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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 5 Birdwatcher Grammar》当堂检测

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《Unit 5 Birdwatcher Grammar》当堂检测

一、把下列形容词转变成副词。 angry ________ heavy ________ bad _______ loud ______ bright ________ neat__________ careful _________ nice ________ clear_______ noisy _________ close _________ pleasant________ correct_______ polite________ excited _______ possible________ free __________ slow _________ happy_________ soft ________ 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 1.His train _________________(leave) at ten o’clock this evening.

2.I don’t know if he_____________(get) up early.If you get up early, you _______________ (not be) late for school.

3.She ___________(decide) ______________(travel) by bike at last.

4.---Where is Millie? ----She _______________(prepare) the study.

5.My grandfather _______________(invite) us to dinner next Sunday.

6.Sandy ______________(receive) a letter from her penfriend in Britain.

7.The traffic is busy. Please drive ______________(care).

8.Birds can find food _________________(easy) in Zhalong. 9.Be ______________ (quietly). My baby is sleeping. 10.She speaks very ___________________(soft). I can’t hear her words.

11.It’s a _______________(beautifully) song; you sing _____________(nice).

12.Can you speak to your parents ____________(gentle), Daniel? 13.The heavy rain provented him from ___________(go) out.

14.Many people lost their __________(life), __________(include) Jill and Jim.

15. __________(be) 50 percent of land covered with trees? Yes.


No._____________ sec___________ cm_____________ etc ______________

Sat_____________ Aug___________ Apr_____________ km______________

°______________ ∴____________ %______________ ≠ _______________


1.Each of them is polite to us.

They ________ _________ _________ ________ to us. 2.You aren’t the regular members of the club. You _________ the ____________ members of the club.

3.You couldn’t leave litter in the park.

You ________ _______ _______ leave litter in the park.

You ________ _______ _______ leave litter in the park.

4.He didn’t feel pleasant, ___________ ____________?

He felt un pleasant, ____________ _____________?

5.She appears to be poor, but as a matter of fact she is very rich.

She appears to be poor, but ____________ ____________she is very rich.


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