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冀教版英语九年级下Lesson 10

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Lesson 10 The knowledge points : I. What …do with How …deal with II.generally speaking III. blueprint : Eg : What’s your blueprint for success ? IV.use 1.use + (n,pron ) 2.useful Eg : It might be useful to us . 3.use sth to do sth =use sth for doing sth 4.be used as …当做…用 5.be used for 用于 6.be used by 7.used to do sth 过去常常做某事 8.be used to doing sth 习惯于作某事 V.except ,but , besides ,except for 1.except=but 2.besides 3.except for except 排除的是同类事物, except for 排除的是不同类的 eg : I’ve said goodbye to all the teachers except /but Mr.Wang . The article is good except for two spelling mistakes . VI . the same as be different from VII. not only …but also VIII. so +主语+谓语 :确实 So +谓语(系动词、助动词、情态动词)+主语:也是 Neither /Nor + 谓语(系动词、助动词、情态动词)+主语:也不是 Exx : 1.-How can I ______ the problems in my daily life ? -There are many ways . For example , by learning to forget. A. do with B. deal with C. do of D.deal of 2. 总的来说 _________ ________, your idea is not bad . 3蓝图 This is a _______ of a new aircraft . 3. I____________ driving in all kinds of weather . A. was used to B. used to C. would like D. am used for 4. Stamps _________ by people for sending letters . A. us e B. using C. used D. are used 5.The wood is used __________ desks and letters . A. use b. using C. used D.are used 6.All of the students went to visit the factory ________ Liu Ming . Because the was ill .


A. from b. for c. to D. except 7. 用 but ,except ,besides 与except for 填空 1)There is nobody ____________Wang Qiang in the classroom . 2)I had nothing on __________ my socks . 3)We need vegetables __________ milk and cheese . (4)I looked for him everywhere _______ here . 8. My umbrella is _______ yours . A. same as B. such as C. the same like D. the same as 9. Most of my classmates don’t loke to talk with their parents , but I am ________ them . I love to talk with my parents . A. the same as B. different from C. pleased with 10.-What do you think fo the book about Harry Potter ? -I like it very much . It’s _______ interesting ______ exciting . A. neither, nor B. not , but C. not only D. either ,or 11. not only the children but also their father _________ in town today. A. is B. were C. are D. was 12. Not only she but also I ________ (do)morning exercises every day . 13. Jim enjoys listening to pop music . _________ . A. So does Helen B. Also is Helen C. He likes also D. So Helen does 14.-I like to eat fish and chips in the open air . What about you ? -___________ . A. So do I B. So am I C. Either is OK D. You decide 15.-How well Anna dances ! I can’t believer my eyes ! -_________ . A. So she does B. So does she C. Neither can she D. So can I 16. Jim works hard on his Chinese and _________ . A. so Lucy does D. So is Lucy C. So does Lucy D. So Lucy is 17.I know nothing about the young lady ______ that she is from Beijing . A. except B. except for C. beside D. besides 18.She is a hard-working girl . Her b_________ is to build a school . 20. What is the difference b__________ you and your twin brother ? 21-The two shirts are beautiful . Which one do you like better ? - N_____________ .


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