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Unit 9 Reading There_are_twice_as_many_giant_pandas_as_before导学案

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Unit9There are twice as many as before.


一、Teaching aims:

1. Words: breed, base, center, edge, nature reserve, treasure

2. Phrases: one of the world’s most endangered animals, the number of, because of, between…and…, be successful, be named as, continue to do sth. 3. Sentences:

The giant panda is one of the world’s most endangered animals. The number of giant pandas is increasing.

There are about 1,600 giant pandas living in the wild. Five new areas have been named as nature reserves. 二、Learning strategy:

Indentifying information in order to understand the reading and remember information, look for key words and phrases as you read, and underline them. 三、Teaching steps:

Step1. Read Paragrphs1 and 2, then answer the following questions. 1.What is ?

2.The giant panda the symbol of WWF, isn’t it? 3.Is the giant pandas increasing? 4.What do the latest facts show?

about 1,600 giant pandas in the wild. 设计意图:

Step2. Read Paragrph3 and tell “True” or “False”.

( )1. 85% of the world’s giant pandas live in the southeastern hills and

mountains of China.

( )2. The object of the giant panda Breeding and Research Base is to increase the number of giant pandas.

( )3. The giant pandas should learn the necessary skills to live in the wild

together .

( )4. When they have learned as much as possible, they are kept in the

cages to live a normal life.


Step3.Read the last paragraph and fill in the blanks.

1.A giant panda eats __________(一样多) 20 kilos food per day and spends ________ 12 ____(在…之间)16 hours eating.

2.For this program to _____________(成功), more forests ______________(必须被找到).

3.Five areas _____________________________ (已经被命名为自然保护区).

4.Everyone must ___________________(继续努力工作) to protect __________________________________ (中国最重要的国宝之一)the giant panda. Step4.Language points

1. 以… …而出名be famous/known for 作为… …而出名be famous/known as 为某人所熟知 be known to 刘欢以他的歌而出名。

Liu Huan is famous for his songs. 刘欢作为一个歌手而出名。

Liu Huan is famous as a singer. 2. 成功

动词:succeed 名词:success

形容词:successful 副词:successfully 失败是成功之母。

Failure is the mother of success. 他成功地通过了考试。

He passed the exam successfully. He succeeded in passing the exam. 他和我们一样的成功。 He is as successful as we.

3. the (good/best) way to do sth. 游览城市最好的方法是乘地铁。

The best way to get around the city is to take the subway. 提高英语的最好方法是尽可能多的讲英语。

The best way to improve English is to speak it as much as possible. 4. on one’s own = by oneself = alone 你可以独自完成这份工作。

You can finish the work on your own/by yourself/alone. 5. teach sb. sth. 他教我们的英语。

He teaches us English. 他以前自学法语。

He used to teach himself French. 设计意图:


1 It’s known that the (象征)of the WWF is the giant panda. 2 With the help of the scientists, the number of the giant panda is (增加)。

3 Jackie Chan is a very actor. He acted in many films .

His comes from his hard work. (成功)

4 The giant panda is one of China’s most important national . 5 Everything returned to after the strong wind.

6 Children should (tell ) to finish their homework (独立)。

7 Write (尽可能仔细)and try not to make any mistakes. Step6. Check

1 ---I want to teach in this area.

---Well, teachers (need)very much here.

2 Personal computers (invent) in 1976. It has changed the whole world.

3 ---Mum, may I go out to play football this afternoon? ---You can if your homework (do).

4 What (happen) to her yesterday evening?

5 A sports meeting (hold) in our school last month.

6 I think high school students should (give) pocket money. 7 The flowers must (water) every day or they’ll die.

8 People have realized how important the environment is but still trees (cut) down in the world every year.

9 There are now about 1600 giant (live)in the wild. 10 The number of giant pandas (increase) in the last few years. 设计意图:

Step7. Summary and homework


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