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Can you play the guitar?

Unit 10

I can sing.
变疑问句 Can you sing. Yes ,I can. No ,I can’t 变否定句

I can’t sing.

She can dance.
Can she dance? She can’t dance.

play chess
He can play chess. Can he play chess? He can’t play chess.


speak English

What’s this in English?

play the guitar

It’s a guitar.


What can she do?

She can paint.



play chess

swim speak English play the guitar paint

Pairwork: Talk about yourself!
(1) (2) (3) (4)

(5) (6)

(8) (7)

I can’t…. I can…. What can you do? A:Can you play basketball ? B:Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. Can you…? A: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

play the violin


play the drums
He can play the drums.


play the piano
They can play the piano.


play the trumpet



play chess

speak English



play computer

play the guitar

play the drums play the trumpetplay the violin play the piano

Memory challenge(记忆挑战)

She can dance.

She can’t sing

She can speak English.


She can’t swim
She can sing.

She can paint .

She can’t play chess.

She can play the guitar.

What’s his name? Can he sing? Can he play basketball ?

Can she sing ? Yes , she can .

Can she play soccer ? No, she can’t.

Can he sing ? Yes , he can .
Can they sing?

Yes , they can .

play chess
Can they play chess ? Yes , they can . /No, they can’t .

What club are they?

Music Club
2 1

Swimming Club

Art Club
English Club 5 What club do you want to join? I want to join the… Can you…? Yes ,I can ./No ,I can’t.

chess club

Complete the conversation
to do David: What club_____ you want ______ join? want club Lisa: We ______to join the chess _______. play David: Can you ________chess? can’t Lisa: No, I __________. Joe: I can.

sing dance My name is Linda. I can_____ and________. I 唱歌 跳舞 play the guitar join can______________ and violin. I want to_____ 弹吉他 参加 favorite _________ music club the____________. My________ musicians are 音乐俱乐部 最喜爱的 音乐人 rock band They May Day. _____have five boys in a__________. 他们 摇滚乐队 Their ______ ______ shows are very exciting. 他们的 表演

shows often I ______go to see their ______with my friends 经常 表演 On Sunday really ___________. If you_______ like them you can 在周末 真的 or write to me____ call me. 或者 E-mail address My _________________is linda@sina.com. 电子邮件地址 telephone number My ________________is 6577254. 电话号码

Can you say these in English? 1.下象棋

play chess play the guitar


3.英语俱乐部 English club 4.艺术俱乐部 Art club

5.加入音乐俱乐部 join the music club
6.我想加入音乐俱乐部 I want to join the music club

7.你会游泳吗? Can you swim? 8.她会弹吉他吗?会。 Can she play the guitar? Yes, she can. 9.你们会画画吗?不会。 Can you paint? No, we can’t . 10.

他们会说英语吗?会。 Can they speak English? Yes, they can.

Can you rewrite them ?

1. I can play chess .(改为一般疑问句) Can you play chess ? 2. She can speak Chinese .(改为否定句) She can’t speak Chinese . 3. Can your brother play basketball ?(作肯 定回答) Yes , he can . 4. We want to join the English club .(划线 提问) What club do you want to join ? 5. Can Tom and Amy paint ?(作否定回答) No , they can’t .

Can you say these in English? 1.下象棋 the chess Can you fill inplay blanks ?

2.弹吉他 play the guitar Can 1.____ you swim ? Yes, I can. 2.Can your father English club ? 3.英语俱乐部 play the guitar No,he can’t . ______ Art club 4.艺术俱乐部 you want to join ? 3. What club ___ do
4. Can Lucy and Alice dance ? 5.加入音乐俱乐部 join the music club they Yes , _____ can . 5. We want ___ join the English club . to 6.我想加入音乐俱乐部

I want to join the music club

采访你的家人或 朋友, 他们能或不能 做某事。写一篇不少 于50字的短文。

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