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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 4 Wild animals》(第六课时)Grammar 2学案

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《Unit 4 Wild animals》(第六课时)Grammar 2学案


A.学习并掌握 ‘because’, ‘because of’ 的用法及区别。

B能区分并运用 ‘because’和‘because of’ 。


‘because’和‘because of’ 的区分。


1 Look at these pictures, what are they? Yes. Kangaroo, giant panda, bear, dolphin, tiger, squirrel.

discussion: Which animal do you like best? I like ? best. Which animal do you like least? I like ? least.

2 Amy went to Beijing Zoo. Now Daniel is asking her about the visit to the zoo. You can see four sentences here.

The dolphin show was long. We must protect wild animals.

Wild animals are our friends. I stayed in the zoo for so much time.

We must protect wild animals because wild animals are our friends. I stayed in the zoo for so much time because the dolphin show was long. 3 Open your books, turn to page 67. Use ‘because’ to help Amy answer Daniel’s questions. Let’s check the answer.

4 我们可以用 ‘because’ 来引导原因状语从句,一般放在句子的中间。

我们也可以用 ‘because of ’ 来表示原因,后面跟一个名词短语或代词。


run the other way__________________ walk through a rainforest_____________ the feeding of animals______________ a visit to Beijing Zoo_________________ catch fish from the water____________ a report on wild animals ______________ 区别 “because” 和 “because of”的用法

because 后面接一个句子,而because of 后面只能接一个单词或短语,不接句子。 如: Xi Wang had to look after herself because her mother had another baby.

It is very difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild because of people. 选用 ‘because’或 ‘because of’ 完成下列句子。

1. I went to school late this morning _________ I got up late.

2. I didn’t go to the zoo last week ____________ bad weather.

3. Daniel wears glasses ___________ too much computer work.




1. I didn’t go hiking because of the heavy rain.

I didn’t go hiking ________ ___ _______ ________.

2. She has poor eyesight because she does too much homework.

She has poor eyesight ________ __ ____ ______ __________.


1. Remember how to use conditional sentences to talk about possible situations.

2. Remember the use of ‘because’ & ‘because of’.

3. Do some additional exercises.

Additional exercises

二、用 ‘because’ 或 ‘because of’ 填空。

1. I didn’t go to the zoo __________ the hot weather.

2. Many animals live in rainforests _______ there is lots of food. 3. Amy run the other way________ she saw a snake.

4. Birds can fly very high __________their wings.


1. 假如我看到前面有一条蛇,我会掉头就跑。

I ____ ____ ____ ______ ____ if I ____ a snake in front of me.

2. 假如我们保护大熊猫,他们就能生存下去。

___ we _______ giant pandas, they ____ _______.

1. 一些学生不能去看演出因为下周有个考试。 (用 ‘because’ 和‘because of’ )



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