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八年级上UNIT 6-8 复习题

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第二部分 基础知识运用


( )1. What does your brother want _______ when he ___________?

A. to be, grow B. be, grow up C. to be, grow up D. to be, grows up.

( )2. He keeps on __________ stories every day.

A. writing B. writtting C. to write D. write

( )3. There __________ a match this afternoon.

A. will have B. are going to have C. is going to have D. is going to be

( )4. What are you going to do _____________?

A. last night B. yesterday C. just now D. this evening

( )5.--___________ are going to get good grades?--- I’m going to study harder.

A. Where B. What C. When D. How

( )6. He’s going to practice _________ basketball every day.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. plays

( )7. My uncle is going ____________ Shanghai next year.

A. move B. move to C. to move D. to move to

( )8. I’m going to write articles and ________ them __________ magazines.

A. take; to B. send; to C. bring; to D. get; to

( )9. An _________ must take __________ lessons.

( )11. My parents wants me to be a doctor, and I _________ that.

going to an______________place.

( )13. I’m A. write B. with C. in D. by

It’s a serious problem.

D.More; less

( )19.It’s necessary ________you _________more.

( )20.This kind of animals has lived there for ____________years.

A. hundred B. hundred of C. hundreds of D. hundreds

( )21.—Would you like to have a try?

-- Yes, very much. It seems__________ exciting

A. is B. be C.to be D. being

( )22.There _____________a new park in this city in 2020.

A. is having B. will have C. will be D. will


( )23.----Will there be less pollution?


A.Yes, there’ll B.Yes, there will not C.NO, there’ll not D. No, there won’t

( )24.—Do you know where John went, Sally?

--- He ________went skating with his sister.

A. probably B. may C. may be D. might

( )25.My uncle went to Shanghai last week and will come back________two days

A .to B. for C. in D. after


( )41.Linda is too busy to celebrate her birthday with her friends.

( )42 Emma thinks Australia and Japan are both interesting places.

( )43. Mary thinks she will live alone and work as a writer in ten years..

( )44. Linda and Mary want to do the same job in ten years.

( )45. Emma and Mary both think they will go to college in the future.


Life in the future will be different from life in the 21st century,because many changes will take place in the future, but what will the changes be? The population(人口) is growing fast. There will be more and more people in the world and most of

every home. And computer studies will be one of the important suvjects in school.

TV and traveling.Traveling will be much cheaper and easier. And many more people will go to other for holidays.

vegetables and fruit. Maybe people will be healthier.


A. fruit B. Water C. bread ( )47. In the future people won’t have to ______________.

A.travel B .work fast A.more cows and sheep D. fewer buildings and houses

A. computer B.cow D. robot

’B: Two is ok.

A: What else?

B: ___4____.

A: First, I put some oil. Then put in the green onions.

B: I know next pour into water.

A: So clever. But remember boil the water for more than ten minutes. Then put in the noodles. When the water is boiled again you can eat the noodles.

B: Oh. ___5____.


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