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“三为主”课堂七年级英语上册 Starter Lesson 4(第二课时)Speaking and Reading导学案

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Unit 4第二课时

Speaking and Reading

一 、学习目标

1. 掌握新词汇和词组。

2. 继续学习名词复数。

3. 掌握并运用“there be”句型描述自己的教室

二 、预习指导



朗Speaking 部分,英汉互译下列短语。

Five pens __________ 2)一扇门_____________3)十本书_____________

4)seven bags _________5)六把尺子_____________6) three boys ___________

7)两扇窗____________8)one door ______________9)八张课桌____________


3.朗读Reading部分,找出课文中的There be 句型并翻译。




三、 课内探究

1.Don’t be late again.




There is a blackboard on the wall .


这是 There be 句型,基本结构是:_____________________________.

A、there be 句型中的be 动词只有______ 和_______ 两种形式,be 动词后接的是单数名词就用_______; be 动词后接的是复数名词就用_________.


①There is an apple on the desk.(翻译)___________________

②There is some water in the cup. (翻译)______________________

③There are two cats behind the door. (翻译) ____________________

B、there be的否定句是直接在be动词后面加not。如:There are two boys in the classroom.变为否定句是__________________________________

C、there be的一般疑问句是把be动词提前,句尾加问号。如:There is a new book on the teacher’s desk. 变为一般疑问句是______________________?

其肯定回答是_______________ 否定回答是_________________


四 、达标检测


1. Close the window. ( 改为否定句)

_______ _______ the window.

2. There are two English girls in our class. (改为单数)

There is ______ _______ in our class.

3. I have a pen and a rubber in my bag. (改为同义句)

There and in my bag.

4. There is a pen in my pencil-box. (改为复数句子)

There some in my pencil-box.


Ricky is an American boy. He is my good friend. I’m in Class One. He is in Class One, too. He is twelve now . His father is an English teacher. His mother is a doctor . Ricky has a sister , Jane. She is only seven. Now they are in China with their father and mother. They have a Chinese dog . Its name is Spotty.

( ) 1. Ricky is _________.

A. a Chinese boy B. an English C. an America D. an American

( ) 2. Ricky’s father is ____________.

A. a doctor B. a Chinese teacher

C. an Engliah teacher D. a policeman

( ) 3. Ricky is Jane’s___________.

A. brother B. sister C. friend D. mother

( ) 4. Ricky’s family are ________ now.

A. in China B. in England C. in America D. in American

( ) 5. Spotty is Jack’s ______________.

A. friend B. sister C. cat D. dog

五 、反思与收获


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