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2013版新目标八上unit2 短语

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Unit Two

Section A

你在周末经常做什么? What do you usually do on weekends? 我总是锻炼。 I always exercise. 他们在周末做什么? What do they do on weekends? 他们经常帮助做家务。 They often help with housework. 她在周末做什么? What does she do on weekends? 她有时候去购物。 She sometimes goes shopping. 你多久去看一次电影? How often do you go to the movies? 我可能一个月看一次电影。 I go to the movies maybe once a month

他多久看一次电视? How often does he watch TV? He 他几乎不看电视。 hardly ever watches TV. Do 你去购物吗? you go shopping? 不,我从来不去购物。 No, I never go shopping. 你最喜欢的节目是什么? What’s your favorite program? 熬夜 stay up late 吃健康的早餐 eat a healthy breakfast 你下周有空吗? Are you free next week? Next 下周我很忙。 week is quite full for me 你正在学习哪一种舞蹈? What kind of dance are you learning?

Section B

我妈妈想让我喝牛奶。 My mother wants me to drink milk. 牛奶对我的健康有好处。 Milk is good for my health. 你每晚睡多少个小时? How many hours do you sleep every night? 向某人询问某事 ask sb about sth 使用电脑(2) use the Internet/use of the Internet 根本不not…at all 上网 go online 我们吃惊的是…… were surprised that … We 剩下的10%的学生每周使用电脑至少三到 四次。 The other ten percent use it at least three or four times a week.

大多数学生使用它娱乐。 Most students use it for fun. 问题的答案 the answers to our questions 虽然许多学生喜欢看体育节目,但是游戏 Although many students like to watch 节目却是最受欢迎的。 sports, game shows are the most popular. 对于某人来说做某事是…… It is adj. for sb to do sth. 放松的最好的方法是通过运动。 The best way to relax is through exercise 和你的朋友和家人共度时光 spend time with your friends and family 旧习难改 Old habits die hard.

一个16岁的高中学生 a 16-year-old high school student 一天超过两个小时(2) more than two hours a day over two hours a day 去看牙医清理牙齿 go to the dentist for teeth cleaning

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