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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 4 Wild animals》(第八课时)Pronunciation学案

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《Unit 4 Wild animals》(第八课时)Pronunciation学案


A. 学习本课生词strip,until, medicine ,hearing ,smell , sincerely.

B. 学习句子中声调、降调模式

B. 条件状语从句中正确运用声调、降调


1. Key Points: learn and master the new expressions. 2. Difficult Points :How to express opinions and say conditional sentences. Be able to improve their speaking skills


1 check the after-class work of the seventh period.

2: Play the recording for Part A and ask Ss to listen carefully.

Ss imitate the rising and falling voice patterns.

1) :Ask students to read Simon’s presentation with correct the rising and

falling voices.

2) :Ask students to read Millie’s presentation in Part B quietly on their own. Play the recording.Ask Ss to listen carefully and mark where Millie’s voice rises and falls with the correct arrows. 3 : Do the exercise (达标检测) and check the answers together.


砍下…..(代词放中间) _______________

开发新的农田______________________ 挣很多钱_____________________

象牙______________________________ 继续做(相同的)事____________

继续做(不同的)事__________________ 以团队形式一起劳动____________ (以家族以式)过群居生活_________

language points

make money 挣钱

How much did you make last year? He made a lot of money from selling the shoes.

make one’s living make a fire make friends with… make tea make a mistake make fun of sb. make yourself at home make sb. do sth. make …of/ from…

make it (at) four o’clock


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