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Unit7 Where would you like to visit?
Section A 3a



1.掌握一些描述地点的形容词:tiring, exciting, educational, peaceful等; 2.掌握重点短语:trek through the jungle,some day,hope to do; 3.会使用定语从句描述自己喜欢的地方, eg:I like the place where the weather is warm.

What kind of place do you like? Where would you like to visit on vacation?

the West lake

My dream vacation
I hope to visit paris some day.


Paris Fashion
时 装 之 都

香榭丽舍大街 Champs Elysee

塞纳河 Seine





购 物 天 堂 街角橱窗



French perfume(香水) [?p?:fju:m]



one of the biggestcountries

in Western Europe

Paris the capital of France

Is one of the livelist cities in Europe alive/ living

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

Fantastic sights

One of the most famous churches in the worls


Traveling around paris by taxi can cost a lot of money ,but it is convenient to take the underground train to most place


One thing is not expensive in france

Most people in France have learned English. But many people don’t like to speak English, especially in Paris. So unless you speak French yourself, it’s best to travel with someone who can translate things for you.

Read again and fill in the blanks:

3. The Eiffel Tower Paris fantastic 4. Notre Dame Cathedral sights (one of the most famous 1.thecapital of France churches) 2.one of 5. taxi ( costs a lot ) theliveliest traffic 6.underground train(convenient.) cities in Things are 7. expensive Europe. things 8. the wine (not expensive) 9. French Beaches language 10.English most people learned mountains they don’t like to speak

Let’s practice!
? We’ll have 7 days off. Why _______ (not don’t you going you) consider _____ (go) to Beijing, the capital China? Beijing ____ (hold) 2008 ____of held Olympic Games ,now it has become a touristy (tourist) city. It has some beautiful _____ ____(sight) , including ______(include) Tian’an Men sights Square and the Great wall . Beijing is one cities of the biggest _____(city) in China . It’s to go also convenient ____(go) there by train , people there are ______(friend). friendly

1.Hong Kong is a good place for shopping(shop). _____ 2.I hope ____________(visit) Macau some day. to visit to go 3.Where would you like ____________(go)? not go 4.Why______ ( not go) to Xi’an by train? trekking 5.The boy would love to go________(trek) in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. 6.We are excited to hear theexciting ______ _____ news (excite). relaxed 7.When I lie on a beach, I feel ________(relax) going 8.Would you be interested in______(go)? 9.There’s not much_______(do) to do



that 1.I like places ______ are near the sea. where 2.She is studying in a school________ her father worked. that 3.She is s

tudying in a school ______ has many good teachers.
where 3.I want to buy a room _________ I can exercise. that I want to buy a room ______ has big windows. I like rooms _________ are big. that

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