll be (able ) to work it out if you don’t help him .

15. It’s raining hard , so it is much (wet) today . 16. I spent twenty (美元) on the book . Do you think it is expensive ? 17. How many (千米) is it from your school to your home ?

二、句型转换 1. We can learn about protecting wildlife by studying Zhalong . (同义句) Zhalong us learn about protecting wildlife . 2. The old man caught only one fish today . the old man today ?

3.I thought these long-winged birds were seagulls . (同义句) I these long-winged birds seagulls . 4. Every Tuesday and Friday he goes to dancing classes . (同义句) He goes to dancing classes week .

三、单项选择 1. --Why not the music club ?

--Sorry , I can’t sing or dance .

A. joining B. take part C. join D. to take part in

2. Nancy is good at English , she failed in the exam because she was too careless .

A. and B. when C. while D. but

3. You can’t leave anything in the park . We must keep it .

A. cleanly B. clean C. clear D. clearly 4. He is very strong . He has shoulders .

A. large B. broad C. big D. wide

5. Which sentence structure is right for this sentence “Sandy thought herself a good

birdwatcher” ?


C. S+V+DO D. S+V+P

6. Which of th following symbols means “and ” ?

A. + B. @ C. & D. =


7. Shanghai is of China . A. in the east B. to the east C. in the south D. to the south

8. We are sure you’ll find the trip .

A. happy B. pleasantly C. happily D. pleasant 9. His uncle Shanghai in 2 days . The rain at 8:00 that day

A.. left ; is leaving B. leaves ; left C. is leaving ; leaves D. left ; left 10. The meat smells and I want to eat some .

A. well B. nicely C. good D. bad 11. They noisily Mr Hu told them to be quiet .

A. stopped talking ; when B. didn’t talk ; until

C. didn’t talk ; while D. stopped talking ; until 12. Some students are having outdoor activities and the rest

doing homework in the classroom .

A. is B. be C. are D. were

四、动词填空 1. -- the story (frighten ) you ?

--No, I’m not afraid at all . 2. The teacher told us (not make ) any noise and

(keep ) quiet . 3. The sun (shine ) brightly as we (get) on the bus . 4. They often made the boy (work ) for 12 hours a

day in the past . 5. As soon as she saw her teacher she (drop) her suitcase and ran towards him . 6. The bird show begins at 9:30 a. m. and (finish ) at 3:30 p.m. . 7. If x (equal ) 6, then 3x is 18. 8. The football match at 8:00 tomorrow afternoon .

9. The man (drop) some litter just now . 10. What do you think we can do (protect) wild animals ?


1. 长城是世界上最古老的建筑物之一。 The Great Wall is one of .

2. 将垃圾留在公园里是不正确的。

It’s in the park .

3. 一到家他就迫不及待地打开了电视机。 He turn on the TV as soon as he got home .

4. 那就是越来越多的中国人对学英语越发感兴趣的原因。

That’s why learning English .

5. 让我在半个小时之内写完一篇英语文章是不可能的。 It is an English article in half an hour .

6. 每个人都应该积极地采取措施使我们的城市保持干净整洁。 Everyone should keep our city clean and tidy .


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