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Module 1unit2课件

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Unit 2 I’m Wang Lingling and I'm thirteen years old.

Module 1 Nice to meet you.
Unit 2 I’m Wang Lingling and I'm thirteen years old.

? Ask and answer
? ? ? ? A: What’s your name? B: My name’s … A: Where are you from? B: I’m from …and I’m … ? A: How old are you? ? B: I’m … years old.

--Where is he from? --He is from China. --He is Chinese --Where is she from? --She is from China. --She is Chinese

--Where is he from?

--He is from England. --He is English.
--Where is he from?

--He is from America. --He is American.

--Where are they from? --They are from China. --They are Chinese.

Reading and listening
Read the passage and tell who they are


Wang hui


Read and complete the table.
Name Daming Lingling Wang Hui Age 12 13 City

English name




Shanghai Henry

Read the passage and Check(√) the true sentences
1 Henry is Daming's English name. 2 Lingling’s English name is Linda. √ 3 Daming is twelve years old. 4 Wanghui is from Beijing. 5.Tony is twelve years old.

1. My name’s Daming and my English name David China is ________.I’m from _______ and Chinese I’m Beijing _________. I’m from _______. Beijing is a big city ____. Lingling’sclass ______. She’s my in my friend ______.

Have a try

Introduction 介绍

Tom, England, Write sentences.

English, fourteen
1. His name is Tom. 2. He is from England. 3. He is English. 4. He is fourteen years old.

Xiao putao, China, Chinese, four 1. Her name’s Xiao putao. 2. She’s from China. 3. She’s Chinese. 4. She’s four

Write sentences for you(as possible as you can). My name’s…. I’m from… I’m …years old. ...


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