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Module 1 Travel

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Module 1 Travel


【核心考点1】get on/off表示“上/下车”

考查方向:get on/off是“动词+副词”构成的及物动词或不及物动词


The bus is coming. Be careful when you _____ the bus.

A. get on B. get off C. get up D. get to

【核心考点2】Have a good time.“玩得高兴”

考查方向:这是一句交际用语,用语祝福即将外出旅行的人玩得高兴。 —I’m going to have a summer holiday in Dalian. —______

A. Have a good time. B. No, it’s bad. C. That’s all right. 【核心考点3】副词too“太”

考查方向:too“太”,修饰形容词或副词的原级,表示超出负荷。 — Can I help you?

1 - -

—Well, I’m afraid the box is _______ heavy for you, but thank you all the same.

A. so B. much C. very D. too



—What would you like for ______ breakfast, Mr Green?—Two pieces of bread and ______ cup of tea, please.

A. a; the B. /; a

Unit 1


1. And now, back to work...现在,我们最好回到学习上来??

【句法分析】本句中,better前省略了we had。完整句子应为:And now, we had better get back to work…。had better do sth.意为“最好做某事”,常用于提出建议或忠告:had better not do sth.意为“最好不要做某事”。eg: We had better speak English in class.我们最好在课堂上讲英语。

2. Yes, but there are plenty of fun things 是的,但是本学期我们还有很多有趣的事情要做??学校的旅游??

【教你一招】本句是一个转折句,句中but表示转折。上文说回到学习上来,准备考试,此处转折到本学期有很多有趣的事情。我们在写文章时可以借鉴此方法。 【句法分析】本句中的动词不定式to do在句子中修饰plenty of fun things,作定语。eg: I have a lot of homework to do today.今天我有许多作业要做。

3. When takes place?你认为对话发生在什么时


【句法分析】do you think为插入语,

用于特殊疑问词之后,其结构为“特 C. /; the 殊疑问词+do you think+主语+谓语”。即:特殊疑问句放在插入语之

后,插入语后面的句子用陈述语序。eg: What do you think


2 - -

happened to her?你认为她发生了什么事?



__ while they were waiting for the train.

2. There are various forms of t________ around us: bikes, cars, trucks, boats, planes etc.

3. She doesn’t often travel by a_________ because she doesn’t think it’s safe.

4. A c_______ is a large comfortable bus used for sightseeing or long-distance travel.

5. The train is coming and every passenger is ready for d__________.


(write)writes lots of interesting stories for kids.

2. This is one of _________(busy) underground stations in London.

3. —You had better _________(go) to hospital. —All right.

4. Plenty of shops _________(be) open on Sunday mornings.

5. It’s about an hour’s _________(fly) from Qingdao to Beijing by air.

6. There will be a school _________(leaver) party next week.


1.在街的尽头,有一家医院。There is a hospital _______ ______ ______ _______ the street.

2.他们在上海过得非常愉快。They ______ ______ ______ _______ _______ in Shanghai.

3.我们都盼望着暑假。We are all ________ ________ ________ the summer holidays.

4.明天他将乘飞机从日本返回。He’Japan tomorrow.

5.由于下雨,他来迟了。He arrived late _______ ________ the rain.


1. I saw many _______ eating grass on the hill.

A. horse B. cow C. rabbit D. sheep

2. I'm not sure about the meaning of the word. You'd better look it up in a

3 - -


A. letter B. dictionary C. postcard D. notice

3. The bag is too_____. I can’t put the pencil-box in.

A. heavy B. full C. light D. empty

Unit 2


1、 “Excuse me. I have a ticket with the number of the seat you’re sitting in! ”Lin said 对不起,这是我的车票座位号,你坐在我的座位上了!”林更加坚定地说道。

【句法分析】句中的you’re sitting in是定语从句,作the seat的定语。the seat与you’re sitting in存在动宾关系。eg: I don’t know the place you are living in.我不知道你住的地方。

