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现在完成时 演示文稿

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have / has + 动词的过去分词定义:现在完成时表示到目前为止已经完成,并对现在留下某种后果和影响的动作。

1. 表示过去发生的某一动作对现在造成的影响或结果,常与一些时间状语。

如: already, yet, ever, never, just, before, once, twice 等连用, 也可以和包括现在在内的时间状语, 如these days, today, this year, so far 等连用。

2. 表示过去发生的动作或存在的状态,一直持续到现在,也许还将继续下去,可以和表示从过去某一时刻延续到现在的一段时间的状语连用。即for +时间段,since+时间点/从句,in the last ten years等, 谓语只可用延续性动词。

2. has / have been to

去过某地表示某人的一种经历,可与once, twice, already, ever, never等连用。

have/has gone to


have / has been in

逗留在某地(已经一段时间)。常和for ten days, since I came here等连用。

1. Where is Jim? He ___________ has gone

to Wuhan.have been to

2. My parents ___________ the Great Wall twice. They like there very Have been to


been in 3. _____ you ever _______ to the ha

sHappy valley?

4. How long ____ Peter _______ the

5. My sister __________ the shop. has gone to

She will be back in two hours.

has gone 6. She ___________ Shanghai. She to isn’t here.

has been to 7. She __________ Shanghai. She is here.has been in

8. She __________ Shanghai for two years.

3. already ----------yet 已经用于肯定句用于否定句, 疑问句

yet1. She has not seen this film _____.

alreadShe has _______ seen this film.

yalread2. I have ______ combed my hair.

yHave you combed your hair ____.yet

3. He has _______ watched a video.already

yetHe has not watched a video


4. 现在完成时中延续性动词和终止性动词

英语动词根据词义可分为两种,一种是延续性的,一种是终止性的,终止性动词(也可称为非延续性动词,瞬间动词,或点动词),如:become, begin, buy, borrow, arrive, die, finish, get to know, go, join, marry, start, stop等。表示动作的发生


所以它的现在完成时不能和表示延续的时间状语连用,即不能与表示一段时间的状语,for+时间段,since+时间点/从句连用,也不能用在how long引导的特殊疑问句。

初中英语课本中常见终止性动词有: leave, go, come, arrive, begin, buy, borrow, die, join, become 等。

终止性动词要表示持续时, 可用以下方法:

⑴将时间状语改为时间段+ ago, 句中谓语动词用一般过去时。

eg. 我弟弟参军两年了。

My brother joined the army two years ago.

⑵若保留for +时间段, since+时间点/从句, 或用在how long句型中, 则需将终止性动词改为相应的状态动词或延续性动词。

常见终止性动词与延续性动词(或状态动词) 的对应关系如下:come / go / arrive / get / reach / move

---be in/at

open ---be opendie ---be dead

close ---be closedbecome ---be

borrow ---keepput on ---

leave -----be away (from)begin / start -----be onfall asleep ----be asleepend/finish -----be over

catch a cold -----have a cold

join the army

----be in the army be a soldier join the Party

----be in the Party be a Party member

1. 吉姆买了这只钢笔两年了。Jim has hadthis pen for two years.

Jim has hadthis pen since two years


Jim has hadthis pen since 2003.It istwo years since Jim bought this

It has beentwo years since Jim bought this pen.

Jim boughtthis pen two years ago.

2. 李雷自从2003年就参军。

3. 那部电影开始30分钟了。

4. 自从两年前这家商店就开了。

5. 那个老人已经死了五年了。

6. 莉莉六年前就离开家了。


现在完成时所表明的是过去发生的动作对现在的影响, 强调的是现在的情况, 不可以和表示过去的时间状语yesterday, in 1991, three days ago last time, last night等连用。

一般过去时表明的是过去发生的事实, 和现在不发生关系。

5. 现在完成时中的for 与since for + 时间段与延续性动词的现在完成时连用since + 时间点/从句。

It is /has been + 一段时间+ since...

自从某事发生已有一段时间了。eg. It is /has been two years since

my brother joined the army.


1. since 引导的从句中动词用过去时。

2. when 引导的特殊问句不与现在完成时连用。

3. have got,has got 虽然是现在完成时,但have got = have has got = has

1. It's a long time since we ______ met(meet) last time, isn't it?

2. --I know you __________ (choose) have chosen

a picture book among these. --Yes,Have a look at it,


3. So far, spaceships without people have

reached___________ (reach) the moon and some other parts of the

4. My father ____ home for nearly three weeks.

A. has gone away from

B. has left

C. has been away fromD. went away

5. Mr and Mrs Green have ____ in China for a week.

A. been

C. arrivedB. gotD. reached


1. Jack joined the League five months ago.

Jack _________ a League has

beenmember five months ago.

2. It’s a long time since we met last.havensee

n’tWe _______ ____ each other for a

Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the given words.

1. Every day my mother _____(get) up early.gets

2. The dinosaur eggs

_____________ (discover) many were discoveredyears ago by scientists.

3. Listen! Some children are singing___________ (sing) an English song over there.

4. In our hometown there used to be___(be) many old trees.

hasn’t been finished5. My work __________________

(not finish) yet. I can’t go out to play with you.


根据括号中所给动词, 用其正确时态填空。

1. Frank _____ (help) his mother helps

with the housework on Sundays.

2. I _______ (become) a middle became

school student three years ago.

3. —Hello! May I speak to your father,


—Sorry, my father ________ (go) has gone

to Shanghai. He went there this morning.

4. —What’s the noise?

—Jane and her sister are watching___________ (watch) TV.

5. They ________ (have) eggs will have

and bread for breakfast tomorrow morning.

6. He ___________ (cross) the was

crossingstreet when he was hit by a bike.

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