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I. 语音与词汇。


1. -It is so clean!

-We s ________ the floor just half an hour ago.

2. The boy h ________ eating rice day after day.

3. Some t ________ like surfing the Internet very much.

4. Karen b ________ a storybook from one of her friends.

5. Good s ________ should not have too much fat or sugar. II. 单项选择。

1. -Could you please ________ your clothes?

-Certainly, mom.

A. fold B. make C. sweep D. do

2. -Manuel, could I use your computer?

-Sorry, I'm going to ________ it now.

A. work in B. work at C. work on D. work over

3. I hate to ________ some chores, but I like to________ my bed.

A. make; do B. do; do C. make; make D. do; make

4. I don't like doing the dishes because it's ________ .

A. interesting B. boring C. interested D. bored

5. Father asked Jim to ________ the trash.

A. bring out B. take out C. carry out D. fetch out

6. Mother asked Tom ______ the room now.

A. clean B. cleaning C. to clean D. be cleaning

7. Could you ________ my pet dog when I'm out?

A. take care of B. wash C. work on D. water

8. Your family are going ________ vacation.

Please leave a massage ________ your best friend Sandy.

A. on; to B. on; for C. for; to D. for; with

9. I'm going to spend my summer vacation in Paris. Could you please _______ my cat?

A. keep B. take care C. wash D. feed

10. Nancy put the card face down. Could you please turn it _______?

A. over B. up C. on D. off III. 动词填空。


1. Let's have a dictation (听写). ________ (take) out your

exercise books.

2. After eating, I help my mom ________ (do)the dishes.

3. My brother often asks me _________ (sweep) the floor.

4. The computer programmer is going ________(work) on a new programme.

5. The girl is old enough ________ (make) her bed.

IV. 汉译英。


1 你能把垃圾拿出去吗?

Can you ________ ________ the trash?

2. 起床后,请整理床铺。

Please ________ ________ ________ after you get up.

3. 我想邀请他们来参加晚会。

I want to __ ____ them ________ the party.

4. 他的爸爸经常早晨带他去散步。

His father often ________ him ________ ________ ________ in the morning.

5. 他们准备到杭州去度假。

They are going to Hangzhou ________ ________.

V. 完形填空。

We call the Chinese New Year the Spring Festival. There is a name __31__ each Chinese year. We may call it the year of the__32__, the year of the monkey or the year of the dog.

Before New Year's Day, people are__33__ shopping and__34__their houses. On New Year's Eve, there is a big family dinner. After dinner, all the family stay up late to__35__the New Year. On the__36__day of the New Year, people__37__ their new clothes and go to visit their friends. They say"__38__" and some other greetings to each other. People__39__have a good time__40__ the festival.

1. A. in B. on C. / D. for

2. A. fish B. cat C. horse D. dolphin

3. A. free B. busy C. happy D.beautiful

4. A. clean B. to clean C.cleaning D. cleaned

5. A. welcome B. hold C. fall D. stop

6. A. first B. second C. third D. fifteen

7. A. dress B. take off C. buy D. put on

8. A. Goodbye B. Best wish C. Good luck D. Thank you

9. A. sometimes B. then C. never D. usually

10. A. in B. to C. for D. until

VI. 阅读理解。

Sports change with the season. People do not often play the same games in winter as in summer. Sailing is fun in warm weather, but when it gets cold, it's time to change to other sports. People talk about sports seasons. Baseball is only played for a few months of the year. This is called "baseball season".

Games and sports often grow out of the working people. In

Portugal(葡萄牙) many people work to catch fish. They fish from boats. Sometimes they use their boats for racing.

Arabians(阿拉伯人) are famous for their horses. They use horses to travel over huge plains(平原). Horseback riding is a very exciting sport in countries like Morocco(摩洛哥). When men ride horses at greet speeds, they often stand up.


1. People play the same games in winter as in summer. (____)

2. Games and sports are often created (创造) by the working people. (____)

3. Arabians are famous for racing boats. (____)

4. People in Morocco like riding horses. (____)

5. Sports change with the season. (____)




I. 1. A. borrow B. lend C. make D. put

2. A. close B. sweepC. open D. do

3. A. use B. take C. hate D. hope

4. A. look B. ask C. feel D. feed

5. A. class B. meeting C. school D. lesson

Key: 1-5 ABCDB II. M: Hi, Beth. Are you free on Saturday evening? W: Yes, I am. Why? M: I'd like to invite you to dinner at my house. W: Thank you. That's very kind of you to invite me. I'd love to come. What time should I get there? M: About six, if that's OK.

W: That's fine. And thank you again.

III. Jimmy likes his bedroom a lot because he likes sleeping. Val likes the living room because he likes watching TV and doing other things. Vicky likes her dining room because she likes eating. They are all my good friends. On Sunday they often come to my home. I have a big dining room. There is a round table and four chairs in it. We often have meals and drink tea there. My mother often cooks for us. She cooks nice dishes. Sometimes I do the cooking, but I don't like doing it. I like to eat. My father doesn't like cooking at all.

Key: 1-5 TFFTF


I. A) 1-5 BBCAD

B) 6. swept 7. hates 8. teenagers 9. borrowed 10. snacks

II. 11. A 12. C。work on表示"从事;忙于"。13. D 14. B 15. B 16.

C 17. A 18. B 19. D 20. A。 turn over表示"翻过来;转身"。

III. 21. Take 22. (to) do 23. to sweep 24. to work 25. to make IV. 26. take out 27. make the bed 28. invite, to 29. takes, for a walk 30. on vacation

V. 31-35 DCBCA 36-40 ADCDA

VI. 41-45 FTFTT

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