【拓展】当动词不定式用作定语,修饰名词、代词时,用法也类似,即如果动词是不及物动词,且与所修饰的词之间有动宾关系,也要在不定式后加适当的介词。eg: Please give me a piece of paper to write on.请给我一张可以在上面写字的纸。

【辨析】voice, sound和noise

【教你一招】本句对前面说到的事情进行补充说明。前面那位年轻人陈述自己坐在这个座位上的理由,此处补充说明坐在这里的原因。 ●besides?prep. 除??之外

4 - -

besides表示“除??之外(还有)”,as well as,即“除了一部分还有另外一部分”的意思。eg:Besides Jim, his classmates are all sixteen years old.除了吉姆,他的同学也都是16岁。这里表达吉姆和他的同学都16岁,并没有把吉姆排除在外。He has some friends besides us.他除了我们还有一些朋友。

【辨析】besides, except与except for ①在表示“除??之外”时,besides表示“除??之外还有”,即从意义上并没有把besides后的内容真正排除;而except和except for表示真正排除,即从意义上真正排除except与except for后的内容。然后我们再区分except与except for:

②except意为“只有??除外;除去??”,后跟名词或代词作宾语,强调从“整体”中除去“部分”,即except后的部分不包括在整体之内。因此,常和all,everything,no one,nothing等词一起使用。其判别标志是:除去的与保留的是“同类项”。eg: They were all there except me. 除了我以外他们都在那里。

③except for...是“要不是??;除去??一点外”的意思,表示“对一个人或事物先做一个整体评价,然后再就局部提出一点看法”。即一部分被肯定,另一部分被否定,这就是所谓的“排除否定式”。其判别标志是:除去的与保留的“不是同类项”。eg: I love my job except for the long hours. 我喜欢我的工作,除去工时太长这点。



1. Mr Smith lives ______ ______(遥远) from here.

2. Mr Wang was walking ________ (往) the bus stop when I met him yesterday.

3.When I asked my mother if I could go swimming with my classmates, she______ (点头).

4. ________ (尽管) he is young, he has a good knowledge of science.

5. Hearing the good news, ________ (眼泪) of joy ran from the mother’s eyes.

6. I’ll do it, _______ _______ (即使 ) it takes me all the afternoon.

5 - -


1. The girl ________ golden hair looks beautiful.

2. They talked _______ a low voice in order not to wake the baby up.

3. We learn English, maths, history, music, art ______ Chinese.

4. The teacher ______his book______ his hand came over to the blackboard.

5. The mother held her son ________ her arms and cried with joy.

6. All the audience watched Liu Qian perform the trick _______ great interest.


1. The music made me think of the _______ of a running stream.

A. shout B. noise C. voice D. sound

2. _______ it snowed heavily yesterday, nobody in our class missed the lesson.

A. Though B. Because C. Unless D. Since

3. —Don’t forget _____my parents when you are in Beijing. —OK! I won’t.

A. to see B. sees C. seeing

Unit 3


1. It became expensive continue the service. 它变得太贵而不能继续维持它的服务。


【句法分析】本句结构为sb./sth. is too +形容词+to do sth.意为“太??而不能做某事”。too在此句型中意为“太、过于、过分”,修饰形容词或副词,与动词不定式连用构成too…to…结构,意为“太??以至于不能??”,这也是以肯定形式表示否定意义的结构。eg: He is too young to go to school.他太小而不能上学。

【链接中考6】水太脏,我们不能饮用。 The water was ________ dirty ________ ________ ________ drink.


6 - -

时:too...to...是肯定形式表示否定意义,so...that...句型中that引导的句子需用否定形式。eg: The box is so heavy that he can’t carry it.箱子如此重以至于他搬不动。

【链接中考7】— Did you catch what the teacher said?

— No. She spoke so fast _______ I couldn’t hear her very clearly.

A. which

D. since B. that C. when



’s really fantastic.

