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A: What is it? It’s B: ________ a photo. A: ______ _____ this _____? man Who is B: He is my teacher. A: Who is that boy? B: H e is Bob. Are A: ______ you classmates? Yes we B: _______, _______ are.

A: ______ is your father’s What _______ ? job is B: He ______ _____ driver. a old A: ______ ______ is he ? How B: He is 37. A: _______ is your brother? What B: He is a student.

Who A:______ is that boy? He B: _______ is Mike. Are A: _______ you classmates? we are B: Yes,_______ _______. How old A: _______ _______ is he ? B: He is twelve.

She is a girl.

He is a boy.

She is slim.

Yao Ming

is tall.

They are strong.

He is thin.

This man is big.

This baby is small.

She is pretty.

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