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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语上册《Unit 4 Wild animals》(第七课时)Integrated skills学案

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《Unit 4 Wild animals》(第七课时)Integrated skills学案 知识目标




.学习本课生词:until medicine smell loss chairperson

教学过程 1 Check what we have learned last class and check the homework..

2 Show some pictures of the tigers and wolves. Ask some questions

Qs: ** What colour are the tiger’s strips

** What do tigers eat?

** What colour is the wolf’s fur? ** What do wolves eat?

** Do you like them?. Etc But unluckily, they are in danger now…

Do you want to know why?

3 PartA1

1)Try to finish some blanks ..Check the meaning of some of the words.

2) What is the name of the largest living cat?

What is Millie’s favourite animal? listen to tape twice and than check the answers.

4 Do Part A2:Page69 and check the answers


live alone _________________ work as a team_____________________ look lovely on me ______________ good eyesight, hearing and smell________ for fun_______________________ clothes made of animal fur_____________

lose one’s life = die_____________ black stripes ________________________ (the) loss of living areas______________________

make medicine from their bones(看不出原材料) _________________

make a box of paper (看出原材料) ____________________________

be friendly to/towards sb. ____________________________________ 7.The clothes look lovely on me. ____________________________________

8.Their number is getting smaller and smaller because their living areas are becoming farmlands. __________________________________________________

loss n. 丧失

Loss of health is more serious than loss of wealth.

lose v. 丢失

He lost his watch yesterday.

Our team won three matches, drew one and lost two.

2. make…from…用…做…

We make paper from wood.= Paper is made from wood.

They make medicine from their bones.


make…(out )of …

People in west make lanterns out of pumpkins at Halloween. We make clothes of cotton.

The skirt is made of silk.

3. 衣服等+ look +adj. +on sb.

The dress looks nice on my mother.

The necklace looks beautiful on her.

sb. look +adj. + in sth.

My mother looks nice in the dress.

The boy looks more handsome in the suit.


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