3. He is going to celebrate his ________(forty) birthday this Saturday.

4. They bought some ____ (potato)at the supermarket yesterday.

5. It’s difficult for us to tell the ____ (different)between these two words.

6. Follow in your father’s _______(step).


1. There are many kinds of English _______(字典)in this bookstore. You can choose the one you like.

2. The heavy wind did h_______ to the crops in the fields.

3. Ann is only five years old. She is ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______.(太小而不能上学)

4. The _______(特纳一家人) have lived in the village for ten years.

5. He was _______(负责的)for the building of the People’s Hospital.


We took a tour ______ _______ to the Summer Palace last weekend.


1. The room is so dirty that they can’t live in it. (改为同义句) The room is ______ dirty for them ______ ______ ______.

2. Beijing is a city. I always look forward to visiting it. (合并句子) Beijing is a city ______ I always look forward to visiting.


A. a B. ∕ C. the D. an

7 - -

2. Cindy is

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

3. Beijing is ________ capital of China and it is _______ city with many places of interest.

A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the

4. I got a good present on my ______ birthday.

A. nine B. ninth C. the nine D. the ninth

5. Don’t talk to Simon like that. He is just ______ eleven-year-old boy.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

6. —Do you play _______piano in your free time?

—No, I like sports. I often play ______ soccer with my friends.

A. /; the B. the; / C. the; the D. a; a

7. Her grandmother was in ______ hospital with _____ illness yesterday.

A. a; a B. the; the C. the; an D. /; an

8. He became a hero in _____ USA and in _______ France.

A. /; the B. the; / C. the; the D. /; /

9. I’m very happy that I have a foreign friend _______ Jack.

A. name B. names C. named D. naming

10. Noise pollution could do harm ______ people’s ears.

A. for B. on C. about D. to

11. —

Have you heard of Liu Qian from Taiwan?

—Sure! His magic performance is ______ amazing for people _______ forget.

A. so; that B. such; that C. too; to

课后作业一、用冠词a, an, the或X(零冠词)填空

1. There is ______ woman over there. _______ woman is Meimei’s mother.

2. ______ Changjiang River is _______ longest river in _______ China.

3. Washington is _______ capital of ______USA.

4. He joined the army in _______ spring of _______ 2011.

5. After I had _______ quick breakfast, I hurried to school.

8 - -

6. They went to _______ People’s Park, but we both went to ________ People’s Cinema yesterday.


1. Jack is busy preparing for a party to celebrate his sister’s________ (twelve) birthday. He wants to give her a big surprise.


1. Be careful. There is a wine b______ on the table. You might break it.

2. The number after twenty-nine is t______.

3. Your parents are your f______ and mother.

4. W______ is the coldest season of the year.

5. We don’t go to the c______ much for movies because we have a video.

6. I usually have a piece of 面包)and some milk for breakfast.

7. There are about two _____(百)students playing on the playground.


1. We’d better get ready for the dinner now because ___ Greens are coming to visit us tonight.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

and got much money by selling the ____.

A. cow; beaf B. cows; beaf C. cow; beaf


3. I need a ____. I want to write something.

A. bag B. pen C. ruler

4. It is reported that ______ people in the world are suffering from the H1N1 flu. A. several thousands of B. ten thousands C. thousands of D. thousands

例1. —How was _____ dinner at Mike’s house? (2012,吉林通化) —It was great. Mike’s mum is _____ wonderful cook.

A. a; the B. the; a


9 - -

D. cows; C. the; the D. a; an


例2. _______the teachers in their school is about 200 and one fourth of them are ______teachers. (2012,江苏无锡)

A. A number of; women B. A number of; woman

C. The number of; women D. The number of; woman


【答案及点拨】句意“他们学校教师的数目大约是200人,并且四分之一是女教师。”the number of为“??的数目”,a number of为“许多;大量的”。women teachers为“女教师”,是复合名词的复数。故选C。 高频考题训练


(one) name is Mike. But I don’t know his family name.

