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“三为主”课堂七年级英语上册 Starter Lesson 2 My family(第二课时)Speaking and Reading导学案

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Lesson 2 My family

第二课时Speaking and Reading

一 、学习目标


2.学习并能运用新句型:What is she /he ? She / He is …去谈论职业。

二 、自主预习


如:doctor _________________________________________________________.

B.朗读、带读 Reading 部分课文并翻译、讲解。

C .英汉互译。


2). 这是我的全家福?____________________

3).a teacher __________________

4). a policeman ________________.

5). 一名护士 _____________________

6). What is he ? ______________________.

三、 课内探究


A. What is she / he ? (翻译):___________________________.


同义表达:What does she/he do ? What do you do ? What is your/his/her job? 练一练:What does your mother do?(同义句). ________________________.

B、 What is it ? 它是什么?

What 是______代词,引导特殊疑问句,主要用于对_____提问。

⑴用于对姓名提问,例如:What’s your name? I’m Lily.

⑵用于对事物提问,例如:What is it? It’s a photo of my family.

⑶用于对职业提问,例如:What’s your brother? He’s a teacher(教师).

C、 It’s a photo of my family. 它是一张我家人的照片。

a photo of… 意思是_______________,of表示所属关系。如:

a photo of Aunt Mary (翻译)__________________________

四 、达标检测


( )1.—Who is she?

A.Aunt Mary B. Mary Aunt C.Cousin Tony

( )2.—What’s this?—_______ a photo. A. It’s B.Its C.it’s

( )3.—_____ is your mother? —She’s fine.

A.What B.Who C.How

( )4. What is your brother? A. Mike B. fine C. student.

(二)阅读短文, 回答问题。


My name is Peter. This is my father , Mr Black . He is a worker . That is my mother , Mrs Black . She is a nurse . They like their jobs very much . I have a twin sister . Her name is Lily . We are students . My father and mother like us and we like them too. We have a happy family .

1. Peter’s mother’s name is ________.

2. Peter has a _______ sister. Her name is ______.

3. Peter and Lily are _______ in a school.

4. Is Peter happy ? _________________.

五、 收获与反思


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