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Unit 4 Topic 1 Section C

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Topic 1 Which do you like better, plants or animals ?

earth forestn.n. 森林 n. 地球;土,泥;大地 rainforest (热带)雨林

Look at the pictures and check which questions the passage can answer.

1.What are rainforests?
2. How many animals are living in rainforests?

3.Where do animals live in rainforests? 4.What can we get from rainforests? 5.Why are rainforests important to us?

Watch the flash of 1a, and find out the 1a answers. 视频1a-P85

What can rainforests give us ?

Rainforests give us …
rubber n.橡胶 wood n. 木头,木材;woods 树木,森林

Rainforests give us …


Rainforests give us …


Rainforests give us …



Listen to 1a and complete the table. Then check with your partner. 录音1a-P85

Feature of rainforests

1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Importance of rainforests

hot in the ______ parts of the world wet hot _______ ground and always dark and ____ in ____ them 6% surface cover ____ of the earth’s _______ plants give a home to many beautiful ______ and ________ animals cleaner make the air fresher and ________ _______ hold cycling _____ the water and keep the water______ climate control the ________ nature keep the beauty of ________ wood food medicine give us ______, ______, fruit, ________ and so on


Read again and answer the questions.

1. What does the word “cover” mean in Paragraph 1 ?
It means “覆盖”.

2. Why are rainforests the lungs of the earth ? Because the plants in the forests help to make the air fresher and cleaner.


Read again and answer the questions.

3. Why should we protect rainforests well ?
Because they help to hold the water and keep the water cycling. They play an important part in controlling the climate. 4. Can you guess what the next part of the passage will talk about ? Yes. The next part may talk about what we should do to protect rainforests.

1c Read again and answer the questions.

5. What should we do to protect rainforests ? We should save paper and mustn’t use the chopsticks for only once.

The last sentence in a paragraph may tell you what comes next.

1. Rainforests cover 6% of the earth’s


six percent


数词 % +
可数名词单数 / 不可数名词 Eg: 50% of the students in our class are boys. 70% of the earth is water.

成千上万的 2.Thousands and thousands of animals live in rainforests. 成百上千的 hundreds of 成百万上千万的,数以百万计的 millions of

3. Many of them live in the trees over 30 meters
from the ground.

over = more than 多于, 超过
over/more than eg: Our class has _________________ 50 students. 4. They play an important part in controlling the climate. play an important part ( in sth.) 在某事中起重要作用; 参与(某事) Eg: 他积极参加班级活动。 plays an active part in He _________________________ class activities.

5. But now rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller. 越来越小


较级 + and + 形容词比较级” 越来越…… Eg. 天气变得越来越暖和了。 The weather gets warmer and warmer. 中国变得越来越强大。 China becomes stronger and stronger.

Discuss the pictures in groups about how to protect rainforests. Then write a short passage.

show and tell people about …

do anything we can,such as …

ask people not to …

ask people not to cut …

Let’s plant …

You can write like this : Rainforests are very important to us. It is necessary for us to protect them very well. First, we should make people know about the importance of protecting them. Then ask people not to cut down the trees without plans. For us, we should do something as possible as we can. When we have meals, we mustn’t use chopsticks for only once. In the life, use less paper and be sure not to waste it.

1. Learn to describe the situation of rainforests and the importance to the earth. 2. Talk about how to protect rainforests. 3. useful phrases:

thousands of control the climate over = more than play an important part ( in sth.) smaller and smaller

Make a survey among your classmates about how to save water in their family. Then report it to the class tomorrow.



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