3. Please tell me the him.


1.他太累,在公交车上睡着了。 He was _______ tired _______ he fell asleep on the bus. 三、单项选择

10 - -

1. —We’re all here _____ Lily. Where’s she?—She’s gone to the library?

A. beside B. besides C. except D. of

2. —Good news. We will have a ______ holiday.

—I’ve heard of it. But it’s coming in ______.

A. three days; three days’ time

C. three-day; three days


A. A B. An C. The D. 不填 B. three days’; three days’ D. three-day; three-day time 3. —May I have a look at the MP4, sir? —Which one? ______ black

4. —Lily, open ______ door, please. —I’m coming.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

D. When 5. ______ they are twin brothers, they don’t look like each other. A. Though B. Since C. However

6. The police ______ looking for the spy.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

7. On ______ sunny afternoon, my parents and I had a good time on the beach.

A. the B. an C. a D. /

8. —Do you have _______ QQ number? —Sorry, I don’t have one.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

9. —How was your day off yesterday?

—Perfect! It was ______ birthday of my grandma’s. We had a big family celebration.

A. eighty B. the eightieth C. eightieth

10.All of us want to do more work with _________ time and ________


A. fewer; less B. less; fewer C. more; much D. less; more

11. In our school library there ______ a number of books on science and the number of them ______ growing larger and larger.

A. is; are B. are; is C. have; is



1. I want to learn a foreign language ______ _______(即使)it is difficult to learn.

11 - -

2. ______ ______ _______ (??的数目)the students of this school is 2,000.

3. _____ ______ ______(眼里含着泪水)his eyes, Jim rushed out of the room.


Many Japanese lost their lives or were rendered homeless_________ ________ the seismic sea wave.


We went to the


1. The news _______(travel) fast all over the world.

2. There ______(be) plenty of room for luggage(行李)behind the seats.

3.Jack will come back on the _______(twenty-three) of next month.

4. Different people may have different ______(idea).

5. English is one of the most important _______(language) in the world.

6. The man is wearing a pair of ______(glass).

7. The two ______(family) live in this city.

8. In autumn, you can see a lot of _______(leaf) on the ground.

9. They left Guangzhou on the ______(nine) of June, 2011.

10. Daming was the _____(five) runner past the finishing line.


1.—The box is too heavy to carry. What’s in it? —Oh, it_______ books.

A. is filled with B. is used for C. is aimed at

2. The road is over ______ meters long.

A. six hundred and fifty-two B. six hundreds and fifty-two

C. six hundred , fifty-two D. six hundred , fifty and two

3.—Sandy, our son is 9 years old tomorrow.

—Oh, yes. We should have a party for his _____ birthday.

A. nine B. ninth C. the ninth

4. —When did you get home that day? —_______ that day.

A. In the end B. At the end of C. In the end of D. At the end

5. There are lots of______ in our city.

12 - -

A. many place of interesting B. many place of interest

C. many place of interest D. many places of interest

6.— Do you have a cat? —Yes. _____ cat is black and white.

A. The B. A C. An

7.—I’m sorry that John is out. —Please ask him to call me as soon as he _____.

A. returned B. returns C. will return (短语释义)

A. get bored B. be funny C. have a good time

9. ______ he is only 8 years old, he knows more about science than his father.

A. But B. Though C. So D. Because

10.— Nancy, don’t always _____ that old jacket. It looks terrible. — But I think it’s cool, Mom.

A. wear B. dress C. put on D. take off


1. The glass is filled with water. (改为同义句)

The glass ______ ______ ______water.

2. He was absent today because he was ill. (改为同义句)

He was absent today _______ _______ _______ illness.

3. They set out at seven this morning. (改为同义句)

They _______ ______ at seven this morning.

4. This film is as interesting as that one. (改为否定句)

This ______ ______ interesting _____ that one.

