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Unit 2 My day

Reading (1)

Today we’ll learn Millie’s school life. Here is an e-mail from Millie to her e-friend Tommy. Let’s read the text quickly and answer the following questions:

1.Does Millie love her school? Yes, she does. 2.Who is Millie’s best friend? Amy. 3.Do they have a good time at school? Yes, they do.

1. 2. 3. 4.


Tommy is now telling his friends about Millie’s e-mail. Write a T if the sentence is true. Write an F if it is false. T Millie likes her school very much. Millie sometimes plays games at lunchtime. T F Millie’s lessons start at eight every morning. 8.25 Millie spends three hours a day doing her F homework. about two hours Millie goes to the Reading Club every Tuesday and Friday. T Millie is a member of the Swimming Club. F

Read after the tape paragraph by paragraph, answer more questions according to the text.

Paragraph 1:
1.What is Millie’s school called? Beijing Sunshine Secondary School. 2.Why does she like her classroom? Because it is big and clean.

Paragraph 2:
1. Where do Millie and Amy like to have lunch? They like to have lunch under the trees in the playground.
2. Are

Millie’s new classmates all nice to her? Yes, they are.

Paragraph 3:
1. When do their lessons begin?
Their lessons begin at 8.25 a.m.

2. What are Millie’s favourite Chinese lessons? and English.

3. How long does she spend doing her About two hours a day. homework?

Paragraph 4:
1. Does Millie go to the Reading Club every day? No, she doesn’t.
2. Who is a good swimmer? Amy.

Read the text by yourselves, try to fill in the blanks: Para1: student Class 1 Grade 7 Millie is a ______ in ______ ______, Secondary ______ at Beijing ________ Sunshine school. loves She_______her new school and her clean big _____ and ____ classroom.

lots of There are ____ ____ nice people in her Amy class. _______ is Millie’s best friend. At


lunchtime, they often ______ under the
chat with each other

trees and ___ ___ ___ ____. She loves

her classmates because they are ___.

at eight The school day starts ____ ____ every morning ______, morning. First they do ______ exercises then they have _____ .Millie’s ___ lessons favourite Chinese English lessons are ______ and _______.She two hours spends about _____ ______doing her homework.

library Millie often goes to the school _____

and the Reading ______ after school. ______ Club
playing volleyball She likes ________ ________.She

______ ______ _______ _____ at has a good time her school.

Retell the text by using the words and phrases on the blackboard, and you can add your own words.

Four people a group, talk about your own school life.
name; age; school; 1 Self-introduction class…. nice/friendly; love; play Classmates 2 games… time; lessons; favorite; Subjects 3 homework…. play football/basketball; 4 Activities go swimming…

1. Retell the text. 2.Write down your own school life

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