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2013版新目标八上unit1 短语

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Unit One

Section A

stay at home 呆在家里 去看我的叔叔 visit my uncle go to summer camp 去夏令营 go to the mountains 去爬山 go to the beach 去沙滩 visit museums 参观博物馆 为考试做准备 study for tests Long time no see. 好久不见。 你去任何有趣的地方了吗? Did you go anywhere interesting? 我们在那里照了好多相片。 We took quite a few photos there.

我大部分时间都呆着家里读书和休息。 I just stayed at home most of the 你去哪里度假了? time to read and relax. Where did you go on vacation? 我去纽约了。 I went to New York City. 你和其他人一起出去的吗? Did you go out with anyone? 不是。没有人在这儿。所有人都去度假了。 No. No one was here. Everyone was on vacation. 你买了一些特别的东西吗? Did you buy anything special? 是的,我为我父亲买了一些东西。 Yes, I bought something for my father. 不,我什么也没有买。 I bought nothing. No,

How was the food? 饭菜怎么样? 所有的东西尝起来都很好吃! Everything tasted really good! 每个人都玩得开心吗? Did everyone have a good time? 哦,是的。一切都很棒。 Oh, yes. Everything was excellent. 你觉得三亚怎么样? How do you like Sanya? 除了读书没有什么事情可以做 nothing much to do but read 当然 of course 记日记 keep a diary

Section B

和……到达…… arrive in place with sb 决定去海滩 decide to go to beach 我感觉自己就像是一只鸟。 I felt like I was a bird. 骑自行车去…… ride bicycles to 中国商人的房子 the houses of the Chinese traders 我想知道过去这里的生活是什么样子的。 喜欢在这个城镇周围散步 like in the past. I wonder what life was

enjoy walking around the 一天的变化竟然如此之大! town
What 走到山顶 a difference a day makes! walk up to the top

等一个多小时的火车 wait over an hour for the train 由于坏的天气,我们看不清山下的任何 东西。 Because of the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything below. 足够多的钱 enough money 学到一些重要的东西 learn something important 带着一个装有一些食物和水的包 take a bag with some food and water 找出,查明 find out 继续 go on 我的腿太疲倦了所以我想休息。 My legs were so tired that I wanted to stop. 告诉某人做某事 tell sb to do sth


jump up and down

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