5. Reading in the sun is bad for your eyes. (改为同义句)

Reading in the sun _______ _______ _______ your eyes.


All the students at the beach party were members of the English Club. Before they began to swim or to play games, Miss White wanted them to learn some She taught them how “beach”, “sand”, “ocean” and “wave” in English. The students repeated the new words and tried to use them in sentences.

After the English lesson, the boys started playing volleyball. Miss 13 - -

at their mistakes, but they enjoyed practising their numbers and At a later time, there was more time for those in the group who liked to swim to go into the Most of them didn’t swim far. Some waves were quite large and could be for people who did not lunch, everyone enjoyed sandwiches, potato chips and fruits. While they were eating, Miss White asked each member of the club a question in being such a nice teacher.

1. A. words B. skills C. games D. customs

2. A. talk B. speak C. tell D. say

3. A. make B. have C. keep D. send

4. A. played B. had C. did D. turned

5. A. water B. sand C. ground D. field

6. A. comfortable B. familiar C. dangerous D. excellent

7. A. carefully B. happily C. quickly D. safely

8. A. think B. answer C. reply D. reckon

9. A. evening B. adventure C. birthday D. beach

10. A. copied B. thanked C. described D. encouraged


I heard the bees long before I saw them.

It was a very hot afternoon, and we decided to cool off in the river near my home. As we climbed down a small rocky hill toward the water, my boyfriend John suddenly started to shout then jumped into the water below. Peter and Mary quickly followed but I was too far away to jump. I was trapped.

I heard a low hum(嗡嗡声),which was growing louder. From a closer, I realized it was actually thousands of bees flying towards me.

All I could do was to cover my face with hands. Crazily, I thought that if I sat very still, the bees would think I was just another rock.

After a few minutes, I knew my plan hadn’t worked. The bees were

14 - -

attacking me. I could hear my friends shouting at me to get down to the pool fast.

But it wasn’t so easy. I was in great pain and the only way I could get away was to use my hands to climb down the rocks. However, I was afraid to do that at first because my face would be unprotected. The noise the bees made was so loud and frightening, but I had no choice.

I rushed down the rocks and jumped into the pool, but I don’t remember doing it. I was just so happy to be free from the pain. I was safe, and the water felt wonderful.

But we still weren’t out of danger. Every time we tried to climb out of the pool, the bees flew back over our heads. We spent the next three hours in the water, putting our heads under the water from time to time to avoid the bees until they finally lost interest.

1. How many people went swimming that day?

A. Two. B. Three C. Four D. Five

2. The underlined word “it” (in Paragraph 3) refers toA. a rock B. the group of bees C. a hill D. the river

3. At first why didn’t the writer want to climb down the rocks?

A. She was afraid she would fall. B. She was too far away from pool.

C. She thought the bees would follow her.

D. She didn’t want her face to be unprotected.

4. How did the writer escape the bees?

A. She covered her face with her hands. B. She hid behind the rocks.

C. She jumped into a water pool. D. She pretended to be a rock.

5. In what order are the following mentioned in the story?

a. The writer rushed down the rocks. b. John jumped into the water.

c. The low hum grew louder. d. The bees flew back over their heads.

e. The bees were attacking the writer.

A. b c e a d B. b a e c d C. c d e a b D. c b d e a


15 - -

Let’s go hiking!

Most people enjoy hiking. Hiking is not only a healthy but also a relaxing activity. The reason why people go hiking is different from person to person. Here are some of the most popular reasons for people to hike:

First of all, hiking is very good exercise which will improve people’s Secondly, hiking is simple and cheap. All you need to do is to wear a Finally, hiking is the best way to get away from your everyday life. body. It’s good exercise that doesn’t hurt your body. pair of hiking boots and your smile to start. You could hike alone or go with your friends. After hiking, you will have a clear mind and then return to work with confidence. So why not plan your hiking route right away?

The reasons why hiking is 1. _______________________________________

16 - -

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