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2013版新目标八上unit6 短语

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Unit Six

Section A

上表演/唱歌课 take acting lessons/take singing lessons 学习计算机科学 study computer science 由某人写的一本书 a book by sb 现在我知道你为什么如此擅长写故事了。 Now I know why you’re so good at writing stories. 坚持写故事 keep on writing stories 我的父母想要我成为一名医生。 My parents want me to be a doctor. 不是每个人都知道他们想要什么。 Not everyone knows what they want to be. 确信你尽自己的全力。 Make sure you try your best.

你就能当上你想做的人。 You can be anything you want. 当你长大,你想成为什么? What do you want to be when you grow up? 我想成为一名工程师。 I want to be an engineer. 你准备怎么做? How are you going to do that? 我打算非常努力的学习数学。 I’m going to study math really hard. 你打算在哪里工作? Where are you going to work? 我打算搬到上海。 I’m going to move to Shanghai.

你打算什么时候开始? When are you going to start? 我打算在我完成高中和大学的学业的时候 I’m going to start when I finish high 开始。 school and college. 练习做某事 practice doing sth 一所烹饪学校 a cooking school 在大学里学医study medicine at a university 把文章寄给杂志和报纸 send articles to magazines and newspapers

Section B

学习弹钢琴 learn to play the piano 组建足球队 make the soccer team 获得好的分数 get good grades 吃更健康的食物 eat healthier food 多锻炼 get lots of exercise 再学一门外语 learn another foreign language 下决心;制定计划 make resolutions ……的意思 the meaning of... 一种 a kind of 对某人做出承诺 make promises to sb 打扫房间 tidy one’s room 从……回来 get back from ... 新年决心 New Year’s resolutions

在新年刚开始的时候 at the beginning of the year 提高我们的生活 improve our lives 写下;记下 write down 告诉某人某事 tell sb about sth 不同种类的决心 different kinds of resolutions 少吃快餐食品eat less fast food 培养一种爱好 take up a hobby 有些决定与合理的时间规划相关。 Some resolutions have to do with better planning. 制订每周的学习计划 make a weekly plan for schoolwork 这些决定可能太难了而无法实现。 The resolutions may be too difficult to keep.

因为这个原因 for this reason 最好的决心就是不下决心. The best resolution is to have no resolutions. 使你自己成为一个更好的人 make yourself a better person 一年的开始 the start of the year 我自己的书 my own book 唱歌是一种很好的活动。 Singing is a great activity. 最后一个决心是关于怎样在学校里做的更 好的. The last resolution is about how to do better at school. 我打算在那里学习四年。 I’m going to study there for four